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Current Factors Affecting Longer-Term Pricing For Natural Gas and Crude Oil

Given the focus placed on prompt month commodity price movements, it’s easy to ignore the bigger picture and forget….this isn’t everything they are. So here are six pertinent factors which are impacting the bigger picture: the longer-term outlook for our dearly beloved commodities. 1) CRUDE OIL - The latest zinger of a market-mover for crude oil, and specifically […]  More »

Shell, BP gain most from Seaway pipeline reversal

Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc will benefit from a plan to reverse the direction of the Seaway pipeline in the U.S. and pump crude to the Gulf of Mexico coast, RBC Capital Markets said.  More »

Congressional panel eyes fracking wastewater rules

The disposal of polluted wastewater from a drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing should be overseen by individual states and not the U.S. government, state regulators told a congressional committee.  More »

Steven Chu takes responsibility for Solyndra loan

Taking responsibility for a debacle that has embarrassed the Obama administration, Energy Secretary Steven Chu says he made the final decisions on a half-billion-dollar loan to a California solar company that later went bankrupt.  More »

Federal judge rules against BP fund administrator

A federal judge has ruled that the Mississippi attorney general’s lawsuit against the administrator of BP’s $20 billion oil spill fund to get access to claims filed by coastal residents will be heard in state court.  More »

Environmentalists: New government emails cast fresh doubt on Keystone XL review

Newly released government emails cast fresh doubt on the State Department’s reviews of the Keystone XL pipeline, according to environmentalists who sought the documents. The latest batch of correspondence shows that Cardno Entrix, the firm that the State Department hired to do an environmental assessment of the pipeline, was present at a meeting with that lobbyist, other company representatives and State Department officials.  More »

Keystone XL may be approved in six to nine months

TransCanada Corp. (TRP) may be able to win approval of its Keystone XL pipeline in six to nine months as the company negotiates with Nebraska and U.S. officials over a new route, Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.  More »

Chu says Solyndra loan subject to rigorous scrutiny

Energy Secretary Steven Chu says a half-billion dollar loan to failed solar panel maker Solyndra was subject to “rigorous scrutiny and healthy debate” before it was approved in 2009.  More »

Obama administration formally proposes doubling fuel economy

The Obama administration on Wednesday formally proposed a rule that would double the average fleetwide fuel economy for passenger vehicles by 2025 and would deliver benefits that officials said would far exceed the costs.  More »

Ken Salazar defends looming hydraulic fracturing requirements

The Obama administration is carefully writing new rules to govern hydraulic fracturing on public lands to make sure they don’t impede the development of America’s promising natural gas supplies, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar insisted today.  More »

Enbridge plans to reverse pipe between Cushing and Houston

Enbridge Inc. agreed to pay $1.15 billion for ConocoPhillip’s 50 percent share in the Seaway pipeline and will reverse the flow on the line to carry crude from Cushing, Oklahoma, to the Texas coast.  More »

TransCanada may build a portion of the Keystone pipeline

TransCanada may begin construction of a portion of Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast by early next year after discussing the option with the State Department, a company executive said to Reuters.  More »