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Upstream spending spree to slow in 2014

New projects have been the focus of major energy companies during the shale boom, with producers buying up large swaths of acreage, but upstream companies won’t be looking to continue that spending spree in 2014, according to an analysis from Deloitte.  More »

Burgeoning Texas shale delivers $14B economic boost

A new study estimates that the oil and gas industry had a $14.5 billion impact last year on the Cline Shale region, east of the traditionally busier drilling area of the Permian Basin.  More »

Energy deals plunge to 5-year low in 2013

Oil and gas producers worldwide bought fewer assets and spent more on developing a huge stockpile of reserves and acreage in 2013, bringing merger and acquisition activity to its lowest level in five years.  More »

China’s largest coal company to learn shale in US deal

China’s state-owned coal behemoth is heading to Pennsylvania to learn how to tap into natural gas embedded in shale.  More »

Several energy ministers say no OPEC cut needed

Ministers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq said OPEC needn’t cut production next year to make room for additional supplies from Iran, Libya and U.S. shale oil.  More »

Argentina’s ‘shale capital’ basks in new riches

Argentina’s shale boom is being supported by companies such as Chevron Corp. and YPF SA, which are investing billions of dollars to tap the world’s second-largest shale gas deposit, known locally as Vaca Muerta, or Dead Cow  More »

Shale well depletion raises questions over US oil boom

Hydraulic fracturing creates an initial production spike that soon turns south. Behind the headlines boasting of a U.S. oil boom, producers have been grappling with rapid production declines at aging shale-play wells. The only answer: drill more and more wells.  More »

Marathon to spend $3.6B on shale plays in 2014

Marathon Oil said it plans to pour $3.6 billion into boosting its production of oil and gas from North America in 2014.  More »

A soon-to-be university graduate is looking for some oil & gas investment advice

These are “boom” times for oil & gas, and as a resident of Houston I am seeing firsthand the positive economic effects of the industry on the local economy! It’s well accepted though that for the “up” times, there are “down” times; indeed, investing in oil & gas is a risky proposition, and strong economic returns like we’re seeing now are necessary to compensate for the inherent risk in backing oil & gas projects. Despite the risks, this week’s question comes from a Young Professional looking to follow in the footsteps of other successful oil & gas entrepreneurs.  More »

New data show ‘meteoric’ rise of Texas oil

Oil production in Texas has hit its highest rate on record, more than doubling in less than three years, according new federal data.  More »

US oil producers rise in ranking of world’s largest

State-owned energy giants and international supermajors continue to top lists of the world’s largest oil companies. But the U.S. shale revolution is beginning to make a mark as U.S. independent oil and gas producers rise in the ranks.  More »

Marathon agrees to fund 37.5 percent of pipeline

Marathon Petroleum Corp. has agreed to pay for more than a third of the construction cost of the proposed Sandpiper pipeline, the company and Enbridge Energy Partners LP said Monday.  More »