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Governors urge Obama to loosen up deep-water drilling requirements

Seven state governors are urging President Obama to loosen up regulatory requirements for deepwater drilling, in a written letter to the White House.  More »

Federal government won’t rush offshore drilling permits

Federal regulators won’t rush the issuance of offshore drilling permits amid ongoing Republican criticism that the Obama administration has slowed the rate of approvals, said James Watson, director of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.  More »

Deep-water drilling lags behind pre-spill levels

A year after the Obama administration lifted a deep-water drilling ban imposed in response the Gulf oil spill, the offshore energy industry is still struggling to rebound, coastal and business leaders said Wednesday.  More »

Republicans study offshore drilling, one year after lifting of deep-water ban

One year ago today, the Obama administration lifted the ban on most deepwater drilling that was temporarily imposed after the Gulf oil spill. House Republicans are marking the anniversary with a hearing focused on the lingering effects of that five-month moratorium.  More »