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Exxon: North America to be energy exporter by 2020

The company’s forecast outlined an about 35 percent growth in energy demand across the world through 2040, driven mostly by a growing population and the rise of an energy-hungry middle class in developing countries.  More »

Exxon predicts fossil fuels will reign supreme through 2040

Oil and gas will provide the bulk of the energy needed to fuel the world by 2040, with most of it coming from North America, Russia and the Middle East, Exxon Mobil predicted Thursday.  More »

Fracking boom pushes US oil output to 25-year high

U.S. crude production rose to the highest level in a quarter-century as a shale drilling boom in states such as Texas and North Dakota cut the need for foreign oil and pushed the country closer to energy independence.  More »

Washington policies are stifling energy growth in US, banker says

The greatest threat to expected energy growth in the U.S. is the people running the government in Washington, an investment banker who specializes in industry issues told a University of Houston gathering Tuesday.  More »

Energy independence will depend on economy’s overall health

Assumptions on such as the growth of labor, the amount of capital invested and availability of tax credits could shape supply and demand for different forms of energy decades down the road.  More »

Exxon Mobil predicts surge in electricity from nuclear & natural gas at the expense of coal

Natural gas and nuclear power could help meet a surging demand for electricity across the globe over the next three decades as growing environmental concerns and costs start to price coal out of the market, Exxon Mobil predicted today.  More »