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Offshore regulators to keep eye on bad actors

Marine and drilling regulators vowed Thursday to keep a closer watch on oil companies and contractors they say are consistently cutting corners on safety offshore.  More »

Time may be coming for subsea well replacements

Several thousand subsea wells may need to be replaced in the coming years, an oilfield servicer said Thursday at the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »

Dual-gradient drilling could revolutionize offshore industry, execs say

A new twist on offshore drilling will revolutionize the way oil companies think about well designs in ultra deep-water reservoirs and is pushing the limits on how deep they can reach into the earth, energy executives said Thursday.  More »

Commentary: Developing deep water requires a lot of collaboration

John Gremp, CEO of FMC Technologies, explains that because many new discoveries involve complex geologies and harsh environments, operators and suppliers need to work collaboratively to develop the resources.  More »

Model of largest construction vessel draws awe at OTC

Though various models of the ship have been coming to the Offshore Technology Conference for about 15 years, the Pieter Schelte never fails to draw a crowd.  More »

Massive pumps part of new Baker Hughes unit arsenal

A recent pairing between Baker Hughes and a Norwegian subsea equipment maker will enable engineers from both companies to tinker with massive subsea pumps and other technology geared to flush out more oil from deep-water reservoirs.  More »

Is a boom in floating LNG facilities on the horizon?

As the country readies for a boom in exports of liquified natural gas, floating liquefaction facilities are poised to play a pivotal and growing role, industry officials said Wednesday at the Offshore Technology Conference.  More »

Trauma Locker’s OTC booth shows how to make safety simple

Most of the eye-popping technology on display at OTC is mind-numbingly complex. Others, like the wares at the Trauma Locker booth, are so simple they inspire an age-old question: Why didn’t I think of this?  More »

Safety, cost driving new technology for removing rigs

Oil and gas companies are looking at minimizing risk and cost as the number of removals of aging offshore infrastructure rises in the Gulf of Mexico.  More »

Commentary: MLPs aren’t just for onshore anymore

Tim Devetski, co-managing partner of the Houston office of Sidley Austin LLP, explains why some offshore businesses have capitalized on the master limited partnership structure.  More »

BP exec: US shale could be laboratory for bounties abroad

Big Oil companies may have fallen behind their smaller rivals in North American shale plays, but their investments in South Texas and Pennsylvania could one day pay off in unconventional reservoirs abroad, a BP executive said this week.  More »

Industry takes the lead in improving emergency well control devices

Four years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster spotlighted shortcomings in the blowout preventers intended to safeguard offshore wells, government regulators are still drafting long-promised regulations meant to boost the reliability of those critical emergency devices.  More »

Spill-containment system for Gulf nears completion

Marine Well Containment Co. will complete an even larger system for responding to oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the year.  More »

Cyberhawk’s OTC booth offers hidden treasure — if you can find it

The unofficial rule of generating booth interest at the Offshore Technology Conference is the bigger the better. Cyberhawk bucks the trend.  More »

Failure marked Shell’s Gulf quest before massive discovery

A decade before Royal Dutch Shell fired up production at the largest offshore facility in the world, it drilled an expensive dry hole.  More »