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Opinion: Coming U.S. oil gusher makes Keystone XL less important

The argument is familiar to just about every American by now: The United States needs to import more Canadian crude oil to secure its energy independence, and building the proposed Keystone XL import pipeline is critical to accomplishing that goal.  More »

Royal Dutch Shell makes Nigeria production warning

Royal Dutch Shell PLC has warned that it will not be able to make its production estimates for two types of crude oil in Nigeria.  More »

TransCanada delays Keystone restart, aims to begin Monday

TransCanada Corp. has again delayed restart of its 590,000-barrel-a-day Keystone pipeline and is aiming to begin operations tomorrow, James Millar, a company spokesman, said Sunday in an e-mail.  More »

Great Lakes at risk of major oil spill, report warns

Two aging oil and natural gas pipelines running under the sparkling waters of the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan are time bombs that could devastate the upper Great Lakes if they rupture, according to a report issued today by the National Wildlife Federation.  More »

TransCanada temporarily shuts Keystone pipeline

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration says TransCanada reported shutting down the approximately 2,100-mile pipeline, which moves about 500,000 barrels of crude a day from Alberta, Canada, to facilities in Illinois and Oklahoma.  More »

Sen. Mitchell appointment in Calif. blast opposed

The California Public Utilities Commission announced Monday that Mitchell had been appointed to help energy regulators and Pacific Gas & Electric Co. reach a settlement over how much the utility should pay in connection with the San Bruno blast.  More »

Josh Beckett sues pipeline builder over ocelot habitat

A federal lawsuit filed Tuesday in Laredo by two of Beckett’s companies asks a judge to stop any further work on the natural gas pipeline and specify what the builder must do under the Endangered Species Act. The companies filed a motion for a temporary restraining order Wednesday that included a statement from Beckett describing two occasions when he saw what he believes were ocelots.  More »

Shale bounty presents transportation challenge

The U.S. needs billions of dollars in new infrastructure to process and transport the bounty from the Eagle Ford shale and other unconventional oil plays.  More »

S&P: Canadian pipeline companies’ growth intact despite hurdles

S&P says Canadian pipeline companies will enjoy sound credit ratings despite regulatory and political challenges to some of their projects.  More »

Former Sen. Mitchell to lead PG&E pipeline talks

A former U.S. senator who helped negotiate a peace treaty in Northern Ireland has been appointed to help California energy regulators and Pacific Gas & Electric reach a settlement over a pipeline explosion that killed eight people, the two sides announced.  More »

Land commmissioner: time for protestors to leave the treehouse

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says the Keystone XL Pipeline protestors are “eco-anarchists.”  More »

Steffy: Property rights versus pipelines

Already a political punching bag nationally in this election season, TransCanada Corp.’s pipeline has become a legal football as well, caught up in a series of arcane rulings that have upended the decades-old process for how energy companies in Texas seize land for pipelines. It’s a case that pits Texas’ long-held belief in the sanctity of private property against its favorite industry.  More »