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Environmentalist: Methane emissions hurt benefits of natural gas

The energy industry must continue to manage rogue natural gas emissions that release methane into the atmosphere in order to maximize the fuel’s potential as a sustainable source of energy, the head of the Environmental Defense Fund said Wednesday.  More »

UH presents a polite debate on a fractious topic

Considering the sparring partners — representatives of an oil company and an environmental group — the bout over hydraulic fracturing was pretty friendly.  More »

Hydraulic fracturing is focus of first of UH energy debates

Paul Krishna, issues manager for environmental, health and safety at XTO Energy – which is a unit of Exxon Mobil – will debate Scott Anderson, senior policy adviser for the Environmental Defense Fund’s climate and energy program.  More »

Study: Methane leaks from natural gas wells declining

Energy companies are making a major dent in the amount of harmful methane emissions that escape from natural gas wells, according to a broad peer-reviewed study published Monday that validates new federal mandates for technology to rein in the heat-trapping pollutant.  More »

New oil and gas chief named at Energy Department

A natural gas industry veteran is set to oversee oil and natural gas issues at the Energy Department.  More »

Environmentalists call well methane leaks ‘alarmingly high’

Almost a tenth of the methane produced from oil and gas operations in a Utah site escapes into the atmosphere, according to a federally backed study published Monday.  More »

Texas loses another battle against EPA

The U.S. Court of Appeals slapped down Texas’ most recent challenge to the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday — the latest defeat in Attorney General Greg Abbott’s lengthy legal crusade against the federal government.  More »

Natural gas forum brings environmentalists and industry together

Environmentalists and energy producers shared the microphones at a Senate forum on Thursday, aimed at discussing ways to reduce the environmental footprint of natural gas development.  More »

Clean technology investors shift focus to drilling

As profits from wind, solar, biofuels and other alternatives have fallen short of expectations — and as the fossil fuel business boomed — venture capitalists have stretched the definition of clean technology to fuel clean technology investment funds.  More »

Environmental group calls on Legislature to address power supply

The Environmental Defense Fund is calling on legislators to adopt measures it said could help to address the state’s growing problems in meeting the demands for electrical power.  More »

Energy execs: Don’t eulogize coal yet

Coal-fired power may be on the wane in the United States, but reports of its death are greatly exaggerated, energy executives said Thursday. Also overblown: Predictions that natural gas will overtake all other forms of generating electricity in the U.S.  More »

Legal loophole keeps fracturing mixes murky

It’s been a year since the Texas oil and gas industry had to start publicly disclosing the mix of water and chemicals it uses for hydraulic fracturing. But thanks to a loophole in state law that allows companies to withhold trade secrets, it’s still largely unclear exactly which chemicals are being pumped thousands of feet underground across the state.  More »
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