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Canada touts carbon pollution cuts as Keystone XL pressure builds

Pressure is building on Canada to find ways to lower its climate pollution in a bid to smooth the way for the Obama administration approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Canadian official visits DC as Keystone lobbying escalates

Canada’s Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver said his nation wants to work with the U.S. to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, including from Alberta’s oil sands, the source of crude to be carried by the Keystone XL pipeline.  More »

Billionaire Steyer highlights exports in anti-Keystone ad

Billionaire investor Tom Steyer said he is backing a four-part, $1 million advertising campaign aimed at convincing viewers the Keystone XL pipeline will hurt the economy and communities and should be blocked.  More »

Keystone delays seen giving time for climate concessions

A decision on whether to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline may slip into next year, giving opponents time to marshal efforts against it while offering President Barack Obama a chance to wring concessions from Canada.  More »

Aerial photos show Keystone XL behind schedule, research firm says

The southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline is running behind schedule, according to an aerial analysis by market research firm Genscape.  More »

Environmentalists: Keystone XL fails Obama’s test

Environmentalists on Thursday asserted that the proposed Keystone XL pipeline fails President Barack Obama’s test for approval, because it would exacerbate global warming.  More »

Keystone seen as no local job starter along prairie route

If the Keystone XL oil pipeline gets built, Rick Balcom doubts he’ll see many construction workers at the bar of his No. 3 saloon in Buffalo, a remote town in the northwest corner of South Dakota.  More »

TransCanada wins right to build Keystone XL through Texas family farm

TransCanada Corp. won a state appeals court ruling allowing it to lay the Keystone XL pipeline across a family farm in northeastern Texas, eliminating one of the last obstacles to completion of the southern leg of the Canadian tar-sands line.  More »

Keystone’s impact on Venezuela muted by waning imports

It’s an article of faith among supporters of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline: approving the project would allow the U.S. to use more crude from Canada and less from Venezuela and other unfriendly regimes.  More »

Review of Keystone contractor won’t be done before January

The investigation of an alleged conflict of interest by a U.S. State Department contractor reviewing the proposed Keystone XL pipeline won’t be complete until January  More »

Montana oilmen baffled by Bay Area opposition to Keystone

In San Francisco, more than 1,300 miles from the proposed route of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, an agency charged with regulating air pollution from industrial plants and home heaters says the project is a threat.  More »

Keystone foes step up protests with State Dept. demonstration

More than 100 Keystone XL pipeline critics protested outside the State Department for the first time today, arguing that the government’s analysis of the project is biased and flawed.  More »