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Fracking fluids may migrate to aquifers, researcher says

Chemically treated drilling fluid can migrate through thousands of feet of rock and endanger water supplies, said a hydrologist whose research calls into question the safety of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.  More »

Even offshore techs are talking about U.S. shale gas

More than half of respondents in an OTC poll said natural gas would surpass oil as the dominate energy source in the U.S. by 2030.  More »

Promising tests prompt DOE project on methane trapped in ice

On the heels of promising research earlier this year, the Energy Department plans to spend $6.5 million to research methods for releasing methane locked in ice crystals in Alaska.  More »

Kinder Morgan purchase of El Paso cleared with conditions

The settlement requires Kinder Morgan to divest its Rockies Express, Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission and Trailblazer pipelines, in addition to two gas processing plants in the Rocky Mountain region,  More »

Chesapeake to strip CEO of chairmanship, halt well deals

Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) will name an independent chairman to replace Aubrey McClendon and halt an incentive program that allowed the chief executive officer to amass personal stakes in thousands of company-operated wells.  More »

Natural gas prices up 5 percent on production report

Chesapeake Energy Corp., ConocoPhillips and Encana Corp. have each said that they would take some natural gas operations offline this year.  More »

Unwanted Nebraska sand put to use in oil fields

Some unwanted Nebraska sand has been put to use in some U.S. oil fields.  More »

Gas drilling job-training programs pop up in NY

Rick Allen moved to upstate New York to escape the rat race and tension of Washington, D.C., but when he arrived in his hometown, the 49-year-old electronics technician couldn’t find a job.  More »

The Uncertain State of Regulation

Last week, we learned about plans for a new set of regulations covering natural gas production from hydraulic fracturing. And this week, the Interior Department has said that those forthcoming rules are still being defined and it’s unclear when they will be released. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. The U.S. oil and gas industry, […]  More »

Still no quake study by Youngstown well operator

The operator of a northeast Ohio deep-injection well tied to earthquakes in the area has yet to receive the state clearance it says is necessary to conduct independent seismic research aimed at proving the well wasn’t the cause of the quakes.  More »

Natural gas prices rise, benchmark oil up slightly

Natural gas rose 6 cents to finish at $2.186 per 1,000 cubic feet in Friday trading. That’s up nearly 15 percent from April 19.  More »

Where will the price of crude oil and natural gas be in 5 years?

Of late, oil prices have been high while natural gas prices are low. Politics and economic changes across the world can quickly move oil up or down. Natural gas prices have been driven down by a glut of supply in the U.S.  More »

Shale gas ‘a blessing’ for U.S., Mulva says

Shale production has put energy independence a step closer for North America and revolutionized the continent’s global position in fossil-fuel production, ConocoPhillips CEO James Mulva said Thursday in his final public speech as head of the corporation.  More »

NC lawyer: Landowners must take care on fracking

North Carolina landowners should be extremely careful when considering ceding drilling rights and legislators should require more information and protections for residents as the General Assembly evaluates whether to allow fracking, a state attorney said.  More »

Chesapeake to scrap well program that involved CEO’s loans

More disturbing disclosures may be coming from the natural gas producer as the CEO promises to reveal details of controversial loans.  More »