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Oil falls below $96 as parts of U.S. set to thaw out

The price of oil inched up to around $97 a barrel Monday but gains were tempered by the prospect of a further reduction in U.S. central bank stimulus and stock market headwinds.  More »

Iran to woo oil companies with ‘sexy’ contracts, Total CEO says

Iran plans to offer oil companies improved terms to develop oil and natural gas fields once a trade embargo against the country is lifted, Total SA (FP) Chief Executive Officer Christophe de Margerie said.  More »

Oil falls for first time this week

Crude still finished the week with a gain of more than 2 percent.  More »

Oil slips to $97 after rally

The price of oil slipped back to near $97 a barrel Friday, interrupting a sustained rally on expectations for increased demand.  More »

Energy subsidies rebound to pre-financial crisis levels

Grants and tax breaks designed to lower energy production costs fell sharply after commodity prices plunged in 2008. A new report points out they have returned to levels not seen since the financial crisis, reaching up to $1.9 trillion.  More »

Pickens criticizes push to lift ban on US crude exports

T. Boone Pickens, one of the country’s biggest cheerleaders for natural gas, is unenthusiastic about the idea of removing bans of the export of crude oil, saying that the U.S. should instead focus on reducing its dependence on foreign oil, especially from the Middle East.  More »

Keystone XL helps crude prices rise

Natural gas futures shot up almost 6 percent as temperatures in many parts of the Northeast dropped.  More »

HR personnel look away: Using a service company as a stepping stone to an operator

It is highly likely that without a service company taking a chance on me, I wouldn’t be enjoying the great career in oil & gas that I’m in today. Today’s question comes from a reader who also started with a service company, but whose desired career path entails joining an operator. At what point will they be ready to make the jump?  More »

Oil above $95 as IMF raises global growth forecast

The price of oil rose Wednesday amid expectations for solid demand after the International Monetary Fund raised its growth forecasts for the world and U.S. economies.  More »

Oil rises on outlook for higher demand

Natural gas futures rose more than 2 percent as frigid air descended on the eastern part of the U.S.  More »

Some Key Takeaways from BP’s Latest Outlook to 2035

Here are the key observations and takeaways from BP’s recently released 20-year forecast on global energy.  More »

Oil falls below $94 as China growth slows

Oil prices fell Monday after China’s economic growth declined in the last quarter of 2013.  More »