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Memo details Alaska oil, gas industry lobbying

A new legislative memo suggests that about $2.2 million was spent on lobbying last year by the oil and gas industry and three affiliated organizations.  More »

Activists worry over North Sea platform gas leak

Environmental groups warned Thursday they fear an oil spill could be triggered at a North Sea offshore platform that has been leaking highly pressurized gas since the weekend.  More »

Oil falls on reserve release talk, U.S. supply data

Benchmark U.S. crude fell by $1.92 to end at $105.41 per barrel in New York.  More »

Gas Leak at North Sea Elgin Platform

A crisis situation has developed at a gas and condensate production platform in the Elgin field in the North Sea. Gas is leaking out of a well near a offshore platform at a rate of approximately 2 kilograms per second (12 MMCF/day if gas), and a large …  More »

Total says no explosion risk in North Sea gas leak

A flare is still burning on the North Sea offshore platform that has been leaking gas for days, operator Total S.A. said Wednesday, though it claimed there was no threat of an explosion under current weather conditions.  More »

Obama officials rip into GOP gasoline bills

Obama administration officials ripped into GOP proposals to tie Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases to increases in federal oil and gas land leases and require additional analyses of the economic impacts of several oil- and gasoline-related environmental regulations.  More »

Newfield focused on oil after first gas drilling halt

Newfield Exploration Co. (NFX), which received about 70 percent of its output from natural gas in 2010, isn’t drilling for dry gas for the first time in its 24- year history, Chief Executive Officer Lee Boothby said.  More »

Widow of man killed in ND oil patch files lawsuit

The widow of a man who was killed while working on an oil rig in western North Dakota has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court.  More »

Natural gas prices fall again on supply concerns

Any money that consumers are saving on natural gas may be going into the gasoline tank.  More »

EPA proposes limits on power plant greenhouse gas emissions

EPA has proposed its first-ever limits on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, but the rules would not apply to existing plants or ones scheduled for completion within a year.  More »

Official touts energy transparency rules

Proposed transparency rules for energy companies working overseas would boost competition and begin a worldwide change in how the companies operate outside their home countries, a senior State Department official with an energy focus said in Houston.  More »

Environmentalists challenge trade secret protections for hydraulic fracturing

Environmentalists say Wyoming regulators are improperly approving oil and gas companies’ “overly broad,” boilerplate requests to shield information about the chemicals they use in drilling operations, despite a state regulation requiring the disclosure.  More »

Shale boom has business up at San Antonio airport

Stinson Municipal Airport, a 96-year-old airport in South San Antonio, might be in the right place at the right time.  More »

Ohio gas drilling raises concern over water supply

Drillers hoping to retrieve gas through Utica shale wells in eastern Ohio are drawing water for their operations from ponds and streams or purchasing it from public reservoirs, worrying environmentalists who say it might endanger water supplies for the public and wildlife if there’s not enough water for everyone.  More »

California’s Brown says he’ll consider fracking standards

Governor Jerry Brown said he’ll consider opening California (STOCA1), fourth among oil-producing states, to a drilling method known as hydraulic fracturing to increase natural-gas production.  More »