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Congressman pitches bill to end energy subsidies

Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador says it’s time for the federal government to get out of the business of subsidizing energy projects.  More »

GOP tweaks ‘farm dust’ bill over concerns it would block fossil-fuel dust-emission regs

Republicans on a House subcommittee altered a bill for exempting agricultural dust from Environmental Protection Agency regulation, seeking to address concerns the bill’s original language could inadvertently ban the agency from regulating dust emissions from fossil-fuel burning.  More »

Survey: 79 percent of voters want more oil from Canada

As long as the U.S. is importing foreign oil, registered voters overwhelmingly want more of it to come from Canada, according to a survey released today by the American Petroleum Institute, which is aiming to bolster arguments for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to carry crude from Canada to the Gulf Coast.  More »

EPA to probe gas drilling’s toll on drinking water

The Environmental Protection Agency is set to start the first federal probe into whether the controversial drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing is spoiling and diminishing drinking water supplies.  More »

Neb. lawmakers introduce 2 bills aimed at Keystone XL pipeline

Nebraska lawmakers have introduced two new bills aimed at oil pipelines.  More »

House panel approves subpoena on Solyndra loan

A Republican-led House panel has agreed to subpoena White House documents related to Solyndra Inc., the failed California solar company that received a half-billion-dollar federal loan.  More »

Protesters target Perry, TCEQ over tax break

Protesters swarmed in front of Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign headquarters and the environmental agency headed by his appointees Wednesday, fighting a potential tax break for energy companies they say would cost schools and other local entities millions of dollars.  More »

Solyndra’s welcome-Obama banner auctioned with laptops, t-shirts

Scott Logsdon paid $400 for the 30- foot banner that served as a backdrop when President Barack Obama visited Solyndra LLC in 2010. Matt Sertic snagged a digital projector for $1,300.  More »

Refiners say smog rules would raise greenhouse emissions

A refining industry trade group says proposed rules aimed at reducing smog would cause greenhouse gas emissions to increase because of the fossil fuels consumed in making cleaner fuel.  More »

Senate adds new twist to light bulb battle

After butting heads about new energy-efficient standards for light bulbs, politicians added language into an appropriations bill that would require federal agencies to go green or go in the dark.  More »

Williams, ConocoPhillips agree to EPA penalties

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says two natural gas production companies have agreed to pay a total of $248,000 to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Air Act on the Southern Ute Reservation in southwest Colorado.  More »

Lawmakers: U.S. should be doing more to block Cuban offshore drilling

A bipartisan coalition of lawmakers today blasted the Obama administration for not doing more to block offshore drilling off the coast of Cuba. Instead of working to prevent the drilling, the Cuban-descended lawmakers said, the Interior Department has coordinated with the first of several companies set to explore in the area.  More »