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Global oil glut morphs into global product glut

Welcome to national ‘Answer the phone like Buddy the Elf‘ day (please act accordingly). Despite the current festive backdrop, Christmas cheer continues to be distinctly absent in the crude complex, as prices are glum once more. Greasing the wheels for today’s wobbles has been news overnight from the Bank of Japan, who announced new steps […]
Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

California regulators to restore emissions-cutting fuel rule

California regulators are poised to restore a first-in-the-nation climate change program that requires a 10 percent cut in carbon emissions on transportation fuels sold in the state by 2020, despite oil industry objections that it could drive up gasoline prices.

Commentary: Key turning points in the energy complex

(source: Wikipedia) To be honest, I had not heard of the phrase ‘Jumping The Shark‘ until recently (I’m not talking about surfer Mick Fanning either). It’s not like I didn’t watch ‘Happy Days’ when I was growing up, I just don’t remember that episode. For those unaware, ‘Jumping The Shark‘ is a term used to […]
(Ty Wright/Bloomberg)

$2 gasoline on the way, but not until the fall

Gasoline prices could tumble below $2 per gallon in some states, but drivers shouldn’t expect to see those deep discounts until the mid-fall when summer driving season ends, demand diminishes and expensive summer gasoline gets replaced with cheaper winter blends.
(Jeff Pachoud/AFP/Getty Images)

Gasoline prices have reached their 2015 peak

Pump prices have reached their highest point and should continue to fall for the rest of the summer as refineries run hard to process a glut of cheap oil, providing U.S. drivers the cheapest gasoline in six years.
(Nick de la Torre/Houston Chronicle)

CERAWeek: Refiners remain competitive even if crude export ban lifted

Refiners have benefitted from the crude collapse by buying up cheap oil and transforming it into higher-priced gasoline, diesel and other refined products, an executive with the world’s largest independent refinery said Monday.

To combat fuel theft, Pemex reduces gasoline and diesel pipeline shipments

Pemex reported 3,600 illegal fuel taps on pipelines last year, a 66 percent increase from the 2,167 a year earlier, costing the company an estimated $792 million.
(Luke Sharrett/Getty Images)

Truckers gaining from diesel’s drop

Diesel’s drop will aid everyone from truckers to industrial users such as Bortz, chief executive officer of Towne Construction Services in Batavia, Ohio, which uses 300,000 gallons of diesel a year.
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Study: All-electric cars may not be so green

The key is where the source of the electricity all-electric cars.
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

AAA: Consumers now saving $100 per month on gasoline

Gasoline prices averaged $2.60 per gallon Friday — the lowest level since Dec. 27, 2009.