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Technology monitors riser stress in real time

At the Offshore Technology Conference on Wednesday, Dan Kluk, a mechanical and systems engineer at Houston-based Stress Engineering Services, offered a paper on a real-time riser fatigue monitoring system that has been tested in deep waters.  More »

Pemex leader calls for deeper offshore development in Mexico

Mexico’s greater reliance on hydrocarbons for the energy it consumes compared to the rest of the world has created an imbalance between the amount of oil it produces and the amount it is able to put into its reserves, an official with the state-owned oil company said Wednesday.  More »

Shell’s chief technology officer talks about his job – and how a child’s toy inspired an offshore idea

Shell Chief Technology Officer Gerald Schotman sat down with FuelFix to talk about the joys and challenges of his job.  More »

Salty sea yields a fresh drink of water

The same platforms that produce oil also turn seawater into freshwater by filtering it through fine membranes in a complex process called reverse osmosis.  More »

Day 2 at OTC was all around the world

The Offshore Technology Conference’s international character came into focus Tuesday as Petrobras predicted big growth from reservoirs in Brazil, China outlined its long-term plans for harnessing shale gas and France’s Total touted the success of a massive 49-well project off Angola.  More »

Improved cementing key for offshore wells

Joe Shine of oil field services firm Baker Hughes discussed at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston methods drillers can use to account for lost circulation in wells.  More »

Total touts its Pazflor offshore project in Angola

At an OTC luncheon, a vice president of Total detailed some of the complex technology in the French oil company’s offshore Pazflor project in Angola.  More »

National oil companies invest in renewables, but remain committed to oil and gas

Chief executives of some of the world’s largest national oil companies said they are bullish on fossil fuels, even if their companies are also investing in biofuels and other forms of renewable energy.  More »

Former regulator sees litigation threat to Gulf of Mexico drilling

For years, offshore drilling foes have filed lawsuits challenging oil and gas development in areas around Alaska, but now that litigation is moving to new territories, potentially threatening activity in the Gulf of Mexico, a former regulator told the Offshore Technology Conference on Tuesday.  More »

Deep sea drone draws interest at OTC

Video of a deep sea drone gliding along the ocean floor like a robot out of a science fiction movie drew interest from major oil companies at the Offshore Technology Conference on Tuesday.  More »

Pushing reservoir limits through technology key for BP

Each day of drilling a deepwater well can cost an oil and gas operator $1 million or more, and costs are adding up for the offshore industry. So, maximizing the returns from the reservoirs that feed those undersea wells has become more important.  More »

Guest Commentary: Deep-water oil and gas essential to global energy future

Jeff Miller, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Halliburton, notes that deep water is the one remaining place where major untapped oil fields remain and the payoff can be extraordinary  More »

National Oilwell Varco sees big business in blowout preventers

Bulky, heavy and designed for redundancy rather than beauty, blowout preventers are the last line of defense for a runaway well. National Oilwell Varco has staked a piece of the company’s future on expanding production of blowout preventers and exporting them around the world.  More »

Deeper water means more risk, but companies say they can help

With new regulations — and more on the way — and heightened public scrutiny, companies are more risk-averse than ever. That’s good news for a company that focuses on helping companies improve safety practices and retrain people to think differently.  More »

Well plugging and abandoning costs will continue to add up, engineer says

As more wells are drilled around the world in search of new sources of oil and gas, technology and collaboration between contractors will be key to plugging and abandoning those wells in a cost-effective and safe manner, a Schlumberger official said Monday.  More »