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Republicans seek to avoid debt backlash

A bill introduced by the Republicans to temporarily extend the debt limit avoids confrontation with Obama but still comes with conditions  More »

Kings purchase will return NBA to Seattle

Fund manager Hansen and Microsoft chief Ballmer lead group acquiring Sacramento basketball team that they intend to move 750 miles north  More »

Dell to test Silver Lake’s skills as ‘undertaker’

Silver Lake’s plan to take Dell private will test its 14 years’ experience of conjuring profits out of buying groups that have missed the tide of tech history  More »

European stocks flirt with two-year highs

FTSE All-World equity index up 0.1 per cent as the dollar index barely moves, but Nikkei 225 slips ahead of Bank of Japan policy decision  More »

Atari files for bankruptcy protection

Video games pioneer seeks buyer for titles such as Asteroids after announcing that sole lender BlueBay could no longer provide support  More »

Huawei pledges openness to woo critics

Chinese group says it will disclose financial and shareholding information as it tries to dispel suspicions over links to the country’s military  More »

Salmon farmers go for veggie option

Price of fishmeal has surged to a record high because of a dramatic decline in the number of anchovies harvested off the coast of Latin America  More »

Lofty speech frames liberal core message

The real meat of the speech – or at least its inner voice – was more immediate in its implications than the highfalutin’ address Obama delivered four years ago  More »

Obama defends role of strong government

Speech has gestures to coalition that re-elected president, with nods to equality for women and gays and a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants  More »
ExxonMobil Chairman and CEO Rex Tillerson (AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

ExxonMobil chief and Iraq PM discuss oil plans

Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson met with Iraq’s prime minister on Monday to discuss the firm’s plans in the country, raising the possibility that Baghdad could be mending its dispute with America’s largest oil company over its work in the Kurdish region.  More »

Weidmann warns of currency war risk

The erosion of central bank independence threatens to unleash a round of competitive exchange rate devaluations, says Germany’s Bundesbank chief  More »

Algeria defends assault to free hostages

In the first official account of the In Amenas gas facility siege, the Algerian prime minister says the kidnappers were about to kill their captives  More »