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Texas coal plant cuts deal with environmentalists

A coal-fired power plant set to open next year in Texas has agreed to cut mercury and smog-causing emissions and invest in clean energy projects as part of a legal settlement with environmental groups.  More »

EPA report on WY water doesn’t end fracking debate

A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency draft finding that it may have detected groundwater pollution resulting from a controversial technique that plays a huge role in modern oil and gas development isn’t settled science yet.  More »

Coolant leak likely cause of Volt fires

The liquid solution that cools the Chevrolet Volt’s batteries is the likely cause of fires that broke out inside the electric car after government crash tests, a person briefed on the matter said.  More »

Valero sues insurer for rejecting costs of gasoline pollution complaints

Valero says Steadfast Insurance should have covered the refiner’s $45 million in legal costs related to complaints that a gasoline additive polluted groundwater.  More »

With tighter financial sanctions, Iran clings to oil lifeline

Just after 3 p.m. on Nov. 29, about 200 demonstrators ransacked the British Embassy in Tehran, chanting “Death to England,” setting fire to the Union Jack, carting off a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, and detaining staff as Iranian security officers stood by. It bore all the marks of a state-orchestrated provocation.  More »

EPA says BP ignored alarms before Alaska spill

An Environmental Protection Agency investigator says BP ignored alarms that warned of the likelihood of a 13,500-gallon oil spill in 2009 on Alaska’s North Slope.  More »

Iran oil sanctions will shrink the circle of foreign buyers

Iran faces new hurdles to getting paid for its oil as the U.S. tightens financial sanctions to deter buyers from the world’s third-largest crude exporter.  More »

BP violated Alaska spill probation, government says

BP Plc, still facing fallout from the 2010 explosion of its Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, is fighting a U.S. bid to revoke its probation over a five-year-old spill in Alaska following a more recent pipeline rupture.  More »

BP’s Macondo legal troubles may last until 2014

BP Plc’s legal proceedings over the Macondo well that caused the worst U.S. oil spill may last into 2014, Citigroup Inc. said, citing the company’s lead lawyer.  More »

Utilities may need to build plants under EPA rules, group says

Utilities may need to build high-voltage electric lines and power plants to cope with pending U.S. pollution regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency, a grid watchdog said.  More »

Supreme Court may throw out penalty against Southern Union

The Supreme Court will consider throwing out an $18 million penalty against Texas-based Southern Union Co. for illegally storing mercury at a rundown building in Rhode Island.  More »

Hers is a picture of survival

In the hours before they were laid off from Enron Corp., Meredith Moore and her colleagues sat by their desks wrapping Christmas presents.  More »

Where are the faces of the Enron trial?

Prosecutors brought various criminal charges against about three dozen executives and employees of Enron and firms that did business with it, and the accounting firm that audited its books.  More »

Skilling’s fall was nothing short of epic

As Christmas approached in 2001, the contenders for the title Most Hated Man in Houston came from a pretty short list. Not surprisingly, all worked for Enron, the onetime Wall Street darling suddenly staring into the abyss of bankruptcy.  More »

Legal cloud starting to lift for Fastow

December will be a watershed month for Andrew Fastow.  More »