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Neb. lawmakers introduce 2 bills aimed at Keystone XL pipeline

Nebraska lawmakers have introduced two new bills aimed at oil pipelines.  More »

House panel approves subpoena on Solyndra loan

A Republican-led House panel has agreed to subpoena White House documents related to Solyndra Inc., the failed California solar company that received a half-billion-dollar federal loan.  More »

Protesters target Perry, TCEQ over tax break

Protesters swarmed in front of Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign headquarters and the environmental agency headed by his appointees Wednesday, fighting a potential tax break for energy companies they say would cost schools and other local entities millions of dollars.  More »

Solyndra’s welcome-Obama banner auctioned with laptops, t-shirts

Scott Logsdon paid $400 for the 30- foot banner that served as a backdrop when President Barack Obama visited Solyndra LLC in 2010. Matt Sertic snagged a digital projector for $1,300.  More »

Refiners say smog rules would raise greenhouse emissions

A refining industry trade group says proposed rules aimed at reducing smog would cause greenhouse gas emissions to increase because of the fossil fuels consumed in making cleaner fuel.  More »

Senate adds new twist to light bulb battle

After butting heads about new energy-efficient standards for light bulbs, politicians added language into an appropriations bill that would require federal agencies to go green or go in the dark.  More »

Williams, ConocoPhillips agree to EPA penalties

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says two natural gas production companies have agreed to pay a total of $248,000 to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Air Act on the Southern Ute Reservation in southwest Colorado.  More »

Lawmakers: U.S. should be doing more to block Cuban offshore drilling

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers today blasted the Obama administration for not doing more to block offshore drilling off the coast of Cuba. Instead of working to prevent the drilling, the Cuban-descended lawmakers said, the Interior Department has coordinated with the first of several companies set to explore in the area.  More »

Gas fracking probably caused U.K. earthquakes

Two small earthquakes near Blackpool in northwest England earlier this year were probably caused by hydraulic fracturing, a technique of grinding underground rocks to extract natural gas.  More »

Security firm says hackers targeted chemical companies

Cyber attacks traced to China targeted at least 48 chemical and military-related companies in an effort to steal technical secrets, a U.S. computer security company said Tuesday, adding to complaints about pervasive Internet crime linked to this country.  More »

Huntsman calls for investigation of oil ‘monopoly’

Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman says federal officials must investigate what he calls a monopoly in the oil industry.  More »

Feds issue record number of deep-water drilling permits in October

Government permitting of offshore drilling projects soared in October, as federal regulators signed off on the drilling of 13 deep-water wells during the month — the best record since the administration lifted a moratorium on that offshore exploration a year ago.  More »

EPA official: agency will reply to power plant rule before deadline

A top Environmental Protection Agency official said today the agency would have enough time to go through public comments on a proposed power-plant rule that a coalition of utilities and states such as Texas has asked a court to delay.  More »

Greens, citing Lake Michigan spill, call for Congress not to block EPA rule

Environmental groups today upped pressure on Congress not to block the Environmental Protection Agency from handing down restrictions on coal-ash disposal, citing reports of an ash spill into Lake Michigan on Monday.  More »

President says much to consider in pipeline route

President Barack Obama tells Omaha television station KETV that the potential jobs created by a proposed oil pipeline through Nebraska must be weighed against any possible health risks to the public.  More »