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Energy strategy session focuses on efficiency, conservation

Big Oil isn’t afraid of regulation. It just wants it to be streamlined and doesn’t want to serve a bunch of different masters with different agendas.  More »

5 Miss. women say gasoline fumes harmed kids

The Mississippi Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments on Dec. 3 in Texaco’s appeal of a $19 million verdict for five women who alleged the oil company was responsible for their children born with disabilities and illnesses.  More »

Congress applies pressure to BP over Gulf oil sheen

Lawmakers in Washington are applying more pressure to BP and its chief executive to give them answers about last month’s discovery of an oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico that has been traced to oil from the company’s blown-out Macondo well.  More »

S&P: Canadian pipeline companies’ growth intact despite hurdles

S&P says Canadian pipeline companies will enjoy sound credit ratings despite regulatory and political challenges to some of their projects.  More »

Most eligible parties will accept spill deal, claims head says

Patrick Juneau, who is running the claims center processing thousands of economic damages claim under a proposed settlement between BP and Gulf Coast residents affected by the spill,expects 90 percent participation in the deal.  More »

Koch facing lawsuit by executive who claims he was held captive for days

William Koch held a senior executive of his Oxbow energy company captive for almost two days after discovering his concerns about a plan to avoid U.S. taxes on $200 million in profit, the now ex-employee claimed in a lawsuit.  More »

Steffy: Property rights versus pipelines

Already a political punching bag nationally in this election season, TransCanada Corp.’s pipeline has become a legal football as well, caught up in a series of arcane rulings that have upended the decades-old process for how energy companies in Texas seize land for pipelines. It’s a case that pits Texas’ long-held belief in the sanctity of private property against its favorite industry.  More »

Oil trade groups sue SEC over foreign payment rule

Two oil industry trade group and others sued the Securities and Exchange Commission over a rule that requires public companies to disclose payments of more than $100,000 made to foreign governments for certain projects.  More »

Occidental dispute marks Ecuador-Colombia oil divergence

The two Latin American countries are diverging even more on their separate paths. Ecuador this week decided to fight an order to pay $1.77 billion to Occidental Petroleum Corp. in compensation for ousting the U.S. company in 2006.  More »

Chevron Rebuffed by Supreme Court on $19B Ecuador award

Chevron Corp. lost a U.S. Supreme Court bid to block a $19 billion judgment by an Ecuadorean court in an almost two-decade legal battle over pollution in the Amazon rain forest.  More »

World Bank body says Ecuador owes Occidential $1.8 billion

President Rafael Correa says his government will appeal and seek the annulment of the damage award.  More »

$69 million paid out in BP oil spill claims

Payouts to businesses and individuals who say the suffered economic losses related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill have been made in about 3 percent of the claims, according to court documents filed Friday.  More »

ConocoPhillips dispute in MF Global case goes to district court

ConocoPhillips Co. may learn from a U.S. district court judge in December whether it will escape the liquidation of commodity broker MF Global Inc. without losses suffered by other customers.  More »

Complex spill deal pushes legal frontier

The proposed settlement of health and economic damage claims arising from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill breaks new legal ground and raises questions about whether its class- action structure is too rigid for the wide range of circumstances it covers.  More »

Chevron seeking emails from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo in Ecuador case

The subpoenas, served this month, are Chevron’s latest effort to prove that a $19 billion judgment against the oil company in Ecuador was the result of fraud. An Ecuadoran judge last year ruled that Chevron should pay to clean up a portion of the Amazon rain forest where Texaco, bought by Chevron in 2001, used to drill for crude.  More »