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Feds up Arctic oil estimates to satisfy court

The Obama administration is quadrupling its estimate of how much crude could be harvested from Arctic drilling leases it sold oil companies six years ago. Regulators also think there is a 75 percent chance of at least one large spill occurring in the area.  More »

Shell, ConocoPhillips plead White House for flexibility in Arctic

Oil companies hoping to find crude under Arctic waters north of Alaska are imploring the Obama administration to ensure new rules governing drilling in the region don’t force them to stash emergency equipment nearby nor block them from using chemical dispersants to clean up any spills.  More »

Shell responds to $1.1 million Arctic pollution deal

Shell’s troubled quest for Arctic oil in 2012 — now capped with a $1.1 million fine for environmental violations — will make the company better prepared to return to the region, a spokesman said Friday.  More »

Shell will repair rigs in Asia, possibly delaying Arctic work

Two drilling vessels Shell used last summer for work in Alaska’s Arctic must go to Asia for repairs and maintenance, possible thwarting Shell’s plans to resume drilling this year.  More »

Shell, Coast Guard figure out next step for Kulluk rig

Investigators are analyzing damage assessments from Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig to determine the next move for the rig, now anchored in an Alaskan harbor.  More »

Lawmaker: Did Shell move rig for financial reasons?

A top Democratic lawmaker is questioning whether financial concerns drove Shell to send the Kulluk drilling rig on its ill-fated two-week trek across the predictably stormy Gulf of Alaska in late December.  More »

EPA raps Shell for Arctic air violations

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday rapped Shell Oil Co., for violating the terms of air pollution permits governing emissions from its drilling rigs and support vessels operating in Arctic waters last year.  More »

Kulluk drilling rig accident stokes fresh fears on Arctic drilling

The grounding of Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig amid a fierce storm in the Gulf of Alaska raised the specter of a fuel spill in the region and provided fresh fodder to drilling foes who insist Arctic oil exploration is too risky to allow. The episode also cast doubt on whether Shell Oil Co. will be able to resume its hunt for Arctic oil this year.  More »

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig runs aground near Alaskan island

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig ran aground Monday night near Alaska’s Kodiak Island after a five-day fight to tow the vessel through a fierce storm and 70-mph winds.  More »

Tow line breaks as Shell drilling rig pulled to safe harbor

After a Coast Guard evacuation of 18 crew members from a Shell drilling rig stranded near the Alaska coast, the oil company is using two tugboats to tow the vessel to safe harbor.  More »

Coast Guard assisting drilling rig stranded near Alaska

The Coast Guard is rushing to help stranded staff aboard one of Shell’s offshore drilling units and the tugboat heaving it across western Alaska waters, amid high seas and engine failures.  More »

Administration says pipelines would be allowed in petroleum reserve

Advocates of Arctic oil exploration remain skeptical about a plan for managing wildlife and oil production in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska despite Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s assurance Wednesday that the plan won’t prevent the construction of new pipelines there.  More »

Shell hits snags in path to Arctic drilling

Shell’s plans to launch exploratory oil drilling in Arctic waters this summer have been hit by a series of setbacks in recent days.  More »