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Commentary: Alaska voters hold the key to North Slope

Commentary: As political shenanigans continue to delay approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, Alaskan voters hold the key to avoiding a similar fate for what could be North America’s largest pipeline project.  More »

Life on the shale

No one in Karnes County, Texas have grasped the implications of Conoco-Phillips’ secretive decision to drill a deep, expensive well into the mysterious formation known as the Eagle Ford Shale.  More »

ConocoPhillips launches nationwide campaign to boost natural gas

The move comes as ConocoPhillips, like other U.S. energy producers with big natural gas portfolios, struggles to deal with a relatively low price for the hydrocarbon. CEO Jim Mulva told the Detroit Economic Club today that the U.S. should embrace natural gas as a low-cost and environmentally friendly power source.  More »

Rex Tillerson: Proposed tax hikes are ‘discriminatory and punitive’

Executives from the five biggest oil companies are set to argue against proposed tax hikes during a Senate Finance Committee hearing today. Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson will tell the panel that Democrats are unfairly singling out the firms with a plan to eliminate tax credits and deductions used broadly by other industries.  More »