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Oil lobbying group buys Super Bowl ad

The ad was the single most expensive television spot of API’s recent campaign promoting the Keystone XL pipeline and other industry priorities  More »

Enbridge aims to burnish image with feel-good ads

Enbridge is aiming to change the national debate about energy — and buff up its own image at the same time — with a multi-million-dollar advertising campaign highlighting how oil and gas fuel our lives.  More »

Halliburton goes on airwaves in Colorado (video)

Halliburton Co. is hitting the airwaves in Colorado on Wednesday with a new television ad meant to burnish the image of┬áthe Houston-based oilfield service firm and the hydraulic fracturing operations it conducts across the U.S.  More »

API launches new election-year campaign (video)

The oil industry’s leading trade group is kicking off a new ad campaign leading into the November elections to tout the economic power of domestic energy production.  More »

Oil industry begins running new ad on renewable fuels (video)

The American Petroleum Institute on Monday launched a new round of advertising taking aim at an eight-year-old renewable fuels mandate it wants Congress to repeal.  More »

Oil industry pushes Congress to axe biofuel mandate (video)

The American Petroleum Institute is ratcheting up its campaign against the eight-year-old renewable fuel standard with new nationwide advertisements and a website casting the mandate as something only a mechanic would love. Although the group has been asking lawmakers to swiftly repeal the requirement, key congressional leaders have adopted a slower, smaller approach.  More »

Environmentalists target McCain & Portman on EPA vote (video)

The Sierra Club on Wednesday became the latest group to take to the airwaves with a campaign aimed at convincing some Republicans to confirm Gina McCarthy to head the Environmental Protection Agency — or at least not stand in her way. The aggressive push comes ahead of a possible Senate debate as soon as next week on the nomination.  More »

Poll: Environment beats drilling for voters in Western states

Westerners are more concerned about preserving public land than drilling on it, according to a new poll that bucks the conventional wisdom about the public’s view of energy development in the region.  More »

Nat gas group to launch new ad campaign on energy use

America’s Natural Gas Alliance is going back on the airwaves next week with a consumer-driven campaign that challenges viewers to think about their own energy use. Marty Durbin, the group’s new president and CEO, said the campaign aims to get people to think about their energy choices and the role natural gas plays as a fuel for the U.S.  More »

API mounts new campaign against oil industry taxes (video)

The oil and gas industry’s biggest trade group is launching two new commercials, billed as “unscripted,” man-on-the-street style interviews with real people who argue that average Americans will be negatively impacted by higher taxes on the oil industry. Watch the commercials here.  More »

Exxon Mobil veep: ‘It’s not easy being us’

Apparently, it’s lonely at the top. “It’s not easy being us,” said Exxon Mobil’s top lobbyist today after he was asked about a critical ad campaign and a push to strip universities of their fossil fuel investments.  More »

Senate goes after tax breaks for major oil companies

The oil industry is fighting plans to repeal some of its tax breaks with a new advertising campaign that links the proposals with higher gasoline prices. The move comes ahead of a showdown Senate vote on the issue Monday.  More »

Consumer energy group targets slow drilling permits in ads

New video ads by the Houston-based Consumer Energy Alliance feature workers who say their businesses have been hurt by slow permitting for Gulf of Mexico drilling.  More »

API ad campaign touts energy independence *updated*

The American Petroleum Institute’s “Keys to the Future” campaign is a bid to boost support for domestic oil production and for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would deliver Canadian tar sands crude to Gulf Coast refineries.  More »