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Militants attack gas pipeline in Egypt

Suspected Islamist militants today attacked a gas pipeline in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula that transports fuel to neighboring Israel and Jordan, officials said.  More »

Equipment thefts on the rise in ND oil patch

Law officers in western North Dakota’s bustling oil patch say equipment thefts have become a common crime, and at least one sheriff wonders if a theft ring is at work.  More »

Shell shuts down Nigeria field over oil theft

Royal Dutch Shell PLC closed a field after oil thieves caused spills that worsened pollution in Nigeria’s oil-rich southern delta, the oil major said today, and said they plan to keep the field closed until thieves leave the area.  More »

Feds looking at drilling pressures in criminal spill investigation

Criminal investigators are looking at an e-mail detailing test results surrounded the final drilling operations in the Macondo well so see if it is proof that BP violated regulations.  More »

Rescued oil workers file lawsuits

The workers claim they were abandoned by a ship that could have taken them to safety. The workers’ attorney, Francis Spagnoletti, said Friday the three men as well as their co-workers suffered a harrowing ordeal that could have been prevented.  More »

Despite execs’ silence, Solyndra hearing to go on

Top executives from a bankrupt California solar energy company are to appear today before a congressional hearing investigating their government loan, but they’re not expected to say much.  More »

Venezuela isn’t negotiating with Exxon over oil project

Venezuela’s government says it has no intention of negotiating with Exxon Mobil Corp. to try to settle their dispute over financial terms for the nationalization of an oil project.  More »

Bill aimed at restoring Gulf goes to full Senate

A bill that calls for 80 percent of BP penalties to go toward restoring the Gulf of Mexico has moved onto the full U.S. Senate.  More »

Oil companies face new regulations to save birds

In the wake of federal charges accusing seven oil companies with killing 28 migratory birds in open waste pits, oil and gas drilling operations in North Dakota could soon be hit with state regulations that one advocate said would change the face of the state’s drilling industry — and save a lot of birds.  More »

Venezuela in talks on $6 billion settlement with Exxon

Petroleos de Venezuela SA, the state oil company, and Exxon Mobil Corp. are negotiating an arbitration settlement of about $6 billion for assets seized by President Hugo Chavez in 2007.  More »

Solyndra execs will plead 5th at House hearing this week

Two top executives at a bankrupt California solar energy company say they will invoke their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to answer questions when they appear at a House hearing on Friday.  More »

Top Interior official heads to firm working for BP

The former chief of staff to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has taken a job with a law firm representing BP in litigation stemming from the massive Gulf oil spill last year.  More »

Latinos could suffer from current smog levels

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should toughen standards for ozone and toxic emissions to protect the health of Latinos, environmental and Latino groups said today.  More »

Yukos wins partial victory over Russia in European court

A European court handed a partial victory to former managers of Yukos Oil Co., ruling that Russia had violated the company’s rights while rejecting a political motivation behind tax claims that led to its bankruptcy.  More »

Investigators seek Ala. oil spill deal records

Some Fairhope officials have been served with subpoenas by federal investigators examining a $639,000 oil spill contract with state Sen. Trip Pittman, Mayor Tim Kant said.  More »