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Repealing ethanol mandate would hike gas prices, congressman says

If Congress axes the renewable fuel mandate, it would cause major economic damage stretching from the corn field to the gas pump, Rep. Steve King warned Wednesday.  More »

Government shutdown: Land drilling permits to grind to a stop

If you’re waiting on the federal government to tell you whether you can make good on multibillion-dollar plans for exporting natural gas, you’re out of luck. Under the federal government shutdown, that and other federal energy-related roles are at least temporarily suspended.  More »

Gasoline pollution mandates delayed

The Obama administration is at least briefly delaying a plan to require refiners to pare more sulfur from gasoline.  More »

Obama moves to limit power-plant carbon pollution

Linking global warming to public health, disease and extreme weather, the Obama administration pressed ahead Friday with a proposal to set the first national limits on heat-trapping pollution from future power plants, despite protests from industry and Republicans that it would dim coal’s future.  More »

Feds consider ban on new coal plants that lack expensive carbon controls

The EPA agreed to revise a similar proposal from last year in response to opposition by utilities and coal producers who said it would effectively kill coal as a power source.  More »

Pennsylvania files criminal charges against XTO Energy

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has filed criminal charges against XTO Energy, Inc. over a 2010 spill of natural gas drilling wastewater in Lycoming County.  More »

Oil industry challenges government’s carbon price tag

Oil industry and business groups are asking the Obama administration to rescind its new calculation of the social costs tied to emitting carbon dioxide, amid fears the estimate will broadly be used to justify controversial proposed environmental regulations.  More »

Valero implores Obama administration to waive ethanol mandate

Valero Energy Corp., the world’s largest independent refining company, called on the Obama administration to waive the country’s biofuel target immediately, saying the cost to reach it has skyrocketed.  More »

Shell responds to $1.1 million Arctic pollution deal

Shell’s troubled quest for Arctic oil in 2012 — now capped with a $1.1 million fine for environmental violations — will make the company better prepared to return to the region, a spokesman said Friday.  More »

Shell to pay $1.1 million in fines to settle with EPA over Arctic drilling

In a settlement with the federal government announced late Thursday, Shell Oil Co. will pay $1.1 million in fines to settle claims that it violated air pollution permits while drilling in U.S. Arctic waters last year.  More »

EPA sues Luminant over Texas clean air violation claims

Luminant Generation Co., the largest power generator in Texas, was sued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for failing to meet air-pollution standards at two power plants, the Sierra Club said in a statement.  More »

Judge: EPA may have tried to skirt disclosure law

A federal judge says the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of personal email accounts may have been aimed at skirting public disclosure requirements.  More »