Texas shale plays create significant job opportunities

Thanks to modern technology, it’s feasible and economical to retrieve natural gas from shale formations, which means many oil/gas companies have staked their claims in Texas, and in the process, generated employment far from offshore and closer to home.
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Degree programs encourage on-the-job experience

The key in a competitive job market is experience.
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Engineering student interns a hot commodity

Interns are a hot commodity in the engineering industry.
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epublican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, speaks during a campaign rally in Manassas, Va, on Aug. 11 2012. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Romney shifted on energy as presidential politics beckoned

As the Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney is far more apt to talk about oil drilling than energy-efficient cars. He has presented a plan to open up more land and coastline to oil and gas drilling, grant speedy approval to the Keystone pipeline to transport crude oil from Canada to the United States, end wind and solar power subsidies and curb regulations that discourage burning coal for electricity. It is an agenda far different than the one he outlined in his early days as governor.
Hondo Railway worker Nathan Trevino watches as green, resin coated sand, used in the fracking process, is unloaded from a covered hopper rail car. The company has seen growth with the increased business from the Eagle Ford Shale oil production in south Texas. Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012. (BOB OWEN/San Antonio Express-News)

Shale play is engine of growth for rail

All across South Texas, rail yards are adding track to service the shale drilling boom happening in a 20-county swath of the state, stretching from the border toward East Texas.
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Okla. refinery explosion leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A boiler that was being brought back online after maintenance exploded at an oil refinery in Wynnewood, killing one worker and injuring another, Garvin County’s sheriff said Saturday.
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Chevron seeking emails from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo in Ecuador case

The subpoenas, served this month, are Chevron’s latest effort to prove that a $19 billion judgment against the oil company in Ecuador was the result of fraud. An Ecuadoran judge last year ruled that Chevron should pay to clean up a portion of the Amazon rain forest where Texaco, bought by Chevron in 2001, used to
drill for crude.
Protesters tether themselves to logging equipment being used to clear the path of the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline in East Texas. (Photo: Tar Sands Blockade)

Ruling lets Keystone XL cross farm near Beaumont

Mike Latta, a Beaumont rancher and rice farmer, was left Friday wondering whether he’ll be able to get the hay he needs to feed 400 head of cattle over the winter months because the Keystone XL pipeline will come through a grass field he leases. Latta and the partnership that owns the land where he farms, Texas Rice Land Partners, lost a bid in a Jefferson County Court to prevent the Keystone XL pipeline from crossing the land, which will cut Latta’s access.
Keith Hall uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream as part of a demonstration at the High Horsepower Summit 2012

Instant ice cream: Superchilled gas eliminates tedious cranking

That liquefied natural gas moving around roads in scary looking steel containers is cold enough to make ice cream.
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Coca-Cola expands PlantBottle effort with world’s largest bio-plastic facility

The beverage leader said it will partner with Indian firm JBF Industries to expand its PlantBottle technology, with construction of a sugarcane-based plastics facility in Brazil.
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