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Republicans on climate panel want more time

After a state climate panel missed a deadline to deliver recommendations on reducing carbon emissions in Washington state, two Republican members on the group said Wednesday they want another year to study the economic costs of proposals.  More »

Refiners plot against oil exports

While refiners currently enjoy a discount on domestic crude — which is priced well below the international benchmark — that scenario could disappear with broad oil exports.  More »

Chamber of Commerce joins call to lift ban on US oil exports

The Chamber of Commerce added its voice to the growing clamor to export American oil on Wednesday, with the group’s CEO casting a U.S. ban on foreign crude sales as antiquated policy that is on its way out.  More »

‘Shallow politics’ at root of Keystone delay, Chamber CEO says

The nation’s top business lobbyist on Wednesday blamed long delays vetting the Keystone XL pipeline on “shallow domestic politics.”  More »

Ohio shale well tax hike proposal under debate

Lawmakers will hear from backers of a proposal to increase taxes on horizontally drilled shale wells in Ohio on Wednesday.  More »

Industry aims to put spotlight on energy in election year

The oil industry’s leading trade group is kicking off a campaign that aims to make energy a front-and-center issue in November’s elections. FuelFix is live-tweeting the American Petroleum Institute’s “State of American Energy” event in Washington, D.C.  More »

Voting majority backs Keystone XL pipeline, poll finds

The oil industry has spent years working to convince lawmakers and the American public that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline means more energy and more jobs for the U.S. But it looks like the sales pitch hasn’t been a complete success.  More »

API launches new election-year campaign (video)

The oil industry’s leading trade group is kicking off a new ad campaign leading into the November elections to tout the economic power of domestic energy production.  More »

Exxon Russia ambitions show oil trumps Obama-Putin spats

As Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin argue over human rights in Russia and the fate of fugitive U.S. intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, the countries’ biggest oil companies are preparing to drill for giant discoveries together in the Arctic Ocean.  More »

Senate tax plan spares big oil industry deduction

Although Sen. Max Baucus has taken aim at a host of tax deductions cherished by the oil and gas industry, one big deduction has stayed out of his crosshairs.  More »

Conservatives form group favoring renewable energy

Conservative leaders and activists in Michigan have formed a group to support basing energy policy on the use of renewable resources and energy-efficiency programs.  More »

Texas Republican trades energy stocks

As a former oil industry executive and a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, Texas Rep. Bill Flores is at the center of big debates about offshore drilling, hydraulic fracturing and domestic energy supplies. He also is a big trader in energy stocks.  More »