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Democrats want hearing on study affirming global warming is real

Top Democrats requested a hearing on a study that was fronted by climate skeptic Richard Muller but still found that the Earth has been warming.  More »

Texas takes its case against revised EPA rule to the agency

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed revisions to its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule don’t satisfy Texas’ concerns about whether the state and its utilities can comply, a top state official told the agency today in Washington.  More »

Environmentalists seek probe of feds’ Keystone XL review

Environmentalists today are imploring federal investigators to probe State Department officials’ connections to the controversial Keystone XL pipeline that would carry oil sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to Gulf Coast refineries.  More »

Exelon says EPA should finalize cross-state, toxics rules, citing costs

Chicago-based Exelon Corp. said Thursday the Environmental Protection Agency should finalize its upcoming Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and a separate power plant toxic emissions rule, saying that option would come at a much lower cost for electric utilities than subsidizing or mandating renewable energy.  More »

Alaska governor revamps gas pipeline pitch

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell proposed a new way forward on a natural gas pipeline Thursday, saying if demand for gas has shifted from the Lower 48 to Pacific Rim markets, the state must be willing to move with it.  More »

Dems Overlook 90 More Profitable Industries, Decry Big Oil Earnings

In the midst of several major oil companies reporting their third-quarter earnings, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is leveraging those figures to launch attacks on its opponents. The strategy behind the assault entails pointing to positive corporate earnings to justify selectively levying putative tax hikes on the oil and gas industry. However, attempts to position […]  More »

Electric utilities, state official heading to D.C. to testify on air pollution rule

Susana N. Hildebrand, chief engineer for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, is among those who will speak at a hearing Friday on proposed revisions to the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule. The state of Texas has sued the EPA to block the rule.  More »

Energy Department to stress funding for carbon capture, use and storage absent climate legislation, official says

The Department of Energy will emphasize funding for carbon capture, sequestration and utilization research and projects as a way to “move the needle” on climate change in the coming decade in the absence of climate legislation, a top official said today.  More »

Obama: No decision on transnational pipeline

President Barack Obama says his administration has made no decision on whether a Canadian company can proceed with plans for a transnational oil pipeline to Texas.  More »

Feds approve new BP drilling in Gulf

The federal government today gave BP approval to launch its first deep-water drilling since the lethal blowout of its Macondo well a year and a half ago. Under the permit, the British oil giant can immediately begin drilling a well in 6,000 feet of water at its Kaskida field in the Gulf of Mexico — about 1,000 feet deeper than the doomed Macondo project.  More »

Lawmakers push EPA on requiring fracturing fluid disclosure

Top House Democrats on environmental issues are suggesting the Environmental Protection Agency require oil and gas companies to report the ingredients of the fluids they use to hydraulically fracture wells after congressional investigators received inaccurate information on one ingredient.  More »

Engineers, academics accuse feds of misleading public about oil supplies

Professors, energy experts and at least one petroleum engineer today are accusing the government of wildly overestimating how much oil and gas can really be harvested from U.S. lands and waters.  More »

Lawmaker pushes oil companies to open their books

Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., is asking BP, Shell Oil Co., ExxonMobil and 11 other companies today to open their books and provide details on the value of the crude, gas and minerals they have extracted from public lands and waters. Grijalva wants the numbers to determine if taxpayers are getting a “fair return” from energy development and hard rock mining.  More »

House panel approves bill to require Congress to vote on high-cost regulations

The House Judiciary Committee cleared a bill today that would require Congress to sign off on federal regulations that Republicans say threaten job creation and cost millions to comply with.  More »

Analysts: Power bills could jump under renewable requirement

Household electricity bills could jump an average $115 per year by 2025 if the U.S. adopts a White House-backed “clean energy standard” forcing power utilities to use more wind and solar, according to a new government analysis. Electricity prices in Texas could increase by 42 percent according to the Energy Information Administration study sought by Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas.  More »