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Oil closes week still above $100 a barrel

Some economic indicators raised concerns about the strength of oil demand in the U.S.  More »

Oil price falls below $100

Oil prices fell Friday as fresh U.S. economic data and higher-than-expected crude supplies pointed to weak demand.  More »

Oil dips; natural gas soars on supply report

Natural gas futures jumped 40 cents, or 8 percent, to $5.22 per 1,000 cubic feet.  More »

Oil back above $100 on China data, OPEC outlook

Benchmark U.S. crude for March delivery rose 43 cents to $100.37 a barrel.  More »

Can a “Wall-Streeter” trade their suit and tie for a pair of coveralls?

I’ve always felt that the expression “career path” is a misnomer: it implies that your way forward is clear from the get-go, and all you have to do is cross certain milestones before eventually making it to the top. Of course, that’s not reality. Many people try out different things before settling on one track or area of specialization, and I can’t think of one fellow professional that will say their career has progressed without a single setback. In this column, I offer some advice to a professional looking to do a career “reset” from a position in finance; I hope that this column is helpful even if you’re planning a reset from any other industry!  More »

Oil closes below $100 after Fed leader’s testimony

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said she expects a “great deal of continuity” with her predecessor.  More »

Competing bills to address safety of oil transport

Washington lawmakers on Monday considered competing measures that try to address potential risks as more crude oil is shipped by rail into the state.  More »

Oil slips below $100 ahead of Fed chief’s testimony

The price of oil slipped below $100 a barrel Tuesday ahead of Congressional testimony by the U.S. Federal Reserve’s new chief.  More »

Shell recommends science for Arctic headaches

Scientific research has been central to Shell’s now-stalled move into Alaskan Arctic waters, and regulators probably will expect more if Shell resumes its work there, a company scientist told a Houston audience Monday.  More »

Feds launch new well-mapping tool

On Monday, the U.S. Energy Information Administration unveiled a new mapping system on its website that includes the specific location of oil and gas wells, giving users an opportunity to see developments in specific plays.  More »

Oil above $100; new Fed chair’s comments awaited

At the gas pump, prices appear to be starting their annual climb ahead of the U.S. driving season.  More »

Oil hovers near $100 on hopes of US recovery

Oil hovered near $100 a barrel Monday on hopes that the U.S. economic recovery can be sustained despite January’s poor payrolls report.  More »