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Feds to buy 5 million barrels of oil for emergency stockpile

The planned purchase of sweet crude between June 1 and July 31 is required by federal laws forcing the Department of Energy to buy back petroleum products within one year, using the proceeds from a test sale.  More »

Cheniere LNG project marks milestone as Feds give OK

The facility, which would be able to process as much as 15 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas annually, is the first proposed greenfield export project — one that wouldn’t be built on the footprint of existing LNG infrastructure — to make it this far.  More »

Oregon LNG wins natural gas export license

The federal government gave an Oregon project a coveted permit to broadly export liquefied natural gas on Thursday, even as the Obama administration faces criticism for moving too slowly on the proposals.  More »

In Case of Emergency

Last month, the Department of Energy announced its plans to build a gasoline storage reserve in the Northeast. Widespread shortages caused by massive super storm Sandy sparked plans to mitigate future risks in affected Northeastern states. The gasoline reserve will hold nearly one million gallons of gasoline, providing power to first responders and generators. The […]  More »

Lawmakers mull shaking up LNG export reviews

Key senators are pressuring the Energy Department to abandon its 2012 plan for processing applications to broadly export natural gas, insisting that the two-year-old approach does not do enough to prioritize projects that have secured financing, signed up customers and are close to winning other needed permits.  More »

Congressional opposition to natural gas exports seen easing

The controversy surrounding exports of U.S. natural gas hasn’t disappeared, but recent congressional votes suggest the tide may be turning on the issue, as the Energy Department authorizes more companies to sell the fossil fuel overseas.  More »

Texas researchers win federal grants to study methane hydrates

The Energy Department on Wednesday announced it is giving seven institutions — including two Texas universities — nearly $5 million in grants to continue research on how to unlock methane gas trapped in ice-like crystals under the sea floor and the Arctic permafrost.  More »

US carbon pollution drops, despite growth worldwide

The United States cut its energy-related carbon dioxide pollution by 3.8 percent last year, the second biggest drop since 1990, the Department of Energy said Monday.  More »

Feds approve third project to export US natural gas

The Obama administration licensed a third company to broadly sell U.S. natural gas overseas on Wednesday, renewing fears that widespread exports of America’s bounty could spike domestic prices for the fossil fuel.  More »

Feds give Texas project license to broadly export LNG

The Obama administration on Friday gave Freeport LNG approval to broadly export domestically harvested natural gas, marking only the second time a U.S. company has won such a license. The export license ensures that the Texas-based project will be able to liquefy natural gas produced by BP to Japan, Taiwan and other countries that do not have free-trade agreements with the United States.  More »

Moniz plans hands-on approach to natural gas exports

President Barack Obama’s energy secretary nominee on Tuesday told a Senate panel that he was open to revisiting a controversial government-commissioned study that concluded that the United States would glean net economic benefits from more natural gas exports.  More »

Ernest Moniz faces grilling in confirmation hearing

As the Senate launches a hearing on Ernest Moniz this morning, the question isn’t whether the MIT physicist will be confirmed as Energy secretary. The real mystery is just how contentious his path to confirmation will be. Follow live coverage of the hearing from energy policy reporter Jennifer Dlouhy.  More »

Ernest And Gina Go To Washington

In a world of acronyms, President Obama announced this week (FYI, ICYMI) his nominees to head up the DOE and EPA. Pending confirmation by the Senate, Ernest and Gina will be going to Washington*. Ernest Moniz is nominated to lead the Department of Energy (DOE), and Gina McCarthy to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). I was drawn to […]  More »

Shell, El Paso Pipeline Partners plan LNG export facility

Shell and El Paso Pipeline Partners plan to build a plant for exporting natural gas at the existing Elba Island LNG import terminal near Savannah, Ga. It’s the latest venture aimed at taking advantage of high Asian and European prices for the fossil fuel.  More »

Former energy secretaries make pitch for LNG exports

Two former energy secretaries today joined forces to argue that the United States would benefit by selling more of its natural gas bounty overseas.  More »
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