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What is the SEC really looking for from shale gas producers?

It’s been quiet since the subpoenas started to fly several months ago asking shale producers for details on their reserves reporting. But the SEC has been asking hard questions of producers for more than a year now, according to some recent reports.  More »

Exxon shuts in Gulf natural gas production after leak

ExxonMobil Corp. shut in production from a Gulf of Mexico gas field after a pipeline ruptured, according to a company spokesman.  More »

Some observations on the latest newsflow from the EIA, IMF, and Opec

Although I’m working on a few other posts, I’ve been distracted this past week by a number of key documents, speeches, and data releases (and of course, the omnipresent preoccupation of linking cartoons to commodities). Hither and thither, here are some observations I have cobbled together. 1) The EIA International Energy Outlook released on Monday (hereafter referred to as the EIA […]  More »

Paper on climate financing targets fuel subsidies

A paper prepared by global financial institutions on how to mobilize funds to fight climate change recommends trimming subsidies for fossil fuels and putting a price on carbon emissions of $25 a ton.  More »

Natural gas leaks from Pasadena pipeline

Work crews scrambled to repair a leaking natural gas pipeline near a refinery in Pasadena early this morning.  More »

Diverse cast asks Obama not to stand in way of natural gas

Bankers, bowling centers and energy industry groups today found common ground, uniting to implore the Obama administration not to impose new hurdles to hydraulic fracturing techniques used to extract natural gas from shale formations across the U.S.  More »

BP says it didn’t hide information about Gulf well blowout

BP Plc said it didn’t hide information about a possibly dangerous condition in the Macondo oil well before or after it blew out in April 2010, killing 11 people and triggering the biggest U.S. offshore oil spill.  More »

W. Va. producers shocked by Marcellus permit fee

A gas industry group says it was blindsided by the high permit fees that West Virginia legislators have proposed for Marcellus shale wells.  More »

Records show Chevron buys Marcellus acres in W.Va.

Ohio County records show that Chevron Corp. has acquired about 4,400 acres in the Marcellus shale field in the Northern Panhandle county.  More »

Alaskans get $1,174 checks from state’s oil wealth

It’s a day that’s widely anticipated across Alaska: the announcement of how much residents will receive just for living here.  More »

CenterPoint asks to stop tiered gas price program

CenterPoint Energy is asking Minnesota regulators to halt a natural gas pricing program after complaints from customers and Attorney General Lori Swanson.  More »

Carter: Natural gas could give U.S. path to energy security

Former President Jimmy Carter said renewable energy is unlikely to produce large amounts of power in the near future, but the nation’s natural gas reserves could put the U.S. on a path to energy security, according to a Platts press release.  More »