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Take advantage of a “Golden Age” of free instruction

Fast forward a few decades, and we are now living in a golden age of knowledge transmission. Indeed, with social media, blogs, television, podcasts and the like, it is possible to reach all corners of the globe with very little effort. The other side of that coin is that is very easy for you to BE REACHED by some of the brightest minds in business.  More »

Microsoft, Lebron James, Greatness and Career Security

In just the past 10 days or so, two completely opposite yet totally related sequences of events took place which perfectly illustrate how you should carry yourself and think about your professional career if you wish to maximize your job security.  More »

The importance of pursuing industry-recognized licenses and certifications

Career advancement comes from developing both your soft skills and your technical ones, and industry certifications are a fantastic way of developing and proving the latter.  More »

Expert: Pa. didn’t address fracturing health impacts

By Kevin Begos Associated Press PITTSBURGH — Pennsylvania’s former health secretary says the state has failed to seriously study the potential health impacts of one of the nation’s biggest natural gas drilling booms. Dr. Eli Avila also says the state’s current strategy is a disservice to people and even to the industry itself because health […]  More »

Technical or managerial track? A common dilemma for young professionals…

The dilemma is one I hear often from young professional engineers in the oil & gas industry: should I pursue a technical track or a managerial track, and should I pursue either with an operator or a service company?  More »

One year in, here are 6 career skills I’ve put to good use

Unbelievable as it is to me, this week marks one year since I started contributing to FuelFix.  Prior to this column, I’ve published 64 others, and have received reader questions from thirteen countries, including Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kenya and Thailand. It’s amazing really, far beyond the response I expected when I first pitched this idea to […]  More »

OTC networking tip: Managing all those business cards

Manage your business cards if you want to be an effective networker.  More »

Employers, are you giving enough ‘bear hugs’?

Companies focused on keeping their key employees happy are at reduced risk of losing them to a competitor.  More »

Stewart: To attract women, industry’s rough image needs to modernize

It may be 2014 but many women still don’t feel welcome in the oil and gas industry.  More »

OTC networking tip: Finding the elusive recruiter

Recruiters are everywhere. You just have to know where to look.  More »

Want power? Get a sponsor

Mentors are important but sponsors will get you the next promotion.  More »

OTC networking tip: Networking through social media

Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to find important contacts at OTC.  More »
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