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CERAWeek pays tribute to ‘the Godfather of natural gas’

Houston’s George Mitchell was recognized for his role in “cracking the code” on profitably extracting natural gas from the country’s prolific shale formations.  More »

CERAWeek: Exelon CEO tells Congress to keep hands off electric portfolios

Exelon CEO John Rowe today urged lawmakers not to meddle in the energy portfolio of power utilities. Economic fundamentals of abundant supply and low prices are already fueling a transition to natural gas, he said at the CERAWeek conference.  More »

CERAWeek: Fracking, water supply risk assesment still lacking

Speakers at the Houston energy conference say there’s a key parallel between the Macondo well accident and a hydraulic fracturing disaster: low probability, high impact.  More »

CERAWeek: Oil spill damage extended to land-locked natural gas producers

Energy producers are trying to convince skeptical state regulators and lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the industry is capable of extracting natural gas without contaminating drinking water supplies. Public opposition to hydraulic fracturing was already steep before the spill and now it’s even more so.  More »

CERAWeek: The ‘Prince of Hydrocarbons’ may be ready for the throne

A new report from IHS-CERA and the World Economic Forum affirms conventional wisdom on natural gas’ growing role in global energy.  More »

CERAWeek: Nat gas industry faces environmental backlash, pricing fears

While natural gas production is booming nationwide, producers need to do a better job of calming public fears that drinking water supplies can be tainted by the hydraulic fracturing process, executives and analysts said today at the global energy conference in Houston.  More »

Dynegy says it may violate credit covenants this year

Dynegy said in its filing it may need to amend or replace its credit facility or secure additional capital to continue as “a going concern over the next twelve months.”  More »

No red flags for radioactivity in Pa. rivers near frackwater plants

Samples from seven rivers near sewage treatment plants that handle wastewater from natural gas drilling showed levels at or below the normal naturally occurring background levels of radioactivity, Pennsylvania environmental regulators found.  More »

Competing interests add fire to fuel debate

There’s a new power struggle on Capitol Hill, and it isn’t between Republicans and Democrats. Instead, it’s a battle among producers of all sorts of energy – wind, solar, oil and gas – as they scramble to get a sliver of shrinking federal subsidies and make sure they benefit from policies that could drive up demand.  More »

France’s Total buys piece of Russian nat gas producer Novatek

Under agreements signed Wednesday, Total will buy 12 percent of Novatek’s shares with the option of increasing its stake to 19.4 percent. The price was likely to be around $4 billion, but will be based on the stock price three months prior to the deal’s signing.  More »

CERAWeek’s coming; we’ll be there

IHS-CERA’s 30th annual energy event rolls into Houston next week, March 7-11. The Houston Chronicle’s reporters will be reporting from the event — anything in particular you want us to cover?  More »

Recycling of fracking wastewater is no cure-all

Reusing and recycling water from hydraulic fracturing reduces freshwater demand, but has problems of its own. Some methods can leave behind salts or sludge concentrated with radioactive material and other contaminants that can be dangerous to people and aquatic life if they get into waterways.  More »

Calif. pipeline blast investigation: PG&E memo said valves of little value

Officials for Pacific Gas and Electric Co., California gas company involved in a deadly pipeline accident last September, acknowledged Tuesday that four years before the accident they rejected installing valves that could have automatically shut off or remotely controlled the flow of gas.  More »

Range Resources to sell Texas shale assets for $900M

The natural-gas producer, one of the biggest landholders in the Marcellus Shale field in Pennsylvania, said it will sell 52,000 acres in the Barnett Shale to an unnamed private company. The property includes 390 producing wells with a capacity of 113 million cubic feet per day, Range said.  More »

Ban Oil Imports for Energy Security?

By Dian L. Chu I came across an interesting editorial at Houston Chronicle dated Feb. 26 written by Yale Graduates Energy Study Group discussing energy security and independence. In the article, the authors propose a federal policy (the “limits” policy) to withdraw U.S. crude and products imports from the world oil market, for example, in a 10-year […]  More »