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BP’s Texas City refinery production cut through August

The refinery was hit with an emergency shutdown in April and has run at about half capacity since then, BP says.  More »

FTC probe of gasoline prices has eye on refiners

The Federal Trade Commission confirmed Monday that it’s opened a broad investigation into the companies that turn crude oil into gasoline, looking into whether they have engaged in anti-competitive practices or manipulation to drive up prices at the pump.  More »

Westway Terminal gains capacity in Valero deal

The deal gives Westway the right to lease 5.7 acres of land adjacent to its terminal for up to 30 years and to purchase three tanks totaling 3 million gallons of capacity and certain associated dock lines and dock assets.  More »

EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules – Continued

There have been several significant actions regarding the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules under the Clean Air Act in the last few weeks.  You will recall that the EPA has already begun regulation under the Prevention of Significant Detioration program (PSD), and signaled that it would propose regulation of sources under the New Source Performance Standards […]  More »

Worker injured at Exxon’s Baytown refinery

The worker suffered steam burns across 25 percent of his upper body, Gary Beevers, who oversees the United Steelworkers’ oil sector, said in an e-mailed statement.  More »

Biodiesel industry to run national ads

The ad, set in Dallas, touts biodiesel as a clean-burning alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel that can help reduce the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, create jobs and slash tailpipe emissions.  More »

Federal court won’t dismiss environmental lawsuit against Exxon

The lawsuit filed by the Sierra Club and Environment Texas says Irving-based Exxon Mobil’s Baytown refinery released 10 million pounds of illegal pollution, including cancer-causing toxins, without facing proper fines or being forced to fix equipment.  More »

Fire at ExxonMobil’s Beaumont refinery put out

The fire began at about noon when a fuel storage tank was being emptied for maintenance, but was quickly contained, hurting no one and not affecting output at the plant.  More »

API Giving Refineries a Bad Name

On June 1, the American Petroleum Institute (API) filed suit against the EPA claiming that its February request for more information from refineries to complete the benzene residual risk rule for refineries, was impossible to complete and thus arbitrary. One really has to understand the tortured history of this rulemaking in order to appreciate what […]  More »

Chevron’s Wales refinery ‘fully operational’ after fatal blast

The Pembroke refinery, which is in the process of being sold to Valero, has a daily capacity of 210,000 barrels. It processes crude from the North Sea, Russia and West Africa into diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.  More »

4 killed in blast at Chevron’s Wales refinery *updated*

An explosion in a storage tank caused a fire at Chevron’s Pembroke oil refinery in west Wales Thursday, killing four contractors and seriously injuring another worker.  More »

Valero restarts Texas City refinery after power loss

Valero’s refinery and Texas City plants owned by BP and Marathon lost power early May 27. A spokesman for Valero declined to estimate when its refinery would be operating normally.  More »

More power outages hit Texas City refiners

A broken power line insulator may be behind outages in Texas City and LaMarque that knocked some refineries offline Friday morning. Power was restored later in the day.  More »

Refiners sitting pretty this summer

Weaker demand, weather woes fail to cloud prospects for gasoline makers. (Via MarketWatch)  More »

TCEQ: Turning up refinery flares could fix Houston’s air

Small changes in the use of open flames, or flares, to burn off pressurized gases at oil refineries and chemical plants could help improve Houston’s air quality, a new study suggests.  More »