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Texas’ new fracturing disclosure rules may take awhile

Lawmakers passed a bill requiring disclosure of most of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. It may be up to two years before the law takes full effect, as the Texas Railroad Commission has to write the rules and submit them to public comment.  More »

New York sues feds over nat gas drilling in Delaware River Basin

The state argues that federal agencies didn’t fully review the health and safety impact of hydraulic fracturing in the area, which includes New York City’s watershed.  More »

Texas regulators to start drafting frac fluids disclosure rules

The Texas Railroad Commission will begin drawing up the rules for a pending law requiring the disclosure of the contents of hydraulic fracturing fluids. The law was passed by the House this past weekend.  More »

Texas may soon make hydraulic fracturing chemicals public

Legislation approved Sunday night in the Texas House could prompt the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other states to make similar rules. The governor hasn’t indicated whether he’ll sign the bill.  More »

Technology key to Eagle Ford boom

In just the past few years advances such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have made it possible to tap the oil and natural gas trapped in south Texas’ tight shale formations.  More »

Natural gas vehicle incentives fuel debate

Texas lawmakers showed some love this week for a bill to provide incentives for natural gas-fueled vehicles, but a similar bill at the federal level is beginning to get the cold shoulder.  More »

Alaskan showdown: Houston firm trying to get drilling rig into Alaskan waters

Houston-based Escopeta Oil & Gas has been trying for years to get a rig into Alaska’s Cook Inlet to drill for natural gas. A Chinese-flagged ship carrying the rig is getting close, but the U.S. shipping industry isn’t pleased. American actor Robert Duvall is just fine with the move, however.  More »

Lawmakers drop support for Pickens’ Natural Gas Act

Billionaire Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens is still pushing legislation that would create billions of dollars in tax credits to put more natural gas-powered cars on U.S. highways, but his support on Capitol Hill is dwindling.  More »

Natural gas vehicle bill heads to Perry’s desk

The Texas Senate gave the final OK on a bill that would encourage the use of natural gas-fueled heavy trucks and build natural gas filling stations between Texas’ major cities.  More »

Citing new evidence, Democrats push for fracturing hearings

Citing a series of university studies and investigations that cast fresh doubt on hydraulic fracturing, congressional Democrats today pushed for new hearings into the practice.  More »

Energy Commodities, the Truth, and the Twain

Some would say never the twain should meet – Mark Twain and energy commodities, that is – but I protest. So here’s a combination of things I currently believe to be true about Commodityworld™, and truths from the marvelous man that was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens: 1) WTI Crude oil will have more daily settlements above $100 in […]  More »

Nat gas industry launches bid for support in W. Va.

The Just Beneath the Surface alliance aims to tout the industry’s economic contributions while addressing concerns over the methods used to tap the Marcellus Shale.  More »

Michigan sets new rules for natural gas drilling

The move by Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality means companies that use hydraulic fracturing must meet additional requirements for public disclosure and protecting water resources.  More »

‘Fracking’ foes put industry on the defensive

Anyone scoring the ongoing debate over hydraulic fracturing would notice that critics of the controversial oil and natural gas extraction process have lately put a few points on the board. While industry representatives acknowledge that the opposition has gotten the public’s attention, they do not see this as a tide-turning moment in the debate.  More »

Chevron CEO spars with activists at shareholder meeting

In a two-hour meeting that touched on controversies from California to the Philippines, Chief Executive Officer John Watson faced critics who repeatedly accused the company of polluting the environment and collaborating with repressive regimes.  More »