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Oil markets move toward balance as the Grinch lurks

Oil prices are rising, and while that won’t affect your trip to Grandma’s house this Thanksgiving, it could mean the Grinch will be working the pumps by Christmas.  More »

TransCanada to fund Keystone XL pipeline with cash after delay

TransCanada Corp. plans to pay for the remaining $5 billion of its Keystone XL without issuing more debt since U.S. approval of the project was delayed until at least 2013, Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.  More »

Neb. pipeline bill slated for second-round debate

A Nebraska bill aimed at the Keystone XL oil pipeline is set for second-round legislative debate.  More »

Keystone XL and other pipelines needed, TransCanada CEO says

Growth in North American crude production has created sufficient demand for both the Keystone XL pipeline and a competing project to move oil from storage in Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast, TransCanada Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.  More »

Current Factors Affecting Longer-Term Pricing For Natural Gas and Crude Oil

Given the focus placed on prompt month commodity price movements, it’s easy to ignore the bigger picture and forget….this isn’t everything they are. So here are six pertinent factors which are impacting the bigger picture: the longer-term outlook for our dearly beloved commodities. 1) CRUDE OIL - The latest zinger of a market-mover for crude oil, and specifically […]  More »

Shell, BP gain most from Seaway pipeline reversal

Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc will benefit from a plan to reverse the direction of the Seaway pipeline in the U.S. and pump crude to the Gulf of Mexico coast, RBC Capital Markets said.  More »

Environmentalists: New government emails cast fresh doubt on Keystone XL review

Newly released government emails cast fresh doubt on the State Department’s reviews of the Keystone XL pipeline, according to environmentalists who sought the documents. The latest batch of correspondence shows that Cardno Entrix, the firm that the State Department hired to do an environmental assessment of the pipeline, was present at a meeting with that lobbyist, other company representatives and State Department officials.  More »

Keystone XL may be approved in six to nine months

TransCanada Corp. (TRP) may be able to win approval of its Keystone XL pipeline in six to nine months as the company negotiates with Nebraska and U.S. officials over a new route, Chief Executive Officer Russ Girling said.  More »

Enbridge plans to reverse pipe between Cushing and Houston

Enbridge Inc. agreed to pay $1.15 billion for ConocoPhillip’s 50 percent share in the Seaway pipeline and will reverse the flow on the line to carry crude from Cushing, Oklahoma, to the Texas coast.  More »

TransCanada may build a portion of the Keystone pipeline

TransCanada may begin construction of a portion of Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast by early next year after discussing the option with the State Department, a company executive said to Reuters.  More »

El Paso Corp. pipeline catches fire in Ohio

A segment of El Paso Corp.’s Tennessee Gas natural gas pipeline caught fire in southeastern Ohio, said Jill Harris, director of the Athens County Emergency Management Agency.  More »

ConocoPhillips sells pipeline to Enbridge for $1.15 billion

ConocoPhillips says it plans to sell its interests in two pipeline companies for a total of $2 billion.  More »

Pipelines owned by Conoco, Exxon at risk of failing

Federal safety regulators disclosed problems Tuesday with oil and other hazardous liquid pipelines at seven major river crossings and hundreds of smaller crossings in Montana and northern Wyoming — problems that could put the lines at increased risk of failure.  More »

Republicans push White House to reverse course on Keystone XL

Sugar Land Rep. Pete Olson and other Republican lawmakers are urging the Obama administration to reverse course on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and swiftly approve the controversial project that would carry oil from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast. Some lawmakers are also considering legislation that would force the State Department to swiftly review a new route for the project, with the goal of a final permitting decision before the end of 2012.  More »

A Canadian view of Obama’s Keystone XL decision

The Keystone XL pipeline has enemies and friends in the United States, but in Canada, it seems the sentiments might be a bit different.  More »