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GOP embraces showdown over oil pipeline, tax cuts

Sensing a political opening, congressional Republicans are moving toward a high-stakes showdown with President Barack Obama over a plan to link fast-tracked approval of an oil pipeline to a measure renewing a payroll tax cut.  More »

House passes bill to toughen pipeline safety

A final compromise to toughen safety rules on the nation’s fuel pipeline network cleared the House Monday, with Senate passage expected to follow shortly.  More »

State Department says GOP bill could kill pipeline

The Obama administration says a Republican bill to fast-track approval of an oil pipeline from Canada could lead to the project’s demise.  More »

Companies warned shareholders, but not landowners of risks

The Environmental Working Group said companies drilling in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast routinely described to shareholders the potential risks of natural gas drilling in their Securities and Exchange Commission filings — but didn’t give the same warnings to landowners.  More »

Neb. gov supports efforts to speed up Keystone XL

Gov. Dave Heineman says he supports efforts to accelerate the federal approval process for a controversial crude oil pipeline through Nebraska.  More »

Rick Perry mistakenly calls Solyndra a country

Rick Perry mistakenly called Solyndra, the failed California solar-panel maker, a country during a campaign speech in Iowa, according to CNN.  More »

Steffy: Energy issues among the list of Congress’ unfinished business

As this session of Congress winds to a close, it will probably be remembered more for what it didn’t do than what it did. That’s especially true when it comes to energy issues.  More »

Paper: New pipelines may pose challenge to forests

The blossoming growth of pipelines in Pennsylvania is expected to quadruple in the next two decades, according to a coming study, with proponents and critics weighing in to see how that will affect the state’s forests, wildlife and communities.  More »

Hydraulic fracturing report fuels push for new regulations

A new EPA report that blames hydraulic fracturing for possibly contaminating Wyoming drinking water is providing fresh ammunition to environmentalists and policymakers who want to stiffen regulation of the technique credited with allowing the U.S. to unlock a 100-year supply of natural gas.  More »

Cuba oil drilling tests U.S. on protecting Florida or embargo

Four U.S. inspectors armed with safety glasses and notebooks will set out on a mission next month to protect Florida’s beaches from a Cuban threat.  More »

House, Senate leaders agree on pipeline safety bill

House and Senate leaders said yesterday they had reached an agreement on legislation to reauthorize and strengthen pipeline safety programs through fiscal 2015.  More »

EPA links hydraulic fracturing with groundwater pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday linked hydraulic fracturing with groundwater contamination — a first-of-its-kind conclusion by the federal agency that could trigger new scrutiny of the practice used to extract oil and natural gas.  More »