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Halliburton shows off enhanced-recovery tech at OTC

When Halliburton took a job two years ago to figure out what was wrong with Devon Energy’s wells in the Barnett Shale, only one in 11 of the wells was any good.  More »

BP exec: US shale could be laboratory for bounties abroad

Big Oil companies may have fallen behind their smaller rivals in North American shale plays, but their investments in South Texas and Pennsylvania could one day pay off in unconventional reservoirs abroad, a BP executive said this week.  More »

EOG Sees Rocky Mountains as North America’s next hot oil field

The company, which is known for quietly building up positions in areas before their potential is widely recognized, said in a statement yesterday that its land in the DJ and Powder River basins in Colorado and Wyoming may hold the equivalent of 400 million barrels of oil.  More »

BP exec shares details on new, autonomous US shale unit

It’s hard for BP to compete in U.S. shale because it’s a market unlike any other that Big Oil knows well. It’s trying to make gains on private equity and smaller independent producers that can move at rapid speeds, BP Americas CEO John Minge said Monday.  More »

Sanchez Energy: Not as many Eagle Ford deals this year

Tony Sanchez III, president and CEO, said that the company always looks at deals being shopped publicly or privately, but said there’s not as much Eagle Ford merger and acquisition activity this year.  More »

BP cutting US shale jobs

BP confirmed on Thursday it has made cuts into its North American workforce but would not say how many jobs will be lost as it carves its shale business into a separate unit.  More »

Miley, Bieber, and Changing Global Oil Dynamics

Let’s go a little controversial here. The US oil boom is such a headline-grabbing topic at the moment that I cannot help but draw comparisons betwixt it and its pop culture equivalent, Miley Cyrus. And while on that tangent, the oil cartel OPEC reminds me of…Justin Bieber: just as US oil production is surging in […]  More »

US deals rise as Big Oil sheds assets

First-quarter oil and gas deal-making in the U.S. reached its highest level in more than a decade, as Big Oil companies discarded assets to focus on their core operations.  More »

North Dakota governor rejects call for session on oil boom

Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple on Monday rejected a plea by Democrats for a special legislative session to address funding problems tied to western North Dakota’s oil boom.  More »

How much is Mexico really opening to drilling?

Eagle Ford Shale operators are seen as the most likely to move across the border into northern Mexico.  More »

Eagle Ford touted as ‘greatest energy success story’

The Eagle Ford Shale could help Texas’ oil production jump ahead of every OPEC country except Saudi Arabia.  More »

Shale will be top revenue driver for most oil field services firms in 2014

Oil and natural gas locked in shale rock will account for most of the revenue flowing to more than half of oil field services firms and 40 percent of producers this year, a survey found this week.  More »