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Oil industry and biofuel boosters scrap over mandates (video)

The fight over the nation’s renewable fuels policy is heating up again, as federal regulators mull where to set final biofuel quotas for 2014, and organizations on both sides of the issue pressure Congress to take up the topic.  More »

AAA asks feds to slash renewable fuel requirements

It’s time for the federal government to “put motorists first” by lowering renewable fuel requirements that could cause gas prices to climb, the automotive club AAA said Monday.  More »

Oil industry poll: Motorists wary of filling up with E15

The oil industry’s campaign against an eight-year-old renewable fuel mandate is paying off, according to a new poll that shows American motorists are concerned corn-based biofuels could hurt their cars.  More »

Oil industry pushes Congress to axe biofuel mandate (video)

The American Petroleum Institute is ratcheting up its campaign against the eight-year-old renewable fuel standard with new nationwide advertisements and a website casting the mandate as something only a mechanic would love. Although the group has been asking lawmakers to swiftly repeal the requirement, key congressional leaders have adopted a slower, smaller approach.  More »

AAA says selling E15 is irresponsible

The biofuel industry and federal government haven’t done enough to warn motorists about the dangers of pumping higher ethanol blends of gasoline into older cars and trucks, the head of the American Automobile Association told Congress on Tuesday.  More »

Report: E15 causes some cars’ fuel systems to fail

Automobile manufacturers and the oil industry on Tuesday released the results of laboratory tests showing that gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol caused auto parts to fail. But ethanol backers swiftly criticized the study.  More »

Analysis: Long-term renewable fuel waiver needed to bring down corn prices

Five state governors have asked federal regulators to relax the renewable fuel standards, but according to a new analysis, the short-term relief they are seeking won’t sufficiently lower corn demand and prices amid a drought that has devastated crops in the Midwest.  More »

Report casts doubt on E15 use in cars & trucks

Automakers and the oil industry released a report today that casts doubt on the safety of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol and shows that at least some engines running the fuel suffered damage during recent testing.  More »

API, Republicans assail EPA for permitting E15

Critics said the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision was too hasty and that the agency did not sufficiently study the effects the higher ethanol fuel blend would have on cars, leaf blowers and chain saws. EPA officials insist their move was backed by science.  More »