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Chamber makes pitch to export US oil and gas

The Chamber of Commerce is making the case for virtually unchecked exports of oil and natural gas to countries that are members of the World Trade Organization.  More »

Senator: Obama should lift oil export ban, even without Congress

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is doubling down on her pitch for the U.S. to reverse a 39-year-old ban on exporting American crude. In a letter to President Barack Obama on Tuesday, the Republican from Alaska insists that the administration must ease the restrictions soon.  More »

Senator: Rail accidents put spotlight on pipeline needs (video)

Fiery explosions involving oil-carrying trains help make the case for Keystone XL and other new pipelines to transport the crude, Republican Sen. John Hoeven says.  More »

US carbon emissions climb in 2013

The U.S. likely sent more carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere in 2013 over the previous year, according to newly released government data, but energy analysts and environmentalists say it probably won’t change the nation’s overall downward track.  More »

Feds promise report next month on effects of Atlantic seismic testing

Marking a significant step toward eventual oil drilling off the East Coast, the Interior Department is set to soon publish a final assessment of the environmental effects of a new generation of seismic research in U.S. Atlantic waters in February.  More »

Manufacturers call for halt on natural gas export approvals

Dow Chemical and other big industrial users of natural gas are imploring the Obama administration to stop approving licenses to broadly export the fossil fuel.  More »

President orders quadrennial study of energy strategy

President Obama says the U.S. needs a comprehensive, coordinated strategy.  More »

Senators: More scrutiny needed after train explosions

Leading Democratic senators said the Obama administration needs to step up its scrutiny of safeguards governing oil transport, following train derailments and explosions.  More »

Guest commentary: One-size-fits-all rules for offshore vessels are unrealistic

There is universal agreement on the desire to prevent another catastrophic explosion and spill. But there is the risk of doing harm by overreaching in regulating for a safer environment.  More »

Obama, Congress locked in Iran sanctions dispute

The Obama administration enters the year locked in a battle with Congress over whether to plow ahead with new economic sanctions against Iran or wait to see if last year’s breakthrough nuclear agreement holds.  More »

Republicans on climate panel want more time

After a state climate panel missed a deadline to deliver recommendations on reducing carbon emissions in Washington state, two Republican members on the group said Wednesday they want another year to study the economic costs of proposals.  More »

Refiners plot against oil exports

While refiners currently enjoy a discount on domestic crude — which is priced well below the international benchmark — that scenario could disappear with broad oil exports.  More »