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IEA warns time is running out to limit earth’s warming

The International Energy Agency warned today that the world is hurtling toward irreversible climate change and will lose the chance to limit warming if it doesn’t take bold action in the next five years.  More »

Environmentalists, military create database to help green energy developers

Military bases, wind farms and solar power plants can co-exist. But not necessarily right next to each other.  More »

Crude oil declines on concerns about European debt crisis

Oil declined for the first time in six days in New York after political turmoil in Italy revived concern that Europe’s debt crisis may continue to spread.  More »

IEA: Fossil fuels got six times more aid than clean energy

Fossil-fuel consumers worldwide received about six times more state subsidies last year than were given to the renewable-energy industry, according to the chief adviser to oil-importing nations.  More »

Stephen King offers heating oil assistance

Horror author Stephen King is stepping up to help struggling Maine residents facing deep cuts to a federal heating oil assistance program.  More »

Holiday lights are exempt from light bulb efficiency law

Love to deck the halls with old-fashioned incandescent lights? Don’t worry: Holiday lights are exempt from the new energy-saving standards for light bulbs that will take effect next year.  More »

Texas oil and gas regulators can pack heat

Workers with Texas’ main oil and gas industry regulator, the Railroad Commission, are now allowed to carry concealed weapons while on the job if they’re properly licensed.  More »

Obama threatens to veto Senate measure to block EPA cross-state rule

President Obama threatened today to veto a Senate measure that would strike down an upcoming Environmental Protection Agency rule for reducing power-plant emissions that can blow to downwind states.  More »

Feds roll out five-year plan for offshore drilling

The Obama administration today unveiled a plan for selling offshore drilling leases over the next five years that focuses on exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, proposes three auctions in the Arctic and rules out development in unexplored areas along the Atlantic coast.  More »

Drilling boom brings surge in crime to small towns

In a modern-day echo of the raucous Old West, small towns enjoying a boom in oil and gas drilling are seeing a sharp increase in drunken driving, bar fights and other hell-raising, blamed largely on an influx of young men who find themselves with lots of money in their pockets and nothing to do after they get off work.  More »

Experts say $4 gasoline might be here by Easter

Gas prices might make you head spin now, but experts expect those prices to soar next year, according to a Los Angeles Times story.  More »

BP wants US probes barred from oil spill suits

The companies involved in the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history are trying to prevent government investigations blaming them for the disaster from being used against them by the people and businesses who are suing them.  More »

State Dept. said to be weighing altering Keystone XL route

The U.S. State Department is weighing whether to seek a rerouting of TransCanada Corp.’s planned $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline away from the Sandhills region of Nebraska, a department official said.  More »

Senate to consider measure to block EPA’s cross-state emissions rule

The congressional battle over an upcoming power-plant emissions rule that Texas wants a federal court to block has moved to the Senate, which will likely take up a measure this week for blocking the rule.  More »

Perry’s plan to end energy breaks favors oil, gas producers

Texas Governor Rick Perry is calling on the U.S. government to stop “picking winners and losers” among energy companies and has pledged to end federal subsidies to the industry. Under his plan, alternative energy businesses would likely lose a lot more than would fossil-fuel producers.  More »