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Obama nominee withdraws name amid Republican opposition

President Barack Obama’s choice to lead the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dropped out after opposition from Republicans and a key Democrat concerned he would support renewable energy at the expense of coal all but doomed his nomination.  More »

Feds to release new rules for offshore emergency equipment this year

The nation’s top offshore drilling regulator said he hopes to unveil new requirements for blowout preventers by Dec. 31, nearly four years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster revealed vulnerabilities in the emergency devices.  More »

Government shutdown would stop some oil permitting

The government will stop permitting oil and gas projects on public lands — but not offshore — if lawmakers do not reach a deal to continue funding the federal government by Tuesday.  More »

Gasoline pollution mandates delayed

The Obama administration is at least briefly delaying a plan to require refiners to pare more sulfur from gasoline.  More »

Guest commentary: Britain’s energy bill opens door for Texas energy investors

Edward Davey, the United Kingdom’s secretary of state for energy and climate change, says that with the nation’s new energy bill, the U.K. electricity sector has become a uniquely attractive global investment opportunity that Texas firms stand to benefit from.  More »

Feds ask for industry input on 2016 Arctic auction

The Obama administration on Thursday kicked off the long process toward the first auction of oil drilling rights in Arctic waters since 2008.  More »

Feds give industry more time to vet offshore rule

Federal regulators on Thursday gave in to the oil industry’s plea for more time to review a suite of proposed new mandates for production systems used offshore.  More »

Obama appeals to trout fishermen on power-plant pollution

The Obama administration is trying to build support for a key element of its climate-change plan with appeals to everyone from trout fishermen to fans of Al Roker on the Weather Channel.  More »

High oil costs hitting nation’s wallet, too

Spiking oil prices over the past decade weren’t just bad for motorists’ wallets. It turns out they were bad for America’s too.  More »

EPA won’t require carbon capture at existing coal plants

Existing coal-fired power plants won’t be required to install equipment to capture and store the carbon dioxide they emit under new Environmental Protection Agency rules, the regulator’s top EPA official said.  More »

Partnership on Aviation Bio-Fuels a Key Step for Environment and Economy

This month U.S. consumers landed some exciting news as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) unveiled plans to create a national center for excellence on jet biofuel research.  The recently announced effort will help to revolutionize the air transportation industry by tackling one of its largest challenges – rising fuel costs. The center will be based […]  More »

Oil pipeline foes celebrate barn in project’s path

Opponents of the Keystone XL oil pipeline celebrated the completion of a barn built in the project’s expected path on Sunday while U.S. officials continue to weigh whether to approve the pipeline.  More »