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To clean up coal, Obama pushes more oil production

America’s newest and cleanest coal-fired power plant comes with a catch: The heat-trapping carbon dioxide removed from its smokestack pollution will help force more oil out of the ground.  More »

Oil industry takes aim at export ban

The oil industry is fighting back against allegations that it is looking to recruit another country to challenge the U.S. ban on exporting American crude.  More »

Pennsylvania court sides with towns in gas drilling fight

The state Supreme Court ruled the industry-friendly rules violated the state constitution.  More »

Defunct company sues NY claiming fracking delay

A bankrupt company that hoped to drill for gas in New York is suing the Cuomo administration over what it calls an unreasonable delay in deciding whether to allow hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.  More »

Senate shuffle could put oil industry ally at top of energy panel

President Barack Obama’s reported decision to nominate Sen. Max Baucus to be the next U.S. ambassador to China sets off a chain of events that could put an oil and gas industry ally, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., in charge of the Senate energy committee.  More »

Budget deal opens door to drilling in new Gulf waters

Legislation that opens the door to oil and gas drilling in international Gulf waters has cleared Congress, just in time for Mexico’s energy reforms and a Jan. 17 deadline for the U.S. to sign off on the work.  More »

Mexico’s congress certifies oil reform approval

Mexico’s federal congress has certified that 24 of the country’s 31 state legislatures have approved sweeping energy reforms that allow private companies to explore for and produce oil and gas.  More »

Report: Taxpayers not getting fair return from drilling

American taxpayers may not be getting the payout they deserve from oil and gas harvested on public lands, government investigators said Tuesday. The U.S. now charges among the lowest royalty and lease rates in the world for onshore oil and gas activity.  More »

North America to drown in oil as Mexico ends monopoly

That boom would augment a supply surge from U.S. and Canadian wells that Exxon Mobil Corp. predicts will vault North American production ahead of every OPEC member except Saudi Arabia within two years.  More »

Senator to Obama: Don’t give in to Big Oil on exports ban

Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez is warning the Obama administration not to give in to oil industry demands and lift a decades-old ban on crude exports. Menendez insists that easing the crude export ban would be “a win for Big Oil,” but would “hurt American consumers.”  More »

NY gov could delay fracking ban decision until after election

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday said he would decide whether New York should allow hydraulic fracturing for natural gas by Election Day next year — maybe.  More »

Billionaire pushes California lawmakers for oil tax

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer said Monday that he will launch a campaign next year urging California lawmakers to approve taxes on companies that extract oil in the state.  More »