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Looking Across the Pond for a New Offshore Regulatory Regime

This post was written by Ruchir Shah, President of the Baker Institute Student Forum, who just completed an independent study course on U.S. energy policy. On April 20, 2010, a blowout in BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf was responsible for one of the most devastating disasters in American history. It demonstrated a […]  More »

Ghana pumps oil for the first time

The impoverished West African nation became the world’s newest oil producer Wednesday, pumping crude for the first time from an offshore field in the Gulf of Guinea worth billions of dollars. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)  More »

Low pay, long hours, no respect

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement’s offer to new recruits: Far less pay than industry, no raises and more territory than they could possibly cover, Loren Steffy writes. That’s no way to secure top talent. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)  More »

Government offers ‘rules of the road’ for deep-water drilling

The Obama administration just rolled out an 18-page document designed to clarify the rules for deep-water drilling. (Photo: Flickr/Suicine)  More »

Drilling chief will clarify offshore environmental rules; permit delays likely

Michael Bromwich today promised to outline the way forward for deep-water drilling, including new environmental review requirements and safety mandates that will push permit approvals into early 2011. (Photo: Department of Interior)  More »

Report urges more surprise drilling rig inspections

A new government report says the federal agency that polices offshore oil and gas development needs to hire more employees to process a backlog of permits and should conduct more surprise inspections of drilling rigs. (Photo: Fotolia)  More »

Deep-water drilling shows signs of a global rebound

After dual setbacks of a recession and the BP spill, the oil and gas industry is seeing signs of a global rebound in deep-water drilling, even as the outlook remains cloudy in the Gulf of Mexico. (AP File Photo)  More »

Transocean worker won’t show for CSB interview

Transocean senior toolpusher Randy Ezell won’t be talking to the Chemical Safety Board anytime soon. He did testify before a joint Coast Guard/Bureau of Ocean Energy Management hearing earlier this year, however. (Photo: U.S. Coast Guard)  More »

Seismic firms likely to feel “modest” pain due to delayed Gulf leasing

Schlumberger, Petroleum Geo-Services and CGG Veritas have some exposure, but most E&P and oil field services firms saw the writing on the wall months ago. (Photo: An Exxon Mobil scientist views seismic data, E. Joe Deering/Houston Chronicle).  More »

Ensco sublets ENSCO 8503 rig

December 2,2010 –Ensco plc says is has sublet its new ultra-deepwater semisubmersible drilling rig…..  More »

Statoil starts flow at Vega

December 2,2010 –As predicted last month, Statoil has started production from the Vega gas and condensate field off western Norway…..  More »

Sinopec to join Gendalo-Gehem project

December 2,2010 –China’s Sinopec Group has reached an agreement with Chevron to join the Gendalo-Gehem deepwater natural gas project offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia, according to a report by Dow Jones…..  More »

Jubilee first oil scheduled for Dec. 15

December 2,2010 –First oil from Jubilee field offshore Ghana is scheduled to flow on Dec. 15, 2010, according to the project participants…..  More »

DOT: Costs still dominate deepwater screening process

December 2,2010 –Reservoir uncertainty is one of the main issues for Statoil in deepwater production system selection, said Trond Stokka Melling today at DOT…..  More »

3 injured in offshore Louisiana rig fire

Workers were welding on work-over rig when there was an explosion and fire, but U.S. Coast Guard says fire is out.  More »