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Lake Charles refinery hit with criminal charges

Federal officials say a Louisiana refinery owned by well-known Houston oil men Oscar Wyatt and David Chalmers violated federal anti-pollution laws and obstructed justice during an investigation.  More »

ConocoPhillips spin-off will take over joint ventures

ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva announced today that its refining spin-off will absorb more than 30 percent of the corporation’s assets and debt.  More »

Diesel could fuel refinery comeback

With demand for gasoline declining as drivers cut back, domestic refiners may get new life from an old product – diesel.  More »

Sunoco to sell refineries

Sunoco Inc. said today it’s getting out of the refining business.  More »

Northeast states vie for new Shell gas plant

Big industry may be coming back to the northeast United States. Shell Oil Co. is nearing a decision on where in the Appalachians to build a huge new petrochemical refinery — a project that could bring thousands of construction and production jobs and change the face of the region for decades.  More »

Obama’s withdrawl of ozone proposal illegal (and immoral)

Today’s decision of the Obama administration to withdraw new ozone rules is illegal, immoral, and costly to boot.  The Clean Air Act requires the EPA to revisit its National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) every five years to ensure that they are adequate to protect the public health and safety.  In 2006, the Bush Administration […]  More »

Newspapers: Fishwrap, birdcage liners, and now fuel!

A new bacterial strain discovered by Tulane University researchers seems to be effective in turning cellulose — including old newspapers — into butanol, a gasoline substitute.  More »

Plea deal possible in oil trader case?

Clyde Meltzer and Bernard Langley are scheduled to go to trial this November for their roles in an alleged oil shipments kickback scheme. A filing from the federal government hints that a plea deal may be in the works for the two men, however.  More »

Refineries likely to shut as Hurricane Irene nears

East Coast refineries are likely to close in advance of Hurricane Irene’s arrival this weekend, analysts say. The shutdowns are already boosting gasoline prices.  More »

Texas City power problems lead to refinery flares *update*

Brief power outages in Texas City have led to flaring at area refineries. Shelter-in-place warnings are not in effect at this time, according to a public notice.  More »

Valero restarts one crude unit at its Memphis plant

San Antonio-based refiner Valero Energy Corp. launched a restart of one of two crude distillation units Thursday at its Memphis, Tenn., refinery, the company said.  More »

Feds to invest up to $510M in biofuels for military, commercial uses

Under the plan, the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Energy and Navy will partner with private industry to jointly contruct or retrofit existing biofuel plants and refineries, with the goal accelerating output of renewable jet and diesel fuels, the White House said.  More »

Cheap shale gas means Dow leads record expansion in the U.S.

Dow Chemical Co. spent a decade moving chemical production to the Middle East and Asia. Now it’s leading the biggest expansion ever seen back home in the U.S. as shale gas revives the industry’s economics.  More »

Proposed refinery gets key permit from EPA

Sen. John Hoeven says the Environmental Protection Agency has approved a key permit for a proposed oil refinery on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.  More »

Marathon Oil Corp. may part with more assets

Fresh from spinning off its refining arm, newly independent exploration and production company Marathon Oil Corp. may consider divesting additional assets as it pursues aggressive growth plans in coming years, CEO Clarence Cazalot said Tuesday.  More »