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After fracking ban, a long fight ahead

The Texas Oil and Gas Association filed its challenge in federal court on Wednesday morning, arguing that the city has no right to override state policy favoring subterranean mineral extraction.  More »

Private equity firms merge energy assets to create Barnett operator

Two private equity firms will combine their energy assets to form a new oil and gas operator that will have a big presence in the Barnett Shale.  More »

Shale gas producer plans $400M IPO

Colorado-based shale gas producer Vantage Energy told regulators Monday it is planning to go public for $400 million.  More »

Texas regulators: Can’t tie water contamination to drilling

A geologist for Texas regulators wrote that the agency has determined that there is insufficient evidence tying drilling to methane contamination beneath a Texas neighborhood and the agency will not investigate further.  More »

Damage award in Texas fracking case raises stakes in air quality debate

A Texas family has won what appears to be the first successful U.S. lawsuit alleging that toxic air emissions from oil and gas production sickened people living nearby. But there are no assurances the verdict against Aruba Petroleum will survive an appeal or lead to regulatory changes in Texas.  More »

Halliburton shows off enhanced-recovery tech at OTC

When Halliburton took a job two years ago to figure out what was wrong with Devon Energy’s wells in the Barnett Shale, only one in 11 of the wells was any good.  More »

Researchers study string of Texas earthquakes

FORT WORTH — Researchers collecting seismic data hope it allows them to determine what role wastewater injection wells have played in a string of small earthquakes northwest of Fort Worth. The area in northeast Parker County, about 15 miles northwest of Fort Worth, has experienced more than 30 small earthquakes since November. Last month more […]  More »

Barnett Shale drilling permits fall to lowest in a decade

Shale drilling activity in North Texas has fallen to its lowest point in about a decade, according to state data.  More »

Dallas restricts gas drilling in city

The Dallas City Council has decided that drilling natural gas wells will not be allowed to happen less than 1,500 feet from protected areas such as homes.  More »

EnerVest announces seven deals worth $1.4B

Houston oil and gas producer EnerVest Ltd. said Monday it has either closed or agreed to seven oil and gas acquisitions worth a combined $1.4 billion since August, marking the fourth year in a row the private firm has bought more than $1 billion in U.S. assets.  More »

Declining Barnett Shale could remain strong natural gas producer

Despite production declines in recent years, the Barnett Shale still has some fight left. A new study shows it could produce 900 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year in 2030.  More »

EnerVest affiliates to snap up Barnett Shale assets

Affiliates of Houston-based oil and gas company EnerVest Ltd. agreed to buy $218 million worth of the Barnett Shale natural gas assets that Carrizo Oil & Gas unloaded this week.  More »

Carrizo Oil & Gas to sell off Barnett Shale assets and focus on oil

Carrizo Oil & Gas is selling off dry gas assets in the Barnett Shale to focus on more lucrative oily plays in the Eagle Ford.  More »

Tech Talk – A Cautionary Tale Evolves over Shale Gas

The development of the shale gas deposits in the United States, led by the drilling and fracking of horizontal wells into the Barnett Shale of Texas at the turn of the century, has opened up a resource that continues to draw visions of American energy …  More »

Mitchell saw riches where most saw stone

The oil and gas boom that is revolutionizing the politics and economics of energy worldwide started in the 1980s with the solitary — even stubborn — persistence of George Mitchell.  More »
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