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North Dakota sees record oil shipments by rail

The percentage of North Dakota oil shipped by pipelines has dramatically slipped in the past year as producers have turned to trains to reach faraway U.S. refineries where premium prices are fetched based on foreign crude prices.  More »

Film calls for ‘Switch’ in energy mix to feed expanding population

Conservation and tapping alternative sources of energy are critical to breaking much of the world’s love affair with oil and helping meet rising demand amid expected population growth, says an industry expert who produced a documentary about the future of energy.  More »

“Experience” Is Not The Same Thing As Achievement

In oil & gas I’m dismayed to see that the phrase “has more experience” is sometimes used interchangeably with the phrase “has been around longer”. There’s a clear difference, and it’s important to see both what that difference is and what its implications are.  More »

Opinion: A protest in U.S. oil country spells trouble for fracking abroad

Gardendale, Texas, sits on the Permian Basin, the largest oil province in the United States. That makes it an unlikely site of anti-fracking protests and an even more unlikely bellwether for shale gas drilling activity in Europe and Asia. And yet it is.  More »

U.S. needs oil sands as surge from shale bonanza seen overdone

The U.S. will continue to need crude from Canada’s oil sands because rising production from its shale formations is too expensive to maintain.  More »

Houston in running to host global oil and gas ‘Olympics’ in 2017

A top oil and gas industry trade group is pushing to bring the triennial World Petroleum Congress to Houston in 2017, 30 years after the city hosted the last such gathering held in the United States.  More »

Sundance energy will look to acquire more U.S. shale assets

Sundance Energy Australia Ltd. (SEA), an explorer that entered the Eagle Ford shale formation of Texas this year with the purchase of Texon Petroleum Ltd., said it will look to make further U.S. oil and gas acquisitions.  More »

Shale drillers squeeze costs as era of exploration ends

The pioneers of America’s shale gas and oil revolution have done their work. Now it’s time for the factory crews to take over.  More »

Oil hunted in Mozambique after world’s largest gas discoveries

Statoil ASA (STL) and Tullow Oil Plc (TLW) are finishing a well aimed at achieving the first commercial oil discovery in Mozambique, the East African country where explorers have made the century’s largest natural gas finds.  More »

Opinion: U.S. oil booms and nowhere to sell it

Just when we were getting used to the surge in natural gas production, a second unexpected U.S. energy boom enters the picture: oil.  More »

Oil staying above $96 ahead of US factory data

Oil prices were up slightly Friday as traders awaited the release of industrial production data from the U.S. later in the day.  More »

Occidental split foreshadows $100 billion breakup wave

Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY)’s proposal to split its U.S. and foreign businesses is pressuring more oil companies to follow suit, as the allure of breakups to create more than $100 billion of market value entices investors.  More »