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Texas biggest earner from wind tax credit, study finds

Texas wind power producers earned far more money from the federal production tax credit than the state paid out to support the renewable energy policy, according to a study by the Institute for Energy Research released this week.  More »

Lawmakers ask feds to freeze Arctic drilling

Nearly 60 House Democrats are pleading with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to halt all Arctic energy development until the federal government writes new rules for the activity. Separately, conservationists recommended the Obama administration exclude four areas from a possible 2016 sale of Arctic drilling leases.  More »

Oil industry blasts administration’s Arctic drilling plan

Oil industry trade groups blasted the Obama administration’s plan to adopt a “targeted leasing” approach to selling drilling rights in Arctic waters near Alaska, saying it would dissuade companies from bidding on the acreage.  More »

Feds to auction eastern Gulf drilling leases

For the first time in six years, oil and gas companies will have a chance to bid for new drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico near Alabama and Florida, during a planned lease sale next March.  More »

Lawmaker takes aim at industry’s planned fight for US crude exports

Sen. Ed Markey delivered a preemptive strike against oil industry plans to stoke world trade concerns as part of a broader battle against the U.S. ban on exporting crude.  More »

Alaska releases oil tax regulations

The state has finalized rules to help determine what oil qualifies for special tax breaks under Alaska’s new oil tax law.  More »

Natural gas boosters make case for exports

Exporting natural gas will help keep the U.S. harvesting it, according to groups advocating more foreign sales of the fossil fuels.  More »

Airline joins battle over biofuels

A refinery owned by Delta Air Lines has joined the battle against a government mandate to blend renewables into fuel supplies.  More »

Oil payments rule not getting quick rewrite

Much to the delight of the oil industry, the Securities and Exchange Commission appears to be in no rush to rewrite a rule that required companies to disclose what they pay foreign countries in return for the right to extract crude, natural gas and minerals.  More »

Repsol to begin talks with Argentina over YPF settlement

In a meeting Wednesday , board members “analyzed and valued positively” a proposal brokered by the governments of Spain and Argentina, the Madrid-based oil company said in a filing.  More »

Russia: Last Greenpeace detainee granted bail

A Russian court has granted bail to the last of 30 Greenpeace activists who were detained at sea during a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.  More »

Feds shine more light on carbon cost estimates

Giving in to demands from the oil industry, business groups and their allies on Capitol Hill, the Obama administration on Tuesday formally released the calculations behind its new estimate of the costs tied to emitting carbon dioxide.  More »