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Former astronaut sees ties between space, deep sea

Mike Bloomfield, a former astronaut who heads Oceaneering’s work on space systems, discusses how a longtime NASA lab can be used to improve oil and gas companies’ offshore performance.  More »

Telepresence links scientists on shore with science at sea

Kelley Elliott, field operations lead for NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration Research, plans and manages expeditions for the only federally funded U.S. ship tasked with exploring the unknown parts of the ocean for research.  More »

The one cruise you don’t want to take (photos)

They’re cramped and they’re slow, but if you ever find yourself on one one of Mark Beatty’s vessels, chances are you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief despite the unpleasant conditions.  More »

Offshore industry has worst-case scenario technology at four strategic sites

The energy industry has deployed technology that can stop the most devastating offshore blowouts in four strategic locations around the world in order to ensure they can be quickly deployed to where they’re needed.  More »

Brazil’s labor shortage can be surmounted, official says

Brazil’s state-owned Pre-Sal Petroleo SA and its corporate partners, who are drilling into one of the world’s largest offshore oil discoveries in the last decade, face severe challenges because of rules restricting the amount of foreign goods used by local industries.  More »

Companies discuss technology for building pipeline better

An Italian oil service company recently finished laying a huge swatch of pipeline across the Gulf of Mexico and will soon launch a new project on the other side of the globe.  More »

Photos: OTC through history

The popularity of the Offshore Technology Conference has ebbed and flowed with the health of the oil and gas industry. Take a journey through the Offshore Technology Conference’s 35-year history:  More »

Gulf’s bounty commands attention amid shale drilling boom

Technological innovations are helping to unlock untapped areas of the Gulf — and even allowing companies to breathe new life into old projects.  More »

Offshore industry expo rides wave of deep-water production

At a time when the surge in U.S. onshore shale production is getting a lot of headlines, domestic offshore production is set for a surge of its own. That will be part of the buzz as more than 90,000 executives, scientists, engineers and others converge on NRG Park through Thursday for the annual Offshore Technology Conference.  More »

Noble Corp. won’t pursue IPO for spinoff after all

Offshore drilling contractor Noble Corp. announced Wednesday that it won’t move forward with an initial public offering of stock in a new spinoff company, but the spinoff will continue as planned.  More »

US regulations push wave-energy project to Australia

A company that was planning a wave energy installation off the Oregon coast that could have powered 1,000 homes has said it will instead undertake the project in Australia.  More »

Rowan Companies promotes president to CEO

Thomas P. Burke is the new CEO of Rowan Companies, an offshore driller.  More »

Inside Noble Corp.’s new high-tech training center (photos)

As offshore drilling contractor Noble Corp. focuses increasingly on the most high-tech rigs, training has become even more critical to the way it does business.  More »

BP selling stakes in Alaska’s North Slope to Houston company

BP is selling off stakes in four Alaskan oil fields near the gigantic Prudhoe Bay, a move that would cut about 15 percent of its crude production in the state, the company said late Tuesday.  More »

Baker Hughes forms subsea production unit with Aker Solutions

Baker Hughes and Norwegian subsea firm Aker Solutions will collaborate to develop technology for ramping up oil production and prolonging the lifespan of deep-water fields, the companies said Tuesday.  More »