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Shale pioneer McClendon hires Chesapeake in Utica

Aubrey McClendon, the pioneering shale wildcatter who helped usher in the U.S. energy renaissance, has hired the company that fired him to drill wells for his newest natural gas venture.  More »

CEO: Rock can get Chesapeake out of hard place

Doug Lawler’s strategy for turning Chesapeake Energy around after a rough spell centers on making the most of what the company already has: great shale positions.  More »

Chesapeake Energy files to spin off $2.2B oil field unit

Chesapeake Energy filed regulatory documents Monday in preparation for the public spinoff of its $2.2 billion oil field service business, set for an undisclosed date this year.  More »

McClendon oil company to raise $2.9B with promise to go public

McClendon’s new oil and gas venture will soon collect as much as $2.9 billion from investors in a bid to acquire and drill acreage in Ohio’s southern Utica Shale. And it has promised investors to turn a $750 million debt offering into equity once it goes public.  More »

Chesapeake’s new financial approach pays off in debt market

Chesapeake Energy’s new financial discipline has shareholders worried about energy production declines but has pleased bondholders with stricter spending levels.  More »

Exxon deals boost holdings, focus on US plays

Exxon Mobil made two deals aimed at boosting its output from U.S. oil plays, including one that will pad its holdings in the red hot Permian Basin region of West Texas, the company said Monday.  More »

McClendon gets another $500M in financing for new venture

Former Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon has lined up another $500 million in private equity backing for one of his new oil and gas ventures.  More »

‘The Frackers’ tells stories of the US shale boom’s architects

“The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire Wildcatters” gives an inside look at the conflicts and difficult decisions that made Harold Hamm, George Mitchell, Aubrey McClendon and others the biggest names in the modern oil and gas rush.  More »

McClendon gets $1.7B in financing for shale play

A group of private equity firms is backing former Chesapeake Energy chief Audrey McClendon in his new exploration and production venture in the Utica Shale in Ohio.  More »

New job cuts slash Chesapeake Energy’s payroll

Chesapeake Energy dropped 800 workers from its payroll Tuesday as new management continues to throttle down from an aggressive stance that threw the company into deep debt.  More »

Chesapeake Energy shifting from aggression to financial discipline

After years of building a reputation as one of the most aggressive U.S. natural gas giants, Chesapeake Energy is slowing down.  More »

Chesapeake names Anadarko executive as new CEO

Chesapeake Energy has named Anadarko Petroleum executive Robert Douglas Lawler as its new CEO.  More »
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