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President Obama: Let’s join forces on energy

AFP photoPresident Obama collects his thoughts at his post-election press conference this afternoon. This report was written by Jennifer Dlouhy of the Washington bureau. President Barack Obama vowed today to work to find middle ground on energy issue…  More »

For Joe Barton, the real campaign now begins &#151 for energy committee chair

This report was written by Jennifer Dlouhy of the Washington bureau. Now that the election is over, the real campaign begins. Republican Reps. Joe Barton and Fred Upton easily won re-election yesterday — but the real contest is just beginning. AP ph…  More »

Texas oil companies take a beating in California vote

AP photoA California backlash against Texas oil money. This report was written by Matthew Tresaugue and Eric Berger of the Houston Chronicle. Two Texas oil refiners failed to convince California voters to suspend the state’s ambitious global warming l…  More »

Rescuing the Chilean miners: The Texas view

PBS recently aired an in-depth look at the engineering efforts behind the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners last month. Among the people interviewed was Houston-area drilling expert Greg Hall,who led the effort to reach the stranded miners.  More »

Big Oil: back to business in the Gulf

It wasn’t likely the majors would abandon the Gulf, Loren Steffy writes. The prospects for finding additional reserves are too lucrative to ignore. The bigger question is what the smaller companies will do. (Photo: Secretlondon123/Flickr)  More »

James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger team up to terminate Texas oil companies

Texas oil companies are the villains in the latest production by Academy Award-winner James Cameron, the director behind movie blockbusters including “Terminator,” “Titanic” and “Avatar.” In a one-minute video designed to sink a controversial measur…  More »

Halliburton points finger at BP after panel finds companies knew of cement flaw before explosion

This report was written by Jennifer Dlouhy and Tom Fowler, with additional reporting by Brett Clanton and Richard S. Dunham. Weeks before the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, tests pinpointed problems with the stability o…  More »

What went wrong: BP, Halliburton and cementing failure

Bad cement isn’t a smoking gun in the oil spill investigation, Loren Steffy writes, but it is one in a chain of decisions that escalated to disaster. (Photo: Johnny Hanson/Houston Chronicle)  More »

Has BP’s internal watchdog lost its teeth?

As reports surface that the company’s Alaska ombudsman’s office brushes aside allegations, prematurely closes cases and may support retaliation against employees who complain, Loren Steffy wonders how the company’s new CEO will address pervasive safety problems.  More »

Oil industry takes aim at environmental regulations

This report was written by Jennifer Dlouhy of the Washington bureau. Regulations that aim to rein in smog and greenhouse gases would hike costs for businesses and restrain the nation’s economic recovery, the American Petroleum Institute warned today. …  More »

World’s biggest solar project gets federal go-ahead

The Obama administration signed off on a plan Monday to build a solar power plant that is slated to be the largest in the world by the time it starts up in 2013. The Interior Department’s permit approval gives a green light to the Blythe Solar Power P…  More »

BP’s new chief following a familiar pattern

Loren Steffy writes: Now that the runaway Macondo well is killed, now that the political fervor has cooled, public has outrage eased and liability claims have been handed over to the federal government, Bob Dudley has decided to fight back. (Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)  More »

Coal Plants in Texas Mean Higher Electricity Costs in the Future

There have been several recent articles concerning the TCEQ’s proposed fast tracking of new coal plants in Texas.   As many have speculated, this is likely related to the fact that come January 2, 2011, any newly approved significant sources of greenhouse gases will have to comply with the prevention of significant deterioration performance standards (whatever […]  More »

Drilling firms detail costs of Gulf moratorium

In the past two days, two major drilling contractors in the Gulf of Mexico have released their third-quarter earnings, which gives us the best snapshot yet of the financial impact from the summer’s drilling moratorium. (Photo: Aaron M. Sprecher/Bloomberg)  More »

A small step in the right direction at BP

One of the biggest questions facing BP is whether new CEO Bob Dudley, a career insider, can change the company’s disastrous course. Linking incentives to safety performance shows promise, Loren Steffy writes. (Photo: Michael Paulsen/Houston Chronicle )  More »