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EPA fires back at pipeline group’s attack on oil-and-gas emissions rule

The EPA says reduction of greenhouse gases is a “co-benefit” of a new rule aimed at reducing smog, not the primary goal.  More »

GE picks Colorado to build biggest US solar factory

Colorado beat out New York as the site of a new GE solar panel manufacturing facility.  More »

Perry unveils energy plan tied to new drilling & regulatory rollbacks

Gov. Rick Perry just unveiled a four-part plan for boosting the U.S. economy that is tethered to the drill bit.  More »

Rick Perry’s energy plan revives ‘Drill, baby, drill’

Gov. Rick Perry is set to unveil an energy plan for the country today that he says will unleash 1.2 million jobs while unlocking America’s oil, gas and coal resources. Although the Republican presidential hopeful says he can do much of this “unilaterally,” there are plenty of obstacles on Capitol Hill, in statehouses and in federal law books.  More »

U.S. will let BP bid on Gulf leases again

Some lawmakers don’t want to let BP take part in Gulf of Mexico oil and gas leases, but the company says it has learned its lessons from the Deepwater Horizon accident.  More »

Next on Republicans’ list: EPA’s proposed coal-ash rule

The House will likely approve a bill Friday to block the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing its first-ever regulations restricting how utilities can dispose of coal ash.  More »

House votes to delay EPA rule on boiler emissions

The vote, 275 to 142, with all Republicans and 41 Democrats in support, represented the latest symbolic vote in Republicans’ recent push to slow down and weaken EPA regulations they say could slow job creation and harm businesses during a weak economy.  More »

Republican accuses administration of playing politics with oil spill penalties

A top Republican lawmaker today accused the Obama administration of playing politics in launching civil penalties against companies connected to the Deepwater Horizon disaster just hours before a congressional hearing with executives from those firms. Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., questioned whether the timing was designed “to influence, affect or potentially interfere” with Congress.  More »

Executives to emphasize ‘lessons learned’ from oil spill

Executives from BP, Halliburton and Transocean are poised to stress what they learned from the Deepwater Horizon disaster and what they are doing to boost the safety of offshore drilling operations during a congressional hearing to study the accident today.  More »

Trade group fights EPA regs on nat gas pipelines

The Environmental Protection Agency had “no defensible reason” to include natural gas transmission pipelines in a proposed emissions rule for the oil and gas industry, a trade group charged this week.  More »

Cybercrime becomes bigger threat to energy industry than terrorists

In the past energy industry security was all about terrorist threats to facilities and overseas kidnappings. These days cyber espionage is the bigger problem.  More »

Study finds incinerator energy more polluting than coal

A new study says waste-to-energy plants that turn garbage into electricity are more polluting than coal-fired power plants.  More »

Deep-water drilling lags behind pre-spill levels

A year after the Obama administration lifted a deep-water drilling ban imposed in response the Gulf oil spill, the offshore energy industry is still struggling to rebound, coastal and business leaders said Wednesday.  More »

Poll finds Americans oppose efforts to delay EPA emissions rules

A strong majority of American voters oppose delaying upcoming Environmental Protection Agency rules for reducing toxic emissions from power plants as Republicans in Congress have sought to do, a new poll found.  More »

Democrats, Republicans spar over fuel-economy standards

Obama administration officials defended recently unveiled fuel-economy standards for cars, minivans and pickup trucks made from 2017 to 2025 against Republicans’ concerns the proposal came from a secret deal with auto makers and lacked consumers’ input.  More »