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3 states offer big tax breaks for Shell Oil plant

Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia are trying to top each other with the sweetest package of tax breaks for Shell Oil Co., which plans to build a huge new petrochemical refinery in the region.  More »

EPA official defends Pavillion fracking study, but warns of its limits

A top Environmental Protection Agency official fended off Republican and industry attacks on a controversial study that found a likely link between hydraulic fracturing and groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyo.  More »

“Gasland” director arrested at House hearing

Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of the controversial documentary “Gasland,” was arrested this morning for unlawful entry at a hearing he was trying to film, according to Capitol police.  More »

Houston faces penalties over 1970s smog limits

The EPA concluded Tuesday that Houston has failed to meet 30-year-old limits on smog-forming pollution, a decision that could lead to hefty fines for as many as 300 oil refineries, chemical plants and other large industrial facilities.  More »

Reid maintains opposition to Keystone XL legislation

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told reporters Tuesday he would continue to oppose legislation that approves the Keystone XL pipeline because some of the oil could leave the U.S.  More »

GOP unveils bill tying drilling royalties to highway funding

House Republicans on Tuesday unveiled a five-year infrastructure bill that is already coming under heavy fire for expanding oil-and-gas production and using resulting royalties to pay for some of its costs.  More »

Analyst: Permit denial’s impact ‘minimal’ if Keystone OK’d in 2013

The Obama administration’s denial of a permit wouldn’t have much impact on future U.S. crude imports from Canada if a new application can be approved by 2013, an energy analyst told Congress. But he added the permit’s denial nonetheless raises uncertainty about U.S. and Canadian supply growth.  More »

Walking the Walk

President Obama scored a lot of points in our book for his discussion of national energy policy in his State of the Union address Tuesday evening, starting with the prominence he gave the topic in his speech and the time he devoted to it. Energy policy is critical to our national economy and the President […]  More »

Canadian natural-gas producers to disclose fracking fluids

Canadian natural-gas producers have voluntarily adopted standards to disclose fluids used in hydraulic fracturing amid investigations into the risks posed by the drilling technique in Canada and the U.S.  More »

Experts: US ill-prepared for oil spill off Cuba

The U.S. is not ready to handle an oil spill if drilling off the Cuban coast should go awry but can be better prepared with monitoring systems and other basic steps, experts told government officials.  More »

Landowners fight eminent domain in Pa. gas field

When federal regulators approved a 39-mile natural gas pipeline through northern Pennsylvania’s pristine Endless Mountains, they cited the operator’s assurances that it would make sparing use of eminent domain as it negotiated with more than 150 property owners along the pipeline’s route.  More »

Highway bill an unlikely vehicle for partisan energy fights

A bill that might otherwise have served only to build the nation’s roads and bridges may end up burning bridges — albeit figuratively — between the two parties early this year.  More »