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Top 5 Ways Energy Production Benefited Consumers in 2013

Its been a busy year for U.S. energy production with consumer prices on the decline due to increasing domestic supplies of natural gas and oil. Here are the Top 5 energy related news stories that benefit consumers in 2013.  More »

Houston company nearly doubles proved reserves with $581M deal

Houston-based Vanguard Natural Resources agreed to buy natural gas-heavy properties in Southwestern Wyoming for $581 million, a deal that would nearly double its reserves, the company said Monday.  More »

Despite chill, natural gas prices unlikely to rise much

Natural gas prices have been on the rise this winter, but they are likely to fall in the coming months because of limited demand for the fuel and because of coal.  More »

Rig count down for the week

Baker Hughes Inc. says the number of rigs exploring for oil and natural gas in the U.S. fell by 11 this week to 1,757.  More »

Cold weather among factors pushing up natural gas bills

Although an abundance of natural gas has pushed market prices this year far below their levels in much of 2008, when the natural gas boom began and sent prices far below the peak that year of more than $13, residential bills have not tumbled because of other factors.  More »

Shell extends option on Pennsylvania site for cracker plant

The potential for a major new industrial plant is an unexpected turn for a region that became known as the Rust Belt.  More »

CNG prices to jump 30 percent at some pumps

The price of compressed natural gas for cars and trucks will jump 30 percent at some stations because of a federal tax credit that will expire on Tuesday.  More »

Speculators ‘throwing money’ at natural gas on icy blast

Hedge funds got more bullish on natural gas as a blast of cold air swept across the U.S., pushing prices to the highest level in more than two years.  More »

Houston group seeks to put US on the road to natural gas

Natural gas companies are trying to get more people using their fuel in cars and trucks, and the University of Houston is helping them out.  More »

Pennsylvania court sides with towns in gas drilling fight

The state Supreme Court ruled the industry-friendly rules violated the state constitution.  More »

Shell to fuel oil sands operations with natural gas

Royal Dutch Shell will test new engines running on liquefied natural gas for its mining operations in Canada’s oil sands fields, the company said Monday.  More »

US oil boom’s end in sight, feds say

U.S. oil production is on track to reach a near historic high by 2016, before leveling off and eventually beginning to taper in 2020, according to a new federal forecast.  More »