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Study: All-electric cars may not be so green

The key is where the source of the electricity all-electric cars.  More »

States looking to increase electric-vehicle charging stations

Several states are pushing forward tax incentive programs to provide charging stations for the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road.  More »

Lower sticker price keeps gasoline vehicles competitive with alternatives

Improved fuel efficiency is keeping gasoline cars cost-competitive with alternative fuel rivals, according to a government report that factors in the higher cost of the alternative vehicles along with their fuel savings.  More »

Houston’s growing alternative-fuel fleet among nation’s largest

The nation’s oil capital has become a model for progress in electrically powered vehicles, boasting the nation’s third-largest municipal hybrid fleet, according to new report from advocacy group Electrification Coalition.  More »

A look inside Ford’s Houston plant for hybrid motors (video)

Ford’s hybrid and electric cars start in Houston and we took a look inside the plant that builds the motors and generators for the vehicles.  More »

Houston plant powers Ford’s push to hybrids (photos)

Amid an expanse of warehouses and industrial parks churning out machinery for the oil industry lies a plant that Ford is using to help car owners burn less fuel.  More »

States join forces to promote clean cars

Eight states, including California and New York, pledged Thursday to work together to dramatically multiply the number of zero-emission cars on the nation’s roads by speeding the construction of charging stations and other infrastructure.  More »

Electric car charging stations – a new way to pay

ChargePoint is developing a new financing option that would let drivers of electric vehicles get a new charging station without paying the upfront cost of equipment or installation.  More »

Ikea to add electric vehicle charging stations in Houston, nationwide

The Houston Ikea will be outfitted with electric vehicle charging stations this summer, one of eight Ikea stores across the United States slated to get the new technology, the company announced Thursday.  More »

IEA: Renewable energy making global gains, but so is coal

Renewable energy grew at an extraordinary pace worldwide in 2012, but it’s not enough to curb the march of climate change, because coal has continued to dominate growth in power generation around the world, the IEA said in a report this week.  More »

Tech Talk – Cutting Back on Supply in the Presence of Optimism

We have reached, I would suppose, a period of complacency in the perception of the coming of Peak Oil. We are in a period where, as recent posts have shown, the promises of bountiful supply are built on increasingly tenuous propositions. Unfortunately,…  More »

Forecast shows more hybrids, electric vehicles in 2013

With automakers focused on low- and alternative-fuel vehicles, declining gasoline prices have become their “worst nightmare,” said automotive analyst Alan Baum  More »

Tax credit has little impact on electric vehicle buys, CBO says

The Congressional Budget Office said the electric vehicle tax credit will cost nearly $2 billion, but doesn’t make electric vehicles cost competitive.  More »

Panelists debate the impact of electric cars on the grid

As hybrid and electric vehicles become more common, questions are swirling about whether the electricity grid can handle the resulting new demand for power.  More »

Wireless charging could make electric cars easier to charge

Qualcomm, a wireless technology company, is making charging electric cars as easy as driving up and parking on the street.  More »
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