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Energy Secretary: Strategic Petroleum Reserve needs ‘modernization’

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve needs some changes, in light of shifts in the location and type of domestic oil production, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Wednesday.  More »

Industry takes the lead in improving emergency well control devices

Four years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster spotlighted shortcomings in the blowout preventers intended to safeguard offshore wells, government regulators are still drafting long-promised regulations meant to boost the reliability of those critical emergency devices.  More »

Cold weather prompts call for power conservation in Texas

The state’s main grid operator is asking consumers to reduce electricity use to ensure adequate power as temperatures fall overnight.  More »

Power demand in Texas hits winter record amid sub-freezing temperatures

The Texas grid met cold-weather demand a day after freezing temperatures and power plant problems nearly forced rolling blackouts, and grid operators discontinued a conservation alert.  More »

Texas under power conservation alert amid freezing temperatures

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has cancelled its earlier announced Energy Emergency Alert, saying that conditions have improved and that rolling blackouts are no longer a serious threat.  More »

Feds to release new rules for offshore emergency equipment this year

The nation’s top offshore drilling regulator said he hopes to unveil new requirements for blowout preventers by Dec. 31, nearly four years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster revealed vulnerabilities in the emergency devices.  More »

Oil spill response group forming emergency strike team for Gulf

The Marine Well Containment Co., formed in the wake of the 2010 Gulf oil spill to tackle runaway deep-water wells, on Tuesday announced it is assembling a 100-member strike team to be at the ready in case of another deep-water drilling disaster. View photos of the massive equipment that the group will operate to cap wells and siphon oil in an emergency.  More »

Drilling rig set to weather fierce storm in small Alaska port

Facing 63-mph winds and 28-foot seas on Monday, two tugboats were towing Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig to safe harbor to weather the fierce storm in the Gulf of Alaska.  More »

Coast Guard evacuates 18 from drilling rig

The Coast Guard and Shell are still working to rescue an offshore drilling rig and a tugboat stranded in high seas about 50 miles south of Kodiak, Alaska.  More »

Feds waive Jones Act amid fuel shortages in Northeast

In a bid to get oil flowing to the storm-ravaged Northeast, where motorists have been waiting in hours-long lines to pump gasoline, the Obama administration on Friday relaxed a rule that normally blocks foreign tankers from carrying crude.  More »

Feds deem emergency well containment drill a success

The first-ever full-scale test of how the oil industry and federal regulators would respond to a runaway offshore well completed Monday in the Gulf of Mexico, with government officials deeming the week-long drill a success.  More »

BP system to cap out-of-control wells by air

Sitting at a construction yard along Houston’s Ship Channel is a 35-foot-tall, 100-ton hunk of steel that its owners hope never to use.  More »

Shell reports no signs of leaks as Gulf sheen breaks up

The U.S. Coast Guard is checking reports of a 10-mile sheen in the Gulf of Mexico near wells operated by Shell Oil Co.  More »