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Mitt Romney says the U.S. shouldn't pick energy winners, then in his plan he does just that. Photo: JEWEL SAMAD / AFP

Five things the energy sector needs to hear at the RNC

At the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the economy and energy are front-and-center issues.  More »
Ships bearing drilling equipment pass through Seattle's Elliott Bay in June 2012, en route to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. (AP Photo/Donna Gordon Blankinship)

Discoverer drillship sets sail for Shell’s Arctic leases

The Noble Discoverer began a one-week trek to the Chukchi Sea on Saturday afternoon, moving Shell one step closer to drilling for oil in Arctic waters this summer. The company is now talking with federal regulators about a plan that would allow Shell to launch some initial work at its Arctic well sites, even without a key oil spill response vessel nearby.  More »
A field of dried corn plants is seen near Percival, Iowa. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik, File)

Perry asks EPA for renewable fuel waiver

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today asked federal regulators to relax the renewable fuel standard, joining four other states that have also asked for waivers amid a drought that has ravaged corn crops in the Midwest.  More »

Romney and Obama clash on energy plans

Both Obama and Romney see energy development as a job creator — but that’s where many of the similarities end. With Romney unveiling his energy plan on the campaign trail today, we take a look at how the two presidential contenders stack up on the issues.  More »
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his vice presidential running mate Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speak to a crowd at a rally in Virginia in August 2012. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Enviros say Romney plan a ‘Big Oil’ wish list; Industry offers praise

Mitt Romney’s plan for weaning the U.S. off imported crude by relaxing environmental regulations and harvesting more North American resources drew immediate jeers from environmentalists Thursday who said it was a Big Oil wishlist.  More »
Attendees during a campaign event for Mitt Romney, the presumed Republican presidential candidate, at Watson Truck and Supply in Hobbs, N.M., Aug 23, 2012. Romney plans to unveil an energy plan Thursday that would allow states more control over the development of energy resources on federal lands within their borders. Photo: JIM WILSON, New York Times / NYTNS

Romney unveils plan for energy independence

Mitt Romney is unveiling an energy plan today that the Republican presidential candidate says will rev up the U.S. economy while it weans America off foreign oil.  More »
American Petroleum Institute chief economist John Felmy. (Mayra Beltran / Houston Chronicle)

SEC rejects industry’s bid for exemptions in foreign payments rule

Federal regulators on Wednesday voted to require U.S. companies to disclose what they pay to harvest crude, natural gas and minerals from other countries, delivering a big blow to oil companies that say the mandate will force them to shut down drilling in some areas.  More »
(Photo: Fotolia)

Industry makes last-ditch appeal against SEC disclosure rule

The oil industry today made a final plea for exceptions to proposed reporting rules that U.S. businesses say would give foreign competitors an unfair advantage while forcing them to stop drilling in Qatar, Cameroon and other countries. The Securities and Exchange Commission is set to vote Wednesday on whether to force U.S. oil, gas and mining companies to disclose what they pay to foreign nations in exchange for extracting natural resources from the countries.  More »
Shell's Kulluk conical drilling unit departs Seattle for Dutch Harbor, Alaska in 2012. (Shell Oil Co.)

Shell’s drilling rig begins two-week trek to Arctic sea

Shell’s Kulluk drilling rig began a two-week journey to the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska on Monday, marking a major step forward in the company’s slow march toward a new era of oil exploration in the region. Environmental critics also ramped up their criticism of Shell’s plans, as federal regulators move closer to approving drilling permits for some of the company’s planned Arctic wells.  More »
Chevron's Genesis platform is shown in the Gulf of Mexico.  (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Feds put contractors on notice: Violate offshore regs & you’ll face fines too

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement today affirmed that it will not back down from a year-old plan to punish oil field service firms, rig suppliers and other contractors for running afoul of offshore drilling rules. In a policy document released this morning, the agency laid out its plans for policing offshore contractors — not just oil companies — for those violations.  More »
A deep-water drilling rig works in the South China Sea. (AP Photo/Xinhua, Jin Liangkuai)

Feds tweak drilling safety mandates after hearing from industry

Federal regulators on Wednesday issued a final set of standards meant to boost the design, cementing and safety of offshore wells in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster two years ago. The measure responds to industry concerns that the first version of the rule — imposed on an emergency basis in October 2010 — was muddled and riddled with conflicting requirements.  More »
Allison MacFarlane (Official photo)

NRC’s new chair determined to examine earthquake risks

Allison MacFarlane, the new chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, is a geologist — the first to lead the commission. And she views that as a fortunate thing for the commission and the industry.  More »