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Manufacturers want more time on natural gas exports

A coalition of manufacturers and other industrial users of natural gas is asking the Obama administration for more time to review its latest plan for vetting proposals to sell the fossil fuel overseas.  More »

Energy jobs extend beyond oil field, Congress told

Surging oil and gas production is creating jobs that extend well beyond the oil patch to manufacturing shops and chemical plants across the country, executives and industry advocates told a congressional panel on Tuesday.  More »

Feds grant sixth license to export US natural gas

Sempra Energy nabbed a critical license to broadly export natural gas from its Hackberry, La. facility on Tuesday, marking the sixth such approval handed down by the Obama administration.  More »

LNG export fans form new coalition

Oil industry and business groups have formed a new coalition to make the case for expanded exports of American natural gas.  More »

Manufacturers call for halt on natural gas export approvals

Dow Chemical and other big industrial users of natural gas are imploring the Obama administration to stop approving licenses to broadly export the fossil fuel.  More »

Natural gas boosters make case for exports

Exporting natural gas will help keep the U.S. harvesting it, according to groups advocating more foreign sales of the fossil fuels.  More »

Gas exports could put nation in ‘danger zone’, trade group tells Moniz

Exports of U.S. liquefied natural gas could drive the country into “a danger zone” in which higher natural gas prices for consumers and manufacturers drag down economic growth, a trade association said in a recent letter to Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.  More »

LNG export critics call on Energy Dept. for time out

With the Obama administration on Wednesday approving a fourth company’s plans to sell natural gas overseas, some lawmakers and manufacturers said it’s time for the federal government to reassess the economic risks of those export approvals.  More »

Feds approve third project to export US natural gas

The Obama administration licensed a third company to broadly sell U.S. natural gas overseas on Wednesday, renewing fears that widespread exports of America’s bounty could spike domestic prices for the fossil fuel.  More »

Feds give Texas project license to broadly export LNG

The Obama administration on Friday gave Freeport LNG approval to broadly export domestically harvested natural gas, marking only the second time a U.S. company has won such a license. The export license ensures that the Texas-based project will be able to liquefy natural gas produced by BP to Japan, Taiwan and other countries that do not have free-trade agreements with the United States.  More »

Environmentalists to Obama: Delay decision on gas exports

Taking a page out of their Keystone XL playbook, environmentalists are urging the Obama administration to delay decisions on whether to allow more companies to export natural gas harvested inside the United States because of climate change concerns.  More »

Huntsman joins campaign against natural gas exports

Widening the rift over exports of U.S. natural gas, Huntsman Corp. has joined a coalition campaigning against more foreign sales of the fossil fuel. The move follows Dow Chemical’s decision to break ties with the National Association of Manufacturers over the dispute.  More »