Total SA executives acquitted in Iraq oil-for-food trial

A French court on Monday acquitted oil giant Total SA, its chief executives and a raft of former French officials of corruption-related charges linked to the scandal-ridden U.N. oil-for-food program for Iraq.
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BP asks court to end ‘feeding frenzy’ in Gulf oil spill settlement

BP’s class-action settlement in the Gulf oil spill case didn’t require businesses to prove their losses were caused by the disaster. Now the British oil giant says the open-ended set-up has spiraled into a “feeding frenzy.”
President Barack Obama gestures during a speech on climate change at Georgetown University on Tuesday, June 25, 2013, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Commentary: Any surprises in President Obama’s speech on climate?

It has now been more than a week since President Obama gave his much touted speech on climate change at Georgetown University.  Much of what he said was unsurprising. There were however, three notable moments. 
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Steelmakers file U.S. trade case seeking duties on oil pipes

A group of oil-pipe makers led by United States Steel Corp. filed a U.S. trade complaint against competitors in nine nations, alleging goods from those countries were sold in the U.S. market below cost and, in some cases, benefited from government subsidies.
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Court rejects SEC rule on oil company payments

A federal judge handed the oil industry a big win on Tuesday, by tossing out a new financial disclosure rule that would require companies to reveal what they pay foreign governments in exchange for mineral rights.
The West Texas sky silhouettes a Linn Energy pumpjack in the Permian basin. (Linn Energy)

SEC probe targets cash flows in Linn Energy deal

Linn Energy disclosed Tuesday morning that it is the subject of an informal U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry related to the proposed merger of its former unit LinnCo LLC with Berry Petroleum Co.

BP agrees to settle suits filed over tainted gas

BP has agreed to a $7 million settlement to resolve lawsuits filed last year after the oil giant recalled about 4.7 million gallons of tainted gasoline in four Midwestern states.
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How Chevron turned the tables in Ecuador

The lawyers who sued Chevron in Ecuador, winning that eye-popping judgment, have come under non-stop attack from the oil company. That aggressive strategy has worked wonders, putting Chevron’s opponents on the defensive and convincing many people that the Ecuador suit is a sham.
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Fukushima, Japan, photographed by satellite on March 12, 2011. (AP Photo/GeoEye)

Tepco’s shareholders decline to pursue GE for Fukushima claims

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501) shareholders rejected a proposal to look into pursuing claims for compensation against companies that supplied parts for the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, including General Electric Co.
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Bubbles come to the surface where pipelines come across Bayou Corne near Pierre Part, La., in August 2012.  (AP Photo/The Baton Rouge Advocate, Bill Feig)

44 property owners at sinkhole accept settlements

Nearly half of a group of residents evacuated because of an Assumption Parish sinkhole have accepted buyout offers from Texas Brine Co.
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