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U.S. drought won’t hurt shale gas drilling much

The U.S. drought is unlikely to have a long-lasting impact on the extraction of natural gas from shale rock, especially as technology improves, the International Energy Agency’s chief economist said.  More »

Manufacturers ‘alarmed’ about surging natural gas demand

Manufacturers warned Congress today that they are worried the nationwide push to use more natural gas to generate electricity and fuel cars will leave them paying more for the fossil fuel they use to power plants and create other products.  More »

Gas pipeline safety valves resisted

The bulldozer was clearing land outside a day care center in Hapeville, Ga., when it broke open a buried 1-inch pipeline. The escaping gas ignited into a fireball that killed nine people, including seven children settling down for their afternoon naps.  More »

U.S. says shale gas output rose 24% in May from year earlier

Natural-gas production from shale formations rose in May on increased supplies from the Marcellus deposit even after prices fell to a 10-year low, Energy Department data show.  More »

Devon Energy, pipeline group sue to block smog rules in Wise County

Devon Energy and the Texas Pipeline Association are asking federal courts to block the EPA from imposing tighter smog limits on a rural North Texas county.  More »

Natural gas liquids hit dry patch as prices sink

Not long ago, a class of hydrocarbons with a paradoxical name helped draw eager drillers to shale formations nationwide.  More »

Drought helps fracking foes build momentum for recycling

The worst U.S. drought in a half century is putting pressure on natural-gas drillers to conserve the millions of gallons of water used in hydraulic fracturing to free trapped gas and oil from underground rock.  More »

Experts: Some fracking critics use bad science

In the debate over natural gas drilling, the companies are often the ones accused of twisting the facts. But scientists say opponents sometimes mislead the public, too.  More »

Frackers fund university research that proves their case

Pennsylvania remains the largest U.S. state without a tax on natural gas production, thanks in part to a study released under the banner of the Pennsylvania State University.  More »

ND regulator says natural gas production will rise

Preliminary study results say North Dakota’s natural gas production is likely to rise as future oil output falls.  More »

Black gold comes to Texas’ rescue again

While low natural gas prices may help you with your utility bill, it isn’t helping energy companies’ bottom line.  More »

Schlumberger’s earnings up, despite weaker fracturing demand

Schlumberger’s second-quarter earnings rose 4.8 percent from a year ago, boosted by international growth despite falling demand for its hydraulic fracturing services, the company said today.  More »