Energy Secretary nominee Ernest Moniz testifies during his confirmation hearing on April 9, 2013. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Moniz plans hands-on approach to natural gas exports

President Barack Obama’s energy secretary nominee on Tuesday told a Senate panel that he was open to revisiting a controversial government-commissioned study that concluded that the United States would glean net economic benefits from more natural gas exports.
A crew works on a Marcellus Shale drilling rig to produce natural gas. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

US recoverable natural gas estimate jumps 26 percent

Reflecting both new information about natural gas reservoirs and advances in technology, the American Gas Association said Tuesday that the United States has 2.4 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas that can be recovered by current drilling techniques.
A Petrohawk Energy natural gas drilling site in the Eagle Ford Shale is shown in September 2009. (Jake Lacey/Houston Chronicle file photo)

Foreign investments flooding US shale plays

Since 2008, foreign companies have invested more than $26 billion in tight oil and shale gas plays in the U.S. That’s according to an analysis published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration this week.
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Lift the Cloud of Uncertainty: Why The Next Secretary of Energy Needs to Move on LNG Exports

This week, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. will hear from President Obama’s nominee to head up the Department of Energy (DOE): Ernest Moniz. Dr. Moniz, a highly respected authority on energy issues, currently heads up the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Energy Initiative and has previously worked at DOE and other parts of government. His confirmation appears […]
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Gas drilling to resume at site of spill in NE Pa.

State environmental officials say gas drilling can resume at a northeastern Pennsylvania site where thousands of gallons of fracking fluid spilled.
A drilling rig in Pennsylvania. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Fracking coalition upsets both greens and drillers

Like a marriage the in-laws don’t approve of, a new plan to strengthen standards for fracking is creating unusual divisions among environmentalists and supporters of the oil and gas industry.
Solar panels are installed in Arlington, Ariz.  (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)

NY moves toward adopting wind, other green energy

A new study says New York could get the power it needs from wind, water and sunlight by 2030 with a concerted push, though the state’s decade-long effort to significantly boost green energy shows how challenging that could be.
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Southern Illinois seeing first of fracking rush

Blessed with natural resources but never enough jobs, southern Illinois counties have begun sampling the fruits of a natural gas-fueled land rush. Industry officials say at least 17 counties — perhaps a sixth of the state — could see some activity, and that landowners already have leased perhaps half a million acres.
A drilling rig works the Marcellus shale in Houston, Pa.  (AP file photo/Keith Srakocic)

Penn State launches ‘world’s premier’ energy center

Pennsylvania State University is gunning to become the global beacon for natural gas research and learning, seeking to fill what the school says is a gap in study into the booming domestic fuel.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents………Energy

Some would say that energyland™ is incomparable to the genius that is film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock, but I say poppycock! For energyland™ contains as many twists and turns on a daily basis as a Hitchcock thriller. So without any more suspense, let us join the dots betwixt the two. Psycho – UK natural […]
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