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More megaprojects mean growing delays

As the oil and gas industry build a growing number of multi-billion dollar “megaprojects” each year, they face another trend: a growing number of delays.  More »

Oil down as Ukraine fears ease, U.S. supplies rise

U.S. crude for April delivery dropped $1.88 to close at $101.45 a barrel.  More »

Oil prices slip

The price of oil slipped to near $103 a barrel on Wednesday as concerns over Russia’s military advance into Ukraine eased, but the situation remained tense overall.  More »

Oil exec: Decades of life left in Bakken Shale

Continental Resources President Rick Bott is bullish on the Bakken Formation and pushing back against critics who say the U.S. shale oil revolution will be short lived.  More »

Energy projects struggling to find investors as costs rise

Soaring costs across the oil and gas industry are threatening to price out emerging markets competing to attract capital, the head of the International Finance Corp. warned Tuesday.  More »

Oil drops as Putin comments cool Ukraine tension

U.S. crude for April delivery fell $1.59 to $103.33 a barrel.  More »

Don’t expect international shale boom quite yet, experts say

While tight oil plays in the U.S. are booming, reproducing that success abroad could be challenging for American companies, energy executives and analysts said Tuesday.  More »

Chevron CEO says $100 a barrel is the new $20

Rising labor costs are challenging oil companies, even amid an era of oil prices around $100 a barrel, Chevron’s CEO said Tuesday.  More »

Crude oil drops after big jump over Ukraine crisis

The price of crude oil dropped sharply Tuesday after a big jump the day before over concern that Russia’s military advance into Ukraine could result in economic sanctions against one of the world’s major energy suppliers.  More »

Oil prices spike on Russia sanctions fears

U.S. crude for April delivery gained $2.33 to close at $104.92 a barrel.  More »

Analysts warn of Russia-Ukraine tensions’ effect on prices

Turbulence between Ukraine and Russia could cause global oil prices to rise, a top analyst with IHS warned Monday.  More »

Oil export ban can be lifted piecemeal, analysis says

President Barack Obama should follow the lead of previous commanders-in-chief by creating exceptions to the United States’ 39-year-old ban on exporting American crude, Sen. Lisa Murkowski argued Monday.  More »