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UK audit questions $28 billion of clean power projects

The U.K.’s National Audit Office said it’s not convinced the government decision to award 16.6 billion pounds ($28 billion) of contracts to eight clean-energy projects is worth the risk to taxpayers.  More »

Ukraine seeks renewable-energy boost to counter Russia

Ukrainian officials say they’ve found a way to protect the nation from Russia: Go green. Ukraine is seeking U.S. investment in its biomass, wind and solar power industries.  More »

Two countries dominate world’s green energy workforce, report says

About 5.7 million people work in the renewable energy sector globally, with two countries hosting nearly half of the world’s green energy jobs, according to a new research report.  More »

Germany can’t bear hefty green energy costs, minister says

Germany must focus on the cheapest clean-energy sources as well as efficient fossil-fuel-fired plants to stop spiraling power prices, Economy and Energy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said.  More »

Biofuels producer stops production to make improvements

Officials with KiOR, which owns the biomass conversion facility in Lowndes County, will use the first quarter of 2014 to focus on improving its operations not producing fuel.  More »

Clean energy boosters blast feds’ forecast

Clean energy enthusiasts on Monday said the government is lowballing the industry’s potential.  More »

Biofuel makers seek to ease mandates to avert congress

Makers of some renewable fuels are asking the federal government to ease quotas for use of their products in a bid to head off a congressional overhaul of a program that refiners say is driving up costs at the pump.  More »

Europe should head to the woods for biofuels, report says

In the European Union’s quest to reach 20 percent renewables by 2020, it should avoid the temptation to latch on to ethanol and other biofuels that drain scarce land and water resources, according to a government report issued Wednesday  More »

Researchers studying biofuels production with unique fungus

University researchers have published the first analysis of a genome they say has potential for the cost-effective production of biofuel.  More »

Bill would add natural gas-based ethanol to federal biofuels mandate

To the federal government, ethanol only counts as a conventional biofuel if it is produced from switchgrass, corn starch or other plant materials. But Texas Rep. Pete Olson wants to change that.  More »

Europe finds energy source in South Texas mesquite

A Czech Republic company says it has found an abundant, long-term source of energy in South Texas to help European utilities produce electricity. But it has nothing to do with the Eagle Ford Shale.  More »

Renewables could feed all New York power needs, academics say

A new study says New York could get the power it needs from wind, water and sunlight by 2030 with a concerted push, though the state’s decade-long effort to significantly boost green energy shows how challenging that could be.  More »

Not ready for slime time: Algae present challenges as fuel source

As debate continues over raising the ethanol content in motor fuel to reduce emissions, another form of green energy is coloring the discussion.  More »

KiOR ships first production of wood chip-based diesel

The Pasadena, Texas company announced Monday that it’s production of diesel from pine wood chips at a plant in Columbus, Miss. has reached commercial scale.  More »

Oil-friendly Texas also gives a howdy to renewables

The nation’s oil capital rose two places in the biannual Ernst & Young ranking for renewable energy, thanks to its robust wind energy program and solar energy potential.  More »
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