Category: Natural gas

Kinder Morgan completes $21 billion mega-deal with El Paso

Joining the two Houston-based companies has formed a mammoth network of natural gas pipelines and storage across the country.  More »

Chesapeake to sell Colorado land, wells

Chesapeake Energy Corp. confirmed Thursday that it intends to sell half a million leasehold acres, as well as 29 wells in Colorado as it continues a scramble to shrink its footprint and address a cashflow shortfall.  More »

Commodity Capers Through The Caped Crusader

General financial markets, and (from a burrito state of mind) specifically Commodityland™, have been looking rather dark and scary this week, leading me to think of Gotham City. The gothic nature of markets has left me to consider, contrast, and compare the inhabitants of the home of the Caped Crusader with all things commodity-like. Batman […]  More »

IEA: U.S. emissions plummeting on greater use of natural gas

The power sector’s switch from coal to natural gas generation has caused major reductions in CO2 emissions, the International Energy Agency says.  More »

Energy Innovation Driven by Experience

Over the past 40 or so years, our society has evolved from accepting accidents as events that occur in spite of best efforts to a point where they are viewed as unacceptable and when they occur someone has to be punished. That state of mind is dangerous because it leads to excessive risk aversion and […]  More »

Program in Eagle Ford aims to curb natural gas flaring

Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter said Wednesday the commission and some oil and gas companies may launch a program to use natural gas to operate on-site generators to power operations in the Eagle Ford Shale.  More »

European fracking bans open market for U.S. gas exports

Opposition to a drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing has slowed the development of natural gas in Europe, creating export opportunities for U.S. producers hurt by low prices and a glut of gas at home.  More »

Halliburton demand spurs Vikas to expand

Vikas WSP Ltd. (VWSP) plans to more than double capacity to produce guar gum in India after surging demand for the product from Halliburton Co. to extract gas trapped in shale drove prices to a record.  More »

Noble Energy commits $5M to CNG school buses

Noble Energy Co. is committing $5 million over the next five years to help Weld County schools buy school buses that run on compressed natural gas.  More »

Chesapeake insists it has changed

Chesapeake Energy Corp. sent a letter to its shareholders today, aiming to combat a stream of criticism from some of its largest and most vocal investors. The nation’s second-largest natural gas producer after Exxon Mobil Corp. framed its letter as a direct response to a letter sent to shareholders by New York City Comptroller John Liu. Liu asked shareholders not to vote for the two directors up for reelection to the Chesapeake board of directors because of “a history of weak board oversight and accountability.”  More »

Texas agency seeks to decrease industrial flaring

A Texas agency is launching an initiative designed to reduce industrial flaring, a major source of air pollution.  More »

Content removed from Chesapeake website

Content has been mysteriously vanishing from the website of Chesapeake Energy Corp. in recent weeks, as the company has faced increasing scrutiny and investor complaints about its strategy and executive perks.  More »