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Kinder/El Paso deal gives nod to gas despite political uncertainty

Kinder Morgan/El Paso deal doubles down on natural gas despite the legislative headwinds in Congress.  More »

Green, health groups threaten to sue if EPA doesn’t update soot, dust standards

The groups allege the EPA, by not issuing a proposed rule by yesterday to update particulate-matter standards, failed to meet a Clean Air Act deadline for finishing a five-year review of standards from 2006.  More »

U.S. to let American firms respond to any Cuban oil spills

The United States is paving the way for American firms to respond to any oil spills from offshore drilling set to begin off Cuba’s northern coast later this year, an Obama administration official is telling the Senate today.  More »

Pa. drilling town’s water still fouled

Three years after residents first noticed something wrong with their drinking-water wells, tanker trucks still rumble daily through this rural northeastern Pennsylvania village where methane gas courses through the aquifer and homeowners can light their water on fire. Recent testing confirms that gas continues to lurk in Dimock’s aquifer.  More »

Houston business leaders lobby Congress on energy, health care

Houston business leaders visited Washington, D.C., last week to press energy proposals and seek changes in health care policy they say would benefit the city.  More »

House votes to block EPA’s ability to regulate coal-ash disposal

The bill passed 267-144, with all but three Republicans voting in favor and 37 Democrats joining them. Republicans said the bill would prevent EPA from issuing a rule that a utility industry group has said would cost up to 316,000 jobs.  More »

EPA fires back at pipeline group’s attack on oil-and-gas emissions rule

The EPA says reduction of greenhouse gases is a “co-benefit” of a new rule aimed at reducing smog, not the primary goal.  More »

GE picks Colorado to build biggest US solar factory

Colorado beat out New York as the site of a new GE solar panel manufacturing facility.  More »

Perry unveils energy plan tied to new drilling & regulatory rollbacks

Gov. Rick Perry just unveiled a four-part plan for boosting the U.S. economy that is tethered to the drill bit.  More »

Rick Perry’s energy plan revives ‘Drill, baby, drill’

Gov. Rick Perry is set to unveil an energy plan for the country today that he says will unleash 1.2 million jobs while unlocking America’s oil, gas and coal resources. Although the Republican presidential hopeful says he can do much of this “unilaterally,” there are plenty of obstacles on Capitol Hill, in statehouses and in federal law books.  More »

U.S. will let BP bid on Gulf leases again

Some lawmakers don’t want to let BP take part in Gulf of Mexico oil and gas leases, but the company says it has learned its lessons from the Deepwater Horizon accident.  More »

Next on Republicans’ list: EPA’s proposed coal-ash rule

The House will likely approve a bill Friday to block the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing its first-ever regulations restricting how utilities can dispose of coal ash.  More »