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Cheniere, Hilcorp among Houston’s best workplaces

Cheniere Energy and Hilcorp were ranked among midsized companies with 150 to 499 employees.  More »

Cheniere’s Sabine Pass terminal nearing finish line

As companies scramble to announce new plants and expansion projects to capitalize on abundant supplies of cheap, natural gas, Cheniere Energy is nearly finished with the first phase of its liquefaction export terminal.  More »

Ending ban on oil exports would mean cheaper gasoline, energy executive says

ConocoPhillips senior economist Helen Currie, citing a study by the energy consulting firm IHS Inc., said prices at the pump would fall by about 8 cents a gallon should crude exports be allowed.  More »

Feds vs. feds: EPA questions energy agency’s environmental review

The Environmental Protection Agency says another federal agency hasn’t fully addressed how a proposed liquefied natural gas export plant in Corpus Christi might affect air, water and wildlife in the region.  More »

Cheniere may not have an easy road on compensation lawsuit

Cheniere Energy may face a tough fight al battle over $1.6 billion in compensation investors claim in a lawsuit should be returned.  More »

Sen. Markey: Regulatory oversight jeopardizes gas export approvals

A decades-old decision by the Commerce Department to abandon congressionally-ordered regulations restricting natural gas exports could throw current plans to sell the fossil fuel overseas in legal jeopardy, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., charged Monday.  More »

Corpus Christi port chief touts benefits of gas exports

Selling more U.S. natural gas to foreign buyers would mean economic gains that flow well beyond the oilfield, a Corpus Christi port commissioner told lawmakers Wednesday.  More »

Spotted at CERAWeek: Houston’s highest paid executive

Sitting on a stool, scrolling through his smartphone, Houston’s best paid executive passed the time in between sessions at the IHS Energy CERAWeek conference.  More »

Gulf Coast’s industrial boom strains labor pool

Companies developing multibillion-dollar Gulf Coast plants to export cheap domestic natural gas or make things with it are encountering a harsh reality: There aren’t enough skilled hands to do all that building.  More »

A head start lets Cheniere catch up

Before Cheniere Energy became the darling of the energy industry — the company with the inside track to exporting America’s natural gas — there was failure.  More »

LNG’s future hinges on demand more than exports, expert says

While the status of government permits for liquefied natural gas terminals have received more attention, global demand and capital investment decisions will be more important for the fuel source’s future, an expert said Thursday at a Google chat discussion.  More »

Feds boost natural gas export allowance for Freeport LNG

The Energy Department has boosted the amount of natural gas that Freeport LNG can export overseas from its Texas facility, the federal agency announced Friday.  More »

Cheniere ready to talk about gas from Corpus Christi

Cheniere Energy has reached a major milestone that will allow it to begin negotiating new contracts to export liquefied natural gas from Corpus Christi.  More »

Growth likely as long as oil stays above $40

Oil companies are rapidly cutting their costs as they produce at higher rates in the United States, with output likely to continue growing as long as oil prices stay above $40 a barrel.  More »

Obama administration authorizes more natural gas exports

The Obama administration on Wednesday authorized a fourth company to broadly export U.S. natural gas, giving Dominion conditional approval to sell the fossil fuel abroad after processing it at a Maryland facility.  More »
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