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Chevron takes blame for Brazil oil spill

An ongoing oil spill off the Brazilian coast occurred because Chevron underestimated the pressure in an underwater reservoir, the head of the company’s Brazil operations said.  More »

As pipelines multiply, more eminent domain fights likely

If the Texas Supreme Court upholds the jury award, attorneys say it would reinforce the right of landowners to testify in court about the value of their own property, and could ensure that pipeline companies pay something for the diminished value of the so-called “remainder” property that isn’t taken under an easement.  More »

Eagle Ford windfall carries pluses and minuses

When Ray Kroll took the economic development job in Karnes County a few years ago, the property value of the entire county was around $500 million. Now, thanks to the Eagle Ford shale play, the property tax rolls have jumped to $1.3 billion.  More »

Democrats, environmentalists seize on U.N. report showing extreme weather from climate change

Environmentalists and Democrats on Friday pressed for policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, seizing on the United Nations’ finding that climate change probably will increase certain extreme weather events.  More »

Judge says Transocean can’t blame U.S. for spill

Transocean Ltd. can’t blame the U.S. government for partial fault in the 2010 blowout of BP Plc’s Macondo Well in the Gulf of Mexico and subsequent oil spill, a judge said.  More »

Democrats blast GOP oil shale, ANWR drilling proposal

Democrats and fiscal conservatives united today in criticizing a Republican plan to expand oil and gas drilling nationwide as a way to pay for building new bridges and roads. Revenues from forcing commercial leasing of federal lands for oil shale development and allowing drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are too speculative to count on, they said.  More »

EPA power plant rules will boost supply chains and create jobs, group says

Two future emissions rules for power plants would encourage electric utilities to spend cash they’ve held onto during the sluggish economic recovery, creating jobs and increasing business for the power sector’s supply-chain companies, a group said in a report. The group also has challenged claims by Texans and others that the two EPA rules would cost jobs.  More »

TransCanada to fund Keystone XL pipeline with cash after delay

TransCanada Corp. plans to pay for the remaining $5 billion of its Keystone XL without issuing more debt since U.S. approval of the project was delayed until at least 2013, Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.  More »

CPS pursues shift from coal to natural gas

CPS Energy will know by the end of the year whether it will be successful in acquiring an existing natural-gas plant that would largely replace two old coal-fired plants set to be retired by 2018, executives said Thursday.  More »

Neb. pipeline bill slated for second-round debate

A Nebraska bill aimed at the Keystone XL oil pipeline is set for second-round legislative debate.  More »

Keystone XL and other pipelines needed, TransCanada CEO says

Growth in North American crude production has created sufficient demand for both the Keystone XL pipeline and a competing project to move oil from storage in Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast, TransCanada Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.  More »

Joe Barton: Chu could be Solyndra “fall guy”

Texas Republican Rep. Joe Barton raised concerns that the Obama administration could try to make Energy Secretary Steven Chu the “fall guy” in a flap over a government loan guarantee to a now-bankrupt solar panel company.  More »

Republicans push drilling plan to pay for roads, bridges

House Republican leaders today unveiled a plan to expand oil and gas drilling in the nation’s lands and waters — and use the royalties from those projects to pay for better bridges and new roads.  More »

Current Factors Affecting Longer-Term Pricing For Natural Gas and Crude Oil

Given the focus placed on prompt month commodity price movements, it’s easy to ignore the bigger picture and forget….this isn’t everything they are. So here are six pertinent factors which are impacting the bigger picture: the longer-term outlook for our dearly beloved commodities. 1) CRUDE OIL - The latest zinger of a market-mover for crude oil, and specifically […]  More »

Shell, BP gain most from Seaway pipeline reversal

Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc will benefit from a plan to reverse the direction of the Seaway pipeline in the U.S. and pump crude to the Gulf of Mexico coast, RBC Capital Markets said.  More »