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Houston firm proposes sunflowers and Schwinns for Keystone XL’s pathway

SWA Group, a Houston-based architectural firm, has pitched a plan to the State Department and TransCanada Corp. to build a bike lane along the path of the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Keystone XL work veers onto wrong land

TransCanada contractors building the Keystone XL pipeline mistakenly planned their route and cleared several hundred feet of land through property they had no right to work on, an Angelina County official told FuelFix.  More »

As pipelines multiply, more eminent domain fights likely

If the Texas Supreme Court upholds the jury award, attorneys say it would reinforce the right of landowners to testify in court about the value of their own property, and could ensure that pipeline companies pay something for the diminished value of the so-called “remainder” property that isn’t taken under an easement.  More »