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Former Obama official urges Keystone XL approval

The ranks of former Obama administration officials coming out in support of Keystone XL grew again on Thursday as recent U.S. Geological Survey director Marcia McNutt said it was time to approve the controversial oil pipeline.  More »

TransCanada CEO ‘undeterred’ by new hurdle for Keystone XL

TransCanada Corp. officials said Thursday they are undaunted by a Nebraska court ruling that analysts widely believe will mean more delays for the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Judge’s ruling gives Obama an out on Keystone XL

A Nebraska judge’s decision throwing out the Keystone XL pipeline route in the state may push President Barack Obama’s final decision on the contested project until after the midterm congressional elections.  More »

Obama pressed by neighbors on sensitive issues

President Barack Obama on Wednesday vowed to press ahead with stalled efforts to expand trade agreements for the Americas into Asia, but made no promises to frustrated Canadian leaders about his long-anticipated decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Nebraska law that allowed Keystone XL struck down

A judge issued a ruling that invalidated Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman’s approval of the route.  More »

How a CEO reacts when Robert Redford pegs him a villain (video)

When Russ Girling took the top job at TransCanada in 2010, he assumed that the U.S., Canada’s longtime chief energy partner, wanted Keystone XL and the heavy oil-sands crude that would feed Gulf Coast refineries that had undergone multibillion-dollar retrofits to accept it. Since then, the politics have grown fractious.  More »

Obama heads to Mexico amigos meeting strained by Keystone

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s frustration with U.S. PresidentBarack Obama’s failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline may make this installment of the North America summit, known as the “Three Amigos,” the frostiest since the annual meetings began almost a decade ago.  More »

Speculators bullish on US oil as Keystone’s southern leg eases glut

Hedge funds became the most bullish on U.S. crude oil in more than five months as a new pipeline from Oklahoma to Gulf Coast refineries eased a supply bottleneck, driving prices above $100 a barrel.  More »

Environmentalists debate substance of Keystone XL fight

Environmental groups are calling the fight to stop the Keystone XL pipeline “a sideshow” that distracts from more meaningful climate solutions such as spurring new technologies to drive down the use of oil.  More »

Q&A: Industry veteran brings fossil fuel priority to Rice

Charles McConnell, the head of Rice University’s new Energy and Environment Initiative, speaks with FuelFix recently about technology, energy policy and his new job.  More »

Can a “Wall-Streeter” trade their suit and tie for a pair of coveralls?

I’ve always felt that the expression “career path” is a misnomer: it implies that your way forward is clear from the get-go, and all you have to do is cross certain milestones before eventually making it to the top. Of course, that’s not reality. Many people try out different things before settling on one track or area of specialization, and I can’t think of one fellow professional that will say their career has progressed without a single setback. In this column, I offer some advice to a professional looking to do a career “reset” from a position in finance; I hope that this column is helpful even if you’re planning a reset from any other industry!  More »

Keystone comments rushing in to State Dept.

Members of the public have filed more than 3,500 comments voicing their opinions on Keystone XL, just a week after the feds — once again — solicited input on the controversial pipeline.  More »
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