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OTC Spotlight award: GE’s SeaLytics

For years, data collected from blowout preventers, or BOPs, was examined only to figure out why something went wrong. That’s about to change.  More »

Beaudreau: Feds’ ‘robust regulatory agenda’ will boost Gulf safety

Tommy Beaudreau is set to speak Tuesday during the Offshore Technology Conference about recent policy developments at the Interior Department, where work is underway on requirements for offshore equipment, baseline standards for Arctic exploration and possible seismic research in Atlantic waters.  More »

Former drilling chief: US ‘on a course to repeat’ Gulf oil spill

Former Minerals Management Service Director Elizabeth Birnbaum says the Obama administration “still has not taken key steps . . . to increase drilling safety.”  More »

Feds to release new rules for offshore emergency equipment this year

The nation’s top offshore drilling regulator said he hopes to unveil new requirements for blowout preventers by Dec. 31, nearly four years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster revealed vulnerabilities in the emergency devices.  More »

Lawmakers press feds for info on blowout preventer mandates

A dozen lawmakers are pressing the Obama administration to outline its plans for tightening standards on emergency equipment used to safeguard offshore oil wells.  More »

OTC Spotlight Award: GE’s next-gen blind shear ram goes global

GE’s new blind shear ram can cut a thicker pipe, and it can cut it regardless of whether it’s centered in the well bore.  More »

New blowout preventer mandates coming — but companies won’t have to comply overnight

Federal regulators are on track to propose new standards for boosting the reliability and performance of emergency devices safeguarding offshore wells later this year — but that doesn’t mean the industry will have to comply overnight.  More »

National Oilwell Varco sees big business in blowout preventers

Bulky, heavy and designed for redundancy rather than beauty, blowout preventers are the last line of defense for a runaway well. National Oilwell Varco has staked a piece of the company’s future on expanding production of blowout preventers and exporting them around the world.  More »

Specialists working to kill Apache well in Gulf

Drilling specialists have been pumping heavy fluids into a gas well 50 miles off the Louisiana coast in a bid to halt natural gas moving among underground formations at the site.  More »

Apache plans to kill Gulf well after detecting uncontrolled flow

Apache is preparing to kill a Gulf of Mexico well after an uncontrolled flow of fluid in the well prompted workers to activate its blowout preventer.  More »

Regulators order drillers to replace faulty bolts

Drilling on roughly two dozen offshore oil and gas wells may be temporarily halted so companies can replace faulty bolts on emergency devices, after federal regulators identified problems with the equipment.  More »

Feds lay out plans for new blowout preventer mandates

Obama administration officials today outlined their plans for new regulations designed to boost the reliability of crucial emergency equipment safeguarding offshore wells. Fundamentally, said Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes, blowout preventers “need to be able to cut whatever is in their way and completely sell off the well.”  More »
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