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Senate tees up votes on Keystone XL, exports, climate

The chamber is expected to vote on as many as three amendments to GOP-backed legislation to authorize the TransCanada Corp. pipeline on Tuesday, with more than four dozen other possibilities on the horizon.  More »

Keystone XL foes seek health study on pipeline

Two Senate Democrats on Friday strengthened their push against the Keystone XL pipeline, unveiling a letter from public health groups urging the Obama administration to study the medical risks associated with the project.  More »

TransCanada makes final appeal for Keystone XL

Keystone XL is the safest and most environmentally sound way to transport Canadian and North Dakota oil to Gulf Coast refineries, TransCanada Corp., said in its last-ditch appeal for the pipeline’s approval. The Calgary-based company’s assertions joined more than 100,000 comments filed with the State Department, as it weighs whether Keystone XL is in the “national interest.”  More »

Oil-sands cargos face tougher US rail-shipping rules

Train shipments of crude are under review across North America after a U.S. emergency order requiring new safety measures to prevent accidents.  More »

Keystone XL foes want focus on spill clean up

Dilbit is made up of bitumen, a thick, sticky hydrocarbon harvested in Canada that is too hard at room temperature to flow through pipelines on its own. To ready it for pipeline transport, companies dilute the bitumen with natural gas liquids or other substances.  More »

Feds meet with enviro groups as Keystone decision nears

As the State Department readies its final review of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, environmentalists on Monday stepped up their fight against the project.  More »

Canada at crossroads in bid to become energy superpower

Canada’s bid to become what Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls an energy “superpower” is at risk as approval delays for new pipelines threaten an industry already hurt by high costs and rival production.  More »

Keystone foes target rail projects to thwart oil sands exports

Environmentalists opposed to the Keystone XL pipeline are expanding their fight against imports of Canadian heavy crude oil by trying to block rail projects that offer another way for it to enter the U.S.  More »

New website tracks tar sands shipments to West Coast

Activists fighting Canadian oil sands launched a website that tracks tanker ships carrying the diluted bitumen from the oil sands and even alerts you when a “tar sands tanker” sails into your area.  More »

Keystone XL proponents use pencils to make their point

When trying to persuade policymakers and politicians of your point of view, sometimes you need a prop. Supporters of the Keystone XL pipeline may have found theirs in a 14-inch pencil.  More »

Report: Keystone XL would boost oil sands output, emissions

Keystone XL would would lead to a significant increase in carbon pollution, because of added production of crude from Canadian oil sands, according to a report backed by environmentalists.  More »

Rail disaster underscores risks in oil transportation

A deadly crude oil train disaster in Canada has brought renewed scrutiny to the growing use of rail to carry oil – including hundreds of thousands of barrels in Texas – and prompted worries that the higher volume will mean more accidents.  More »

Industry poll finds broad public support for Keystone XL

Eight out of 10 U.S. voters believe the Keystone XL pipeline is in the nation’s best interest, according to a new industry poll.  More »

Climate change, trade policy enter debate over Keystone XL

Wednesday’s congressional debate on the Keystone XL pipeline will be a forum for a host of other controversial topics, including climate change, oil spills and protectionist policy.  More »

Activists threaten massive protests against Keystone

If the State Department determines Keystone XL is in the national interest, it will unleash the “biggest burst of peaceful civil disobedience in modern history,” said Becky Bond, the political director of activist group CREDO.  More »
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