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Apache working on small Gulf gas leak

A shallow water platform used to process natural gas production appears to have a leak about 93 miles off the Louisiana. Apache Corp. is assesing the situation, according to federal officials. (AP Photo/Rob Carr)  More »

What will be in spill commission’s last-minute stash of e-mails?

The presidential oil spill commission has one last report to make, an addendum based on e-mail turned up by investigators at the last minute. (Photo: Flickr)  More »

Regulator tries to ease concern about offshore rules

Energy executives in Houston heard a pitch Thursday from a leader of the presidential spill panel for enhancing their own efforts to improve offshore safety, while the nation’s top ocean energy regulator sought to ease industry concerns about new rules in response to last year’s oil spill. (AP Photo/Kerry Maloney)  More »

Feds shuffle deck to create new drilling safety bureau

The Obama administration continues to shuffle the federal agencies that oversee drilling, with plans soon to launch a new division that will oversee environmental and safety issues offshore. (Photo: Todd Klassy/Flickr)  More »

Report on Gulf oil spill could delay Arctic drilling

A presidential panel that reported on government and industry deficiencies it said led to the Gulf oil spill also identified concerns about cleaning up and containing spills in Arctic waters near Alaska. (Image: Shell)  More »

Petrobras project delayed in deep-water Gulf of Mexico

The Brazilian oil giant, after missing its December target, now aims to bring its Cascade and Chinook fields online in the first quarter as it completes final work on the project.  More »

Exxon Mobil fires back at spill commission report

White House panel wrongly concluded that “systemic failures” by industry were a factor in deadly BP accident, when “specific” mistakes by individual companies were to blame, an executive with the Texas oil giant said.  More »

Watching the clock: New deep-water drilling could take months

Analysts predict a “long, slow road back to oil and gas drilling in federal waters” despite the administration’s just-announced plan to waive environmental reviews for some deep-water projects that were suspended last year. (Photo: Flickr/blakespot)  More »

BP’s Raven no longer soars

The oil giant was forced to close its Raven unit in the Prudhoe Bay oil field following a judge’s ruling that federal regulators didn’t get approval from the land owners. (Photo: Ingrid Taylar/Flickr)  More »

Oil industry asks for access, not higher taxes

API implores the new Congress to raise government revenue by boosting access to federal oil and gas reserves instead of hiking taxes on energy companies. (Photo: San Sharma/Flickr)  More »

Marathon cancels Gulf rig contract with Noble

Noble CEO says he’s disappointed by the move, but adds a number of potential customers have already expressed interested in the ultra-deep water rig. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)  More »

Diamond Offshore to build new deep-water drillship

The offshore drilling contractor, taking advantage of lower rig-building costs, will spend $590 million on a rig capable of operating in 12,000 feet of water and has an option to buy a second at the same price.  More »

Despite BP spill, oil’s future remains offshore

Discoveries in Brazil and East Africa will continue to drive the future of the global oil and gas industry in spite of the Gulf oil disaster, Loren Steffy writes. (AP file photo/Mary Altaffer)  More »

Talk of BHP takeover of Anadarko resurfaces

Australian minerals megamover BHP may be lining up an offer for the Woodlands-based independent E&P company Anadarko. (Photo: Courtesy of Anadarko)  More »

Hofmeister’s $5 gas prediction: On target or missing the mark?

The former CEO of Shell Oil argued this week that the politics of freezing drilling in the Gulf will lead to severe energy shortages in the U.S. Hyperbole or prescient thinking? Join the discussion. (AP file photo/Jeff Chiu)  More »