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Genesis Energy to expand Texas crude oil system

Genesis said it acquired three above-ground storage tanks in Texas City and will convert them to take 230,000 barrels of crude. It has also acquired a barge dock and said it plans to build a truck station and other facilities.  More »

Chevron expects higher first-quarter profit compared with fourth

Chevron did not offer a specific profit forecast in advance of its quarterly report on April 29.  More »

Hundreds rally against fracking in New York state

Director of Gasland and others opposed to hydraulic fracturing urge lawmakers to reject the natural gas drilling technique.  More »

Fracking chemicals registry launches

The online registry, called, makes it easier for the public to find out what chemicals are being used to extract natural gas in nearby wells. The 24 participating drillers will still withhold information about chemicals they consider proprietary.  More »

Study: Shale gas may be dirtier than coal

The Cornell University study focused on the large amounts of methane that escape into the atmosphere during hydraulic fracturing and on indirect emissions from equipment and vehicles used to extract, develop and transport the gas.  More »

Report: Independents drill 94 percent of onshore wells

A new study by IHS Global Insight concludes that independents added $263 billion to the U.S. economy and supported nearly 4 million jobs in 2010.  More »

Marcellus Shale gas may head overseas

A leading player in the move to ship U.S. gas overseas is China, whose thirst for energy to fuel its industrial explosion is growing rapidly. Others include the governments of South Korea and India, and companies in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan and Australia.  More »

US rig count up by 6 this week

Of the major oil- and gas-producing states, Texas gained 21 rigs and Pennsylvania added three. Oklahoma lost 15 rigs, while New Mexico and Alaska dropped two apiece. West Virginia and Louisiana each lost one.  More »

Global Market Impact Starting to be felt from Japan Nuclear Accident

The global energy market consequences of the devastating earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011 are already starting to be felt, but so far, impacts have been more in spot LNG markets than in oil markets.  That’s because the increased demand for oil to burn for electricity generation will be offset by generally lower […]  More »

Eagle Ford boom means new wealth, new problems for South Texas

The hydrocarbon-soaked, deep shale formation is turning a large swath of the region into one crazy boomtown. The play is creating jobs and sudden wealth in a chronically depressed area that long survived on cattle and agriculture, between periodic oil and gas booms.  More »

Congressional lawmakers introduce nat gas vehicle bill

House Bill 1380 — known as the New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions, or NAT GAS, Act — provides tax credits over a five-year period to buy and manufacture natural gas vehicles and begin building an infrastructure for refueling them.  More »

Natural Gas: Reasons For A Rally, Or Factors For A Fall

As Naturalgasworld™ enters the shoulder month season (=April / May), I’m going to play devil’s advocate at this time of transition. As we shuffle away from heating demand and towards the call for cooling, here are a number of considerations which are providing reasons for a rally…or factors for a fall: 1) Predictions for hurricane season. It’s that time of year again when estimates come […]  More »

Energy Department sees vast international shale gas resources

With the addition of U.S. and foreign supplies, the world’s technically recoverable gas resources could jump by 40 percent to 22,600 trillion cubic feet, a new report says.  More »

ConocoPhillips seeks deep-water, shale acquisitions

The company will increase planned capital spending of $13.5 billion by $2.5 billion this year for favorable opportunities, CEO Jim Mulva said, mentioning the Gulf of Mexico in particular.  More »

Chesapeake closes Fayetteville Shale sale to BHP Billiton

CEO Aubrey McClendon said the $4.75 billion deal, announced in February, allows Chesapeake to make “substantial progress” in reducing its debt.  More »