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Coast Guard blames 2012 Arctic rig grounding on bad decisions

Coast Guard investigators on Thursday rapped Shell Oil Co. and its contractors for failing to heed the dangers of towing a drilling rig across stormy Alaska waters in late 2012 — a voyage that ended when it ran aground on New Year’s Eve.  More »

Shell rig left Alaska port to avoid taxes, company official testifies

Shell’s Kulluk oil drilling rig left Dutch Harbor in December to avoid the prospect of millions in taxes, a Shell official revealed Saturday in testimony to a Coast Guard investigation panel.  More »

Shell, Coast Guard figure out next step for Kulluk rig

Investigators are analyzing damage assessments from Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig to determine the next move for the rig, now anchored in an Alaskan harbor.  More »

Shell & Coast Guard are towing rig

Salvage teams have pulled Shell’s grounded drilling rig within 9 miles of a safe, protected bay, after successfully attaching a tow line to the vessel and freeing it from a rocky Alaskan island’s coast overnight.  More »

Officials close to towing grounded drilling rig

Salvagers are preparing to try pulling Shell’s grounded Arctic drilling rig from a rocky Alaskan island’s coast as soon as critical equipment arrives on the scene and weather permits _ possibly before the weekend’s end.  More »

Coast Guard evacuates 18 from drilling rig

The Coast Guard and Shell are still working to rescue an offshore drilling rig and a tugboat stranded in high seas about 50 miles south of Kodiak, Alaska.  More »

Coast Guard assisting drilling rig stranded near Alaska

The Coast Guard is rushing to help stranded staff aboard one of Shell’s offshore drilling units and the tugboat heaving it across western Alaska waters, amid high seas and engine failures.  More »