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Oceaneering International plans Virginia expansion

A company that provides products and services to the offshore oil and gas industry plans to expand its presence in Chesapeake, creating 70 jobs and retaining more than 460.  More »

Offshore drilling company CEO announces retirement

Ensco announced Wednesday that CEO Dan Raburn will retire after eight years at the helm.  More »

Shell to drill first wells in $10 billion Ukrainian project

The country could hold as much as 42 trillion cubic feet (1.2 trillion cubic meters) of shale gas, the third largest reserve in Europe, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration estimate from 2011  More »

Report: Royalty revenue sharing plan would cost taxpayers $49 billion

A congressional proposal to give coastal states a greater share of government royalties tied to oil and gas drilling would increase the federal debt by more than $49 billion over the next three decades, according to new analysis set to be released Friday.  More »

Trio of Texas universities win bid to launch offshore safety center

Three Texas universities will launch a new safety institute designed to help offshore drilling regulators keep pace with rapidly evolving technology for extracting oil and gas from the sea floor, Interior Department officials announced Thursday.  More »

Shell launches formal bid to resume Arctic drilling

Shell Oil Co. on Wednesday filed a broad drilling blueprint with federal regulators in Alaska, officially launching its formal bid to resume drilling in Arctic waters north of the state next summer.  More »

OceanGate uses manned submersible to observe Rigs to Reefs (photos)

OceanGate, a Seattle-based provider of deep-water submersible vessels, has released a new crop of underwater images from the federal Rigs to Reefs program, showing sea creatures swimming among the steel legs of an old Black Elk Energy platform.  More »

Shell announces return to Arctic in 2014 despite mishaps

Shell officials on Thursday said the oil company plans to make another, dramatically scaled-back bid to find crude in Arctic waters, following a headline-grabbing 2012 season that left the firm with a devastated drilling rig, air pollution fines and embarrassing equipment failures. But there are major hurdles for Shell to restart its Arctic drilling operations in 2014.  More »

New waves of seismic technology yield big oil finds (video)

A series of recent seismic imaging breakthroughs involving supercomputers are helping oil companies peek under challenging salt layers located miles below the Gulf of Mexico, spurring a discoveries and billions of dollars in new investment in offshore oil production.  More »

Report: Offshore regulator needs outside expertise on technology

The expertise of the offshore oil and gas industry outmatches the federal agency that oversees it, making it essential that the government reach outside its ranks for insight on the best technology to safeguard the work, according to a report issued Monday.  More »

ConocoPhillips projects start to ramp up oil production in North Sea

Oil began flowing from the first well in ConocoPhillips’ newest Norwegian offshore development project late last week, the first trickle of a four-year effort to expand production in the region, the company said Monday.  More »

Energy firms want action on Atlantic drilling

Energy industry leaders are fretting that it could be a decade before the federal government allows them to hunt for oil and gas along the East Coast, unless the Obama administration shifts its approach to offshore drilling.  More »