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BP: So far no signs of trouble with integrity test

Currently there is no evidence that pressures from the well integrity test has caused any oil to breach the surface of the sea floor, BP’s Kent Wells said at a morning briefing today. Since the BP well was shut-in as of 2:25 p.m. yesterday, pressures have been rising steadily with no fluctuation, Wells said. Currently, […]  More »

Remind me again: Why are we doing this integrity test?

More than a few readers and observers are a bit puzzled by the integrity tests that BP has started up on the Macondo well this week. U.S. Coast Guard. “Why are we doing this? Oh yeah…” Before Monday it seemed like BP and Admiral Thad Allen discussed the new stack that was being placed on […]  More »

Chron Energy Newslinks | 07.16.10 | Well holding, berms failing, green growing.

• Well integrity holding out for now. • House committee approves law to improve offshore drilling safety. • Containment cap looks a lot like design from ‘Mystery Plumer.’ • EPA officials grilled on dispersant use in Gulf. • Gulf sand berms seem to be failing already. • Oil industry ramps up fight against tax break […]  More »

*Update* Is the slick hovering off the Texas coast?

+++++++++++++ * Updates * Coast Guard officials based in Texas said today their coastal flyovers have not yet spotted any oil slicks near state waters. Chief Warrant Officer Lionel Bryant said the USCG sends up a plane every morning to do a sweep along the coast and did not have any slicks spotted over the […]  More »

Map of Spill, July 16

Spill JULY16 c  More »

Oil leak stopped for first time in months

For the first time since the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig sank on April 22 oil has stopped leaking from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico. BP said it completly closed the last line on the newly installed containment cap at 2:25 p.m. today and will be monitoring pressure gauges to test the integrity […]  More »

Lawmakers blast deepwater drilling ban

Reps. Kevin Brady and John Culberson are highlighting what they call the widespread economic effects of the administration’s ban on some drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The two lawmakers, both Republicans from Texas, are joining colleagues in arguing against the ban in speeches on the House floor. You can watch them live now on […]  More »

BP, Apache closing in on deal

BP and Apache could reach an agreement on a $10 to $11 billion asset sale as soon as next week, Bloomberg reported today. The sale includes half of BP’s stake in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay field.  More »

Feds say BP must pay royalties on leaking oil and gas

The Interior Department has informed BP that it must pay royalties on all oil and gas captured from its leaking Macondo well, as well as royalties on any oil and gas that was lost or wasted because of negligence or regulatory violations.  More »

Bill Nye the Science Guy explains BP pressure test using props

Using a plastic water bottle as a stand-in for the containment cap, Bill Nye demonstrates for laymen what the pressure tests on the Macondo well will show, and the potential dangers of going forward. For those who need a visual, this is a decent explanation. For all our engineers out there, what do you think? […]  More »

House approves measure to overhaul drilling regulations

A House committee passed legislation today that would overhaul the way the government regulates drilling on federal lands and waters. The bill &#151 known as the Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources (CLEAR) Act &#151 aims to respond to the April 20 Deepwater Horizon disaster by creating stricter safety and fee requirements for companies seeking […]  More »

Oil spill talk with EPA’s Al Armendariz

Barrels and BTUs blogger Bruce Bullock recently sat down with EPA’s Region 6 Administrator Al Armendariz on PBS affiliate KERA’s Think to discuss the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its potential consequences.  More »